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"[1] In this essay, I'm using "the iPhone" as a convenient shorthand for "any of a number of devices and smartphones that offer similar functionality to the iPhone, including but not limited to the Palm Pre, Android phones, Blackberry Storm, and iPod Touch". Similar arguments apply, to varying degrees, to these devices and their manufacturers but are especially relevant to the iPhone and Apple; hence, the shorthand. If you don't read this footnote, adequately absorb its message, and send me email to the effect of "the iPhone sux because Apple and AT&T are monopolistic robber barons", I reserve the right to punch you in the face while yelling I WASN'T JUST TALKING ABOUT THE IPHONE YOU JACKASS."
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september 2009 by mattedgar
MobHappy » Blog Archive » The Uniqueness of the Mobile Channel
"where I think mobile is different, is that it can be a medium which people use, while consuming other media simultaneously. For instance, you might use the mobile while watching TV, or as you read the newspaper."
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march 2008 by mattedgar
Communities Dominate Brands: What happens when majority access web via mobile phone
It will not take long for the Amazons, Ebays, Googles, AOLs and Yahoos to discover that their users are more accessing via mobile phone than via PC. They will adjust their content to work on the phone and optimize for the small screen...
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december 2007 by mattedgar
The Associated Press: PCs Being Pushed Aside in Japan
The PC's role in Japanese homes is diminishing, as its once-awesome monopoly on processing power is encroached by gadgets such as smart phones that act like pocket-size computers, advanced Internet-connected game consoles, and digital video recorders with
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november 2007 by mattedgar
Technology Review: Convergence? I Diverge.
Part of the confusion about media convergence stems from the fact that when people talk about it, they're actually describing at least five processes
convergence  technology  media  telecoms  content  communication  community 
july 2007 by mattedgar
Japan Has More People Accessing Internet Via Mobile Than PC |
According to a white paper by the Japanese government, at the end of 2005, there were 69.2 million people using the Internet from mobile devices, compared to 66 million conventional PC users.
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july 2006 by mattedgar

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