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The Journal of Joe The Peacock. Yay.: "That's Why You Don't Have Any Friends."
This goes down as the first story to make me tear up when I read the phrase "Fuck. Them."
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april 2012 by mathowie
My Father, the Fish Monster | Grit & Glimmer
Nice story of working the salmon line at the docks, with her dad as manager. Reminds me of the summer I spent delivering newspapers at 2am 7 days a week before college.
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february 2011 by mathowie
Disabled Explorers In the World's Most Badass Short Bus - Disabled explorers - Gizmodo
Joel Johnson's tech journalism has no peer. This is just one of many great stories he's been doing over the past couple months
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april 2010 by mathowie
Digital Killed the Radio Star | MetaFilter
This is a really great story about the wonders of hearing TV broadcasts on the radio (which are now gone)
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june 2009 by mathowie
Heading East
An honest look at child rearing, the things everyone goes through.
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february 2007 by mathowie
Soul Kerfuffle: The View From the Top
Amazing tale of getting sucked into World of Warcraft and getting out. I think once the "MySpace rapes children" meme is played out, we'll see senators trying to ban this game
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october 2006 by mathowie
over my med body! » How To Hold Back Tears
An amazing story from a doctor-in-training
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april 2006 by mathowie
Journal of mdoneil (2301)
Great, great story of a Florida librarian kicking a junk faxer's ass
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october 2005 by mathowie
Waiter Rant
A simply fantastic blog entry from waiter rant.
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june 2005 by mathowie broken records and secret codes
both entries here (from parents of twin toddlers) are hilarious: explaining records and talking about shopping at "precision aiming device"
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april 2005 by mathowie

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