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Project PERRY proof-of-concept on Vimeo
a coil, a microcontroller (powered wirelessly by the same current that allows the card to pay the fare) and the e-paper display itself, which decrements the stated value on the card with just a quick tap
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august 2011 by mattedgar
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: After a Thorough Battery of Tests We Can Now Recommend "The Newspaper" As the Best e-Reader On the Market.
"The Newspaper also has a great number of apps already downloaded onto the device, ones we have yet to see on any other e-reader. There are the previously mentioned fly-swatting, hat-making, present-wrapping, and tailing people apps. But also the "same ol' bullshit", "who's got the sports section?" and "packing material for my eBay business" apps."
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february 2011 by mattedgar / Comment / Opinion - Accessing the e-book revolution
"Call it the mirror web. If you create digital information in any form, make a parallel version of that information that lives on the web. A magazine publisher creating an iPad app should ensure that each article has clear links to a mirror version of each article on the web."
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january 2011 by mattedgar
Welcome to Collca
"Founded specifically as an ePublisher, Collca currently publishes book-derived and other educational and reference mobile apps initially for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. More platforms will be added as required.

The Cold War In An Hour by Rupert Colley is our first app to be on sale in the Apple iTunes store. We are planning a lot of future titles both in the History In An Hour series and for other series."
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april 2010 by mattedgar
Choosing the Small Screen of a Smartphone for E-Reading -
Over the last eight months, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a range of smaller companies have released book-reading software for the iPhone and other mobile devices. One out of every five new applications introduced for the iPhone last month was a book, according to Flurry, a research firm that studies mobile trends.
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november 2009 by mattedgar
Aroxo - Say what you'll pay
"Save time and money by simply saying what you'll pay for thousands of items. We do all the hard work to get you a great deal from our network of sellers. Select the best deal or even negotiate!"
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may 2009 by mattedgar

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