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Simple Icons
svg icons of many popular services
webdesign  svg  icons 
november 2015 by mathowie
Favicon Generator - Generate favicon pictures and HTML
Super useful, makes icons for everything including Windows 8.1, Apple, and retina icons. Slick!
webdev  webdesign  utilities 
july 2014 by mathowie
Working with flexbox | Adobe Developer Connection
flexbox looks like all the flexibility and control we had in the old days using tables for layout, but in CSS. A more simplified grid system.
css  webdesign 
march 2013 by mathowie
Projects | Lea Verou
tons of useful little hacks here
css  webdesign 
march 2013 by mathowie
xoxco - Is it time for password-less login?
This is good, and something I could see doing someday
webdev  webdesign 
july 2012 by mathowie
Shading with CSS text-shadows « The Typekit Blog
Creating historically-accurate text shadows in CSS, inspired by sign painting:
html  webdev  css  webdesign  from twitter_favs
july 2011 by mathowie
Media Queries
New to me site demonstrating sites responsive to window size.
html5  webdesign  webdev  from delicious
may 2011 by mathowie
Never said about restaurant websites
I have stated the opposite of every blog entry on the new website before. Restaurant sites are a special breed of awful.
comedy  webdesign  restaurants  from delicious
december 2010 by mathowie
What's Not to Like? — Capn Design
How various services let you "like" something. I still kind of hate the language around it.
socialsoftware  webdesign 
february 2010 by mathowie
The Design State
Looks cool: public sector (think .org) web design critiques
webdesign  design  nonprofits 
november 2008 by mathowie
adaptive path » aurora concept video
Interesting look at where the web could be headed. I like the idea of a web browser as an entire OS onto itself. That's definitely where I'm headed.
mozilla  design  webdesign  video  future 
august 2008 by mathowie
SimpleModal Demos
I might drop contact forms and just do them as modal dialog boxes instead
javascript  css  webdesign 
may 2008 by mathowie
YUI: CSS Grid Builder
Fantastic tool that actually solves a layout problem I've never been able to solve. Nice.
yahoo  webdev  webdesign  tools 
january 2008 by mathowie
IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check -
Insanely useful utility for testing out pages in IE 5/6/7 on Windows, without having to actually load windows
webdev  webdesign  utilities 
june 2007 by mathowie
Hack Attack: Side-by-side Windows and Mac OS with Parallels - Lifehacker
I finally got this setup and it's absolutely amazing. Totally worth the hour or two of effort to get things just right. I now have a perfect cross browser testbed.
windows  mac  webdesign  webdev  browsers 
november 2006 by mathowie The Last Blog
roger black gets a blog and follows his design rules: always use red, white, and black, and every website deserves a custom font.
nostalgia  webdesign 
september 2006 by mathowie
craigslist: washington, DC online community
another craigslist redesign. Closer to the original, just clean and cleared up
craigslist  webdesign  css 
march 2006 by mathowie
Six Apart
Nice redesign from Mule. A lot easier to navigate and understand 6A's offerings now.
webdesign  redesign  blogs 
february 2005 by mathowie

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