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The lives and deaths of mobile platforms | asymco
"I can only conclude that there is a great deal of groupthink going on in the industry. A perfect setting for a disruptive entrant to change everything, all over again."
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february 2011 by mattedgar
Mobile Opportunity: App stores and APIs: It's the ecosystem, stupid
"Disturbing, isn't it? The idea that a platform could take off like that and then crash and burn...makes you wonder if the same thing could happen to the platforms that are popular today."
android  apple  application  business  economics  ecosystem  developer  palm 
july 2009 by mattedgar
@ CTIA: T-Mobile USA Details Dev Program; Android, Sidekick Not In Plans At Start |
The developers will be able to set the price of the app, and the “revenue forecaster” explains the economics of the deal
mobile  t-mobile  applications  market  business  ecosystem 
october 2008 by mattedgar

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