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um. I'm staring Permalinks with PB, up in Portland. We'll meet the third thursday of the month to discuss developers using permalinks. The venue will never change.
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june 2005 by mathowie
FeedLounge - the web-based feed reader redefined
this looks badass, can't wait to try it out
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june 2005 by mathowie
CiteULike: A free online service to organize your academic papers
it's delicious, but for linking to academic papers. Even has tags. Flattering and amusing that someone built this.
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february 2005 by mathowie
As Sites Add Tags Tagtextual Advertising Will Follow
Leave to marketers to see something useful like bottom-up organization and think "Wow, people like some useful new thing? We better stuff advertising in that!"
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january 2005 by mathowie
CC Mixter - The remix family tree
Even mixter now has tags, thanks to victor's quick work
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january 2005 by mathowie

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