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Unicode Text Converter
handy! especially for twitter joking
twitter  util 
march 2015 by mathowie
TinyLetter | Can I connect Lead Generation cards to m...
Handy tutorial on making tweets to let people subscribe easily
newsletters  twitter  tools 
may 2014 by mathowie
AP News: Actual people physically gather to talk Twitter
Best title of an article about Twitter ever, with the added bonus of that photo caption. Genius from beginning to end.
twitter  comedy 
september 2009 by mathowie
diet metafilter - Twitter Search
Twitter spammers in action. Everyone is selling miracle diet pills, or twitter traffic generator apps, scanning RSS feeds for keywords and putting automated posts to match the keywords for searches.
twitter  spam 
july 2009 by mathowie
The Monsters of Podcasting - Jordan Morris offers his impression of morning...
The most succinct send-up of daily news shows covering Twitter for the first time
comedy  twitter 
april 2009 by mathowie
Twitter Search Results on Google for Greasemonkey
This is a greasemonkey hack, but this is precisely why Google should buy Twitter and how it should integrate Twitter into results pages.
google  twitter  greasemonkey 
march 2009 by mathowie
emptyage : The Shorty Awards are a Sham
Fake awards on twitter are a sham when some dork like guy kawasaki starts taking them too seriously, organizers change the votes. Lame all around.
wtf  twitter 
december 2008 by mathowie
Ben Brown, Internet Rockstar – Rosa sat…
Ben tries to track down the "Rosa sat.." quote going around on twitter now.
quotations  twitter 
october 2008 by mathowie
Twitter / lancearmstrong
Holy crap, this looks real (I've often heard The Lance uses a Blackberry 24/7, so half a dozen posts/day from TwitterBerry are believable)
cycling  lancearmstrong  twitter 
october 2008 by mathowie
web1979 » Blog Archive » RIP Twitter (2007-2007)
Ha! If you think Twitter is: "Too Much Effort" you must be doing something wrong.
wtf  twitter  comedy 
march 2008 by mathowie
favotter Matt Haughey 's favored(48)
Favorites activity on my twitter account -- insanely addictive (change URL username to see your own).
twitter  ego 
january 2008 by mathowie
Recent Twitters by MeFites | MetaFilter
I keep forgetting to read this everyday: it's a filtered view of all twitter posts by mefi members.
metafilter  twitter 
october 2007 by mathowie
Twitter / TdFblog
Tour de France blog's twitter stream for up-to-the-minute updates on the race, as it happens each morning
cycling  letour  twitter 
july 2007 by mathowie
Twitter / oregonian
The oregonian, always trying cool new things
twitter  pdx  newspapers 
april 2007 by mathowie

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