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People I've Met - Meeting
"I started brainstorming about adding some sort of interactivity to the card. Could the code lead to some sort of game? Could the card itself be part of a game? I thought about the old game of Memory, where you turn over a pair of cards and try to match them. I could conceivably print out a bunch of cards with a limited set of QR codes and the goal would be to find other people with a matching QR code. However, there's no way to distinguish a pair of unique physical objects by scanning them - one could scan a single card twice to get a match. "
business  cards  qr  codes  2d  barcodes 
april 2010 by mattedgar
The Third Rule of QR Codes
"mobilize the landing page, keep the url short, add tangible and significant value to any offline content"
qr  codes  2d  barcodes  mobile 
september 2009 by mattedgar
まさゆき研究所 QRコードを篆刻する
Via 2d codes blog - Yuki Masa has made a QR Code stamp using the ancient Chinese art of carving soap stone into a seal. Beautiful - now I'm inspired to follow up the zinc block experiment with a woodcut
2d  barcodes  stone  carving 
january 2009 by mattedgar
Masabi - Technology - UK secure rail ticketing standard
Masabi has defined for RSP (part of ATOC) the newly approved interoperable Security Standard for Rail e-Ticketing in the UK, and also the barcode formats to be shared between Rail companies for their printed and mobile delivered barcode tickets.
uk  paper  2d  barcodes  standards  travel  trains  tickets  aztec 
december 2008 by mattedgar
Talk Talk in battle against bullying
Bullying UK works hard to tackle bullying all over the UK - with anti-bullying week just around the corner on the 17th of this month the charity will receive a £2,000 grant in order to fund its poster campaign.

The project, named 'Click, Create, Print', combines QR code technology with an online poster creator.
bullying  qr  codes  2d  barcodes  posters  youth  education  uk 
november 2008 by mattedgar
Sema Dress
these sema dresses introduce a semacode-fashion-pattern as dresscode08, (printed on silk and linen) By reading the patterns with a mobile pone, it shows you the underlying skin of a moving Nymphae and lies to web2.0, to create an artificial character by actions in real life.
strange  qr  code  2d  barcodes  dress  fashion 
september 2008 by mattedgar
Are you QRious?
Telstra launches QR codes in Australia
telstra  australia  qr  codes  2d  barcodes  advertising  teaser 
june 2008 by mattedgar

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