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Favicon Generator - Generate favicon pictures and HTML
Super useful, makes icons for everything including Windows 8.1, Apple, and retina icons. Slick!
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july 2014 by mathowie
Don't Learn How To Code, Learn How To Make Things | jake levine
Yep, build things, don't focus too much on the language/syntax to get you there, they're just tools to build things
march 2013 by mathowie
xoxco - Is it time for password-less login?
This is good, and something I could see doing someday
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july 2012 by mathowie
Html5 Tumblr Mobile App Part One - Mobile HTML5 Development
How to build an Android/iOS app using HTML and phonegap tutorial. This is something I've always wanted to build.
iOS  programming  webdev 
march 2012 by mathowie
Maceji's talk from PDA12 on Pinboard
"The combination of low startup costs and investor aversion means there are all kinds of
opportunities lying around for a developer to run a profitable small business, provided he
or she remembers to charge money."
business  webdev  awesome 
february 2012 by mathowie
SEO for Non-dicks - Matt Legend Gemmell
Great set of obvious tips for setting up your site without abusing the web and search engines with nonsense.
html  webdev  from delicious
september 2011 by mathowie
Media Queries
New to me site demonstrating sites responsive to window size.
html5  webdesign  webdev  from delicious
may 2011 by mathowie
Great simple idea for showing off prototypes.
webdev  from delicious
april 2011 by mathowie
Why Wesabe Lost to Mint - Marc Hedlund's blog
There are many lessons in failures. I love writing about my own and reading founders recounting lessons learned. This post is gold for anyone doing web apps.
startups  webdev  finance  from delicious
october 2010 by mathowie

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