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To those confused about Walt's Earnings/Expenses: A breakdown (Including timeline) : breakingbad
A timeline of Walter's money in Breaking Bad. I always forget even though there are four seasons that take four years to come out, only about a year of time passes in the series.
breakingbad  tv  reddit 
october 2011 by mathowie
TiVo App for iPad - TiVo
Haven't tested this yet, but it looks interesting. Hopefully more useful than just eye candy though
tivo  ipad  tv  from delicious
november 2010 by mathowie
Spectre Of Size 12 Woman Having Sex Forces Fox And ABC To Suddenly Realize They Have Standards - The Awl
This is insane. I have to watch Victoria's Secret models parade around in underwear on every channel but a sexy curvy woman is off-limits and too hot for TV? That makes zero sense.
tv  wtf 
april 2010 by mathowie
LOST Posters « Mattson Creative
Sweet designs, even though I gave up on the show two years ago.
tv  design  posters 
february 2010 by mathowie
Digital Killed the Radio Star | MetaFilter
This is a really great story about the wonders of hearing TV broadcasts on the radio (which are now gone)
tv  stories 
june 2009 by mathowie
Demand Satisfaction! » Hulu vs. Boxee?
CRAP. The best feature in Boxee, Hulu support, is going away. Shit.
tv  hometheater  boxee 
february 2009 by mathowie
aTV Flash - Apple Core, LLC
I need to hack my appleTV with this
tv  hacks 
october 2008 by mathowie
Mister Rodgers article currently offline
I heard Esquire took this offline recently so I wanted an iPhone friendly way to read it again.
pbs  tv  children  interviews 
august 2007 by mathowie
Creed Thoughts
"What do you guys think is the best kind of car? To me, you can’t beat motorcycles. They’re small, and dangerous."
theoffice  nbc  tv  comedy 
may 2007 by mathowie
How do pilots time a flyover? | Ask MetaFilter
Plane flyovers during sporting events happen because every last detail is scripted down to the second.
sports  tv 
february 2007 by mathowie
Help me find evidence concerning the deadliness of splinters | Ask MetaFilter
Adam Savage on the recent Mythbusters test of cannonballs vs. splinters (I agree with their result and the justification).
mythbusters  tv  askmefi 
january 2007 by mathowie
Do you see what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps - Google Search
My favorite Lebwoski line was never written by the Cohen brothers, but by censors.
lebowski  tv 
january 2007 by mathowie
Mighty Goods: Optoma HD72 720p DLP Home Theater Projector
hmm, might be just the thing for backyard movies next summer
tv  movies  hdtv 
november 2006 by mathowie
What Is This Creepy Site Advertising? | Ask MetaFilter
mefi users unravel some sort of online game involving a TV show
metafilter  askmefi  arg  tv  detectivery 
october 2006 by mathowie
Lost - a photoset on Flickr
I thought this photoset of two dudes playing on a LOST set was fake until the racist and homophobic jokes. I doubt ABC would plant that.
lost  tv 
august 2006 by mathowie
Sweet, the entire US TV lineup of WorldCup games
soccer  tv  worldcup 
may 2006 by mathowie
Cisco Burger
Weird. Jesse James marries Sandra Bullock then opens a fast food burger joint next door, but it's good beef and they have solar panels on the roof and eco-friendly packaging. Odd mix of cultures.
tv  monstergarage  fastfood  la 
may 2006 by mathowie
YouTube - Pinball Number Count
I loved this animation as a kid. God it's freaky.
seasamestreet  youtube  tv  childhood  nostalgia  animation 
april 2006 by mathowie
Design Within Reach - Alu Media Wall
Not a bad idea and not a bad price considering it is DWR. No hassles with tearing out drywall and running wires in the wall, just hide them behind this unit.
tv  plasma  furniture  modernfurniture 
april 2006 by mathowie
Blog Archive » Isight Fun
Talking to people on wall-sized screens! The future is finally here! (wasn't this tech in fahrenheit 451?)
isight  tv  hacks  osx  ichat 
march 2006 by mathowie Shows: Trick My Truck: Main Page
badass. It's the Pimp My Ride for the git-r-done set.
tv  trucks 
march 2006 by mathowie
The Olympics We Missed
Good op-ed on the crappy Olympics coverage on NBC. All except the halfpipe joke. I actually like all the dumb snowboard events.
olympics  tv 
february 2006 by mathowie
Chronicle Podcasts : Comedy
Mr. Truthiness was in SF a few weeks ago for a lecture, luckily the SFGate podcasted it.
tv  colbert  bears  podcasts  audio  comedy 
february 2006 by mathowie
The Late Night TV Page
Nice, RSS feeds for every late night show's guestlist
rss  entertainment  music  tv 
october 2005 by mathowie
Installing a Plasma Television
How to run hidden cabling. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find pictures of these installations
tv  diy  hometheater 
september 2005 by mathowie
NPR : Alan Ball: A 'Six Feet Under' Postmortem
Alan Ball explains how the final SFU montage wasn't all roses (I missed the subtleties)
sixfeetunder  sfu  tv 
august 2005 by mathowie
Blogger Twins
activate! Form of...macintosh specialist. Form of... pail of water!
camworld  mrbarrett  tv 
august 2005 by mathowie
My favorite catchphrase du jour
entourage  hbo  tv 
july 2005 by mathowie
ABC Feigns Conscience, Pulls Reality Show @ Media Buyer Planner
I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea for a show. I'm surprised they didn't call it "There Goes the Neighborhood"
wtf  tv  abc 
july 2005 by mathowie
IPTAblog: And now, something different
Not a bad little video exploring indecency complaints that Arrested Development garnered
fcc  arresteddevelopment  tv  religion 
june 2005 by mathowie Torrents
I uploaded SBJ on The Daily Show from last night.
comedy  sbj  dailyshow  tv  torrents 
june 2005 by mathowie
Viewfinder BLUES
The death of the news cameraman predicted, thanks to the web and smal cheap tech devices
citizenjournalism  news  tv 
may 2005 by mathowie
TV Squad: Poop on Ryan Seacrest
If I was in LA, I would do this in a heartbeat. Please, someone crap on him today.
pranks  fame  hollywood  tv 
may 2005 by mathowie
Rogers Cadenhead on the Today Show (6Mb wmv)
jump to about 15 seconds in, he was hilarious, especially at the end with the "Katie....I always wanted to end a segment like that"
tv  blogs  pope  rogers  filetype:wmv  media:video 
april 2005 by mathowie : band profile for BO BICE & Sugar Money
Whoa, an american idol finalist has been on gargeband for a while
music  tv  americanidol  garageband 
april 2005 by mathowie
Current TV
second place in their contest was much better than first place and probably more along the lines of what they want
algore  tv  videoblogging 
april 2005 by mathowie
Watch free Live Broadband tv broadcasts
claims to offer streaming TV from all over the world. Hope it actually works.
tv  netvideo 
february 2005 by mathowie
han q duong.
"St. Clare of Assisi is the motherfucking patron saint of television!"
tv  thejesus  thisweekingod 
february 2005 by mathowie
INdTV Home
Citizen Journalism is coming to TV. Can't wait to watch this project grow.
tv  journalism  video  citizenmedia 
february 2005 by mathowie
Gabriel Jeffrey plugging on TV
Silly news show meets grouphug. The host says "wow" way too much.
january 2005 by mathowie
TiVo To Go MPEG2 Decrypting
convert your TTG files to mpeg in five minutes. Nice!
tivo  mpeg  tv 
january 2005 by mathowie
Samsung Develops 35cm-Deep CRT
I would buy a 36-40" CRT TV that was super thin way before a plasma or LCD (hopefully it'll be cheaper too)
hometheater  tv  wishlist 
november 2004 by mathowie
CNN Panorama
wow, the election reporting floor at CNN, in the thick of election night.
cnn  politics  tv  filetype:jpg  media:image 
november 2004 by mathowie

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