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Now Flickr is hit by Yahoo layoffs | Technology |
George Oates cut from Flickr? That seems like an insanely stupid move by Yahoo.
flickr  yahoo 
december 2008 by mathowie
DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter
This site got a lot of use this week.
yahoo  comedy 
june 2008 by mathowie
YUI: CSS Grid Builder
Fantastic tool that actually solves a layout problem I've never been able to solve. Nice.
yahoo  webdev  webdesign  tools 
january 2008 by mathowie
YahooWidgets_3.1.5.dmg (application/octet-stream Object)
Direct download of Konfabulator/YahooWidgets old version 3.1.5, which still works in Leopard. The 4.x versions don't work at all.
yahoo  widgets  konfabulator  leopard  osx 
november 2007 by mathowie
yahoo redesign from the subtraction guy
yahoo  design  css  sxsw 
march 2007 by mathowie
Your dashboard on
Nice OpenID creator that can interface with any other OpenID app.
yahoo  api  openID 
january 2007 by mathowie News: Undiscovered Events, Flickr Integration, and More
tons of new stuff on upcoming. They finally have big city metros! Now I don't have to search for events in five cities just to know what's going on in my area.
upcoming  yahoo 
august 2006 by mathowie
A Yahoo! Company
heh. I've had that exact conversation over IM three times now.
yahoo  greasemonkey  comedy 
december 2005 by mathowie
Flickr: elcaseo's photos tagged with mchammer
When people ask why Google is beating Yahoo, this is why. They have Hammer, Yahoo does not. End of story.
google  yahoo  2legit2quit  hammer  ericcase 
october 2005 by mathowie
Jeffrey McManus: Why the Yahoo! Maps API is Better Than Brand X Maps API
I have a feeling the Y! vs. GOOG battles will rival east coast-west coast rap wars someday soon.
maps  mapping  api  yahoo  google 
june 2005 by mathowie
Flickr: Stakeholders United
The lame part of a buyout: Yahoo backlash coupled with users feeling entitled to payment/rewards
flickr  yahoo  community 
march 2005 by mathowie
business2blog: Flickr, Yahoo Deal Rumored
Kickass, as long as YHOO doesn't screw up flickr
dospesos  flickr  yahoo  bubble2.0 
february 2005 by mathowie
Yahoo! Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic
Yahoo added traffic conditions to their maps. This is a thing of beauty
clever  mapping  yahoo 
december 2004 by mathowie

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