DNSFS. Store your files in others DNS resolver caches
Introducing DNSFS, true cloud storage! Store your files in other peoples DNS Caches!

https://t.co/oynEAFliLn https://t.co/iHlyckEe35
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january 2018
ImperialViolet - Security Keys
Excellent review of security keys from Adam Langley: https://t.co/uNd4NIhpAb
How to set up your Gmail to use one: https://t.co/r29DZZUsWA
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september 2017
Soft U2F
It works on Dropbox, Github, and Google.
Read more about it and download the new tool here - https://t.co/Tp9z8Zgk7g
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august 2017
Accepting Yourself as an Introvert and Loving Your Inner Tortoise
"Haven’t we all talked for hours about something we are passionate about, and been at a loss about what to say when we are talking politely with an acquaintance?"
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july 2017
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