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Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Situational overload and ambient overload
"The cause of situational overload is too much noise. The cause of ambient overload is too much signal."
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march 2011 by mattedgar
Charlie Brooker | Google Instant is trying to kill me | Comment is free | The Guardian
"In a promotional video, a likable codger gives it a spin and exclaims, "I didn't even have to press enter!" This from a man old enough to remember drying his clothes with a mangle. Google may have released him from the physical misery of pressing enter, but it's destroyed his sense of perspective in the process."
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september 2010 by mattedgar
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flow – Nieman Storyboard - A project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
"Nothing prepares you for your first time. You’re out with someone, maybe a date, maybe just friends, everything’s fine, and then he whips it out, right in front of you — at a restaurant, on the street, anywhere. You try not to look at it, you try to look absolutely anywhere else — finally he finishes and puts it away and continues on with the conversation, just like nothing happened. Or maybe he airs it out for awhile, or even — casually — holds onto it, in case it vibrates.

You know, the phone."
communications  culture  social  presence  attention 
july 2010 by mattedgar
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The ultimate social network
"And so, link by link, we turn our collective gaze toward the mirrors that return the favor."
social  networking  attention  mirrors  art 
october 2008 by mattedgar
Telco 2.0: The inversion of the telephony business model
the cost of a telephone call is increasingly accounted for in the time of the caller and callee, not in the cost of using the telephone network. Therefore, the opportunity cost of a call that does not end up meeting the objectives of the participants is rising. This suggests there is growing value in preventing unwanted calls, eliminating unnecessary calls
telco  two  point  oh  voice  pricing  time  attention  economy 
october 2008 by mattedgar
Philosophy Now
"Most of the undergraduates who will take ‘Postmodern Fictions’ this year will have been born in 1985 or after" - now that really makes me feel old
philosophy  attention  audience  literature  writing  culture  post  modernism 
june 2008 by mattedgar
Levy: Digital Distractions Bad for the Workplace - Newsweek Steven Levy -
"Linda," I asked, "are you taking this interview while driving your car?"
september 2006 by mattedgar

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