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adaptive path » blog » Peter Merholz » The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design
"Such agencies have been able to hang on because Chief Marketing Officers and other executives are trained to buy marketing services from them, and they see user experience as simply another marketing service. I foresee generational change, when the current crop of CMOs retire, and are replaced by people who grok how things actually work. When that time comes, and it will, ad agencies will find themselves marginalized, as it becomes clearer that manipulation and media buying is not nearly as important as an honest engagement with customers through delightful and desirable experiences. "
design  marketing  advertising  agencies  business  experience  user 
november 2010 by mattedgar
Telco 2.0: Guest Post: Blyk - A Message from the Advertising Industry
"Create a Market, or Stop Wasting Our Time This game is over - work with the major players to enable this ecosystem to flourish on your network or prepare to fail. What is certain is that the advertisers don’t want to deal with each network individually; instead a proactive approach would involve collaboration amongst operators to ensure the needed scale that attracts a bigger share of advertising spend."
mobile  advertising  aggregation  uk 
september 2010 by mattedgar
It’s Not All About Apps—People Use The Browser, Too | mocoNews
"some evidence that people are tapping both applications and the browser nearly equally, which should be a wake-up call to media companies or advertisers that are favoring one over the other."
mobile  apps  browser  media  advertising  search 
june 2010 by mattedgar
On Language - Corporate Etymologies -
"When a company is trying to make its product iconic in the minds of consumers, it doesn’t hurt to inject a pleasant etymological tidbit, no matter how easy it is to disprove."
language  advertising  falsification 
may 2010 by mattedgar
Web Ink Now: Brand Journalism
"The idea of hiring journalists is a new one at companies, but I think it is essential for success. is essential for success."
android:bookmarks  journalism  brands  marketing  content  advertising 
march 2010 by mattedgar
Tap’s Revenge: Profiting From Pirates; Shazam Booming, Too | mocoNews
Rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge saw 2.5 million downloads in its first two months - but a million of those were pirate downloads, Tapulous business development head Tim O’Brien told delegates.

But that’s okay. “We know who they are,” O’Brien said, adding that many of the pirates are now buying virtual goods and legal music downloads within the app.

“We’ve started running ads to the pirate users more aggressively.
mobile  applications  distribution  free  advertising  music  sharing  iphone 
january 2010 by mattedgar
Orange partners with Blyk for mobile ads in UK
* Mobile ads to be offered to Orange UK customers * Blyk gives up standalone virtual operator ambitions * More partnerships to come after Netherlands deal last week
orange  blyk  uk  mobile  advertising  business 
july 2009 by mattedgar - homepage
" is primarily an information and advertising site for both the sock trade and the general public."
socks  uk  information  advertising 
july 2009 by mattedgar
Mobile Marketing: Is 'App-vertising' the Answer? - Advertising Age - DigitalNext
"All of this is igniting the imaginations of brand marketers and ushering in a land grab for an increasingly valuable piece of real estate: the always-on device in our pockets. "
marketing  applications  advertising  mobile  metaphors  real  estate 
may 2009 by mattedgar
Why creatives should wear ties occasionally - Rory Sutherland's Blog - Blogs - Brand Republic
"Frankly this advertisement contravenes all the guidelines for contemporary press advertising. It contains a large shot of the product so you know what it looks like, carries a headline which discloses a consumer benefit and, worst of all, it contains a series of little captions (old direct marketing hands will know them as "call-outs") wherein a number of words are arranged in some grammatical order to convey to the reader useful information about what the product does."
advertising  simplicity  communications  ties  creativity 
april 2009 by mattedgar
Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet
"Porting ads to a new medium will not solve the three problems noted above. The problem is not the medium, the problem is the message, and the fact that it is not trusted, not wanted, and not needed."
marketing  web  internet  failure  media  advertising 
march 2009 by mattedgar
Hitwise To Go - UK
"Interestingly on average people are spending more time comparing Meerkat’s then they are the Market."
compare  meerkats  tv  advertising  web 
january 2009 by mattedgar
Advertising creative Tony Davidson's search for inspiration - Times Online
collect everything, and never use an idea until it's right; surround yourself with “inspiring things, people”; and get out of the office
advertising  tonydavidson  creative 
october 2008 by mattedgar
MEX - the strategy forum for mobile user experience - Is it time Blyk was re-classified?
When building a media channel, is it really cheaper to give people free minutes and texts rather than investing in content production? My gut feel is yes, it is. Content is an expensive, messy business and fraught with quality risk. Network resources like minutes and texts are an attractive commodity and one where the wholesale price is falling all the time.
mobile  media  marketing  advertising  blyk 
october 2008 by mattedgar
Nielsen: 'Obama text' reached 2.9 million
"While much has been said of the timing and the scoop by news outlets, Obama's V.P. text-message still ranks as one of the most important text messages even sent and one of the most successful brand engagements using mobile media"
mobile  text  messaging  advertising  usa  politics  obama 
september 2008 by mattedgar
Pedicabs - About Adcycles
as advertised on an, erm, mobile media blog
cycling  advertising  mobile 
august 2008 by mattedgar
Spurning the iPhone | We Love Mobile Blog
I shall be shunning the new iPhone for a downgrade from my current phone - the Nokia 7500 Live Lite to the Nokia Classic 6500. Why? Well, most people simply don’t have super high end phones and we want to be able to see what our mobile advertising campa
mobile  advertising  customer  experience  smart  phones 
july 2008 by mattedgar
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