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An Onionesque newspaper set in the Star Wars universe. Total nerdvana
starwars  comedy 
february 2007 by mathowie
Preshrunk » Entry » Boo Boo Walker
"n + lampshade pet collar = funny" It's true. I just got mine today and this is the bestest shirt ever.
tshirts  starwars  comedy 
may 2006 by mathowie
Chewie pitches the first ball
(you gotta do the chewbacca yell as you look at it)
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september 2005 by mathowie
honk! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This looks like a bad Super Bowl halftime show, circa 1978
starwars  photos  flickr 
september 2005 by mathowie
Han Q Duong :: San Diego Comic Con 2005 :: IMG_0079
Now, THAT'S a star wars dork committing to a role
starwars  comiccon  nerds 
july 2005 by mathowie
LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Death Star II | Uncrate
Holy crap, an under-construction Death Star, in Lego form.
nerdvana  starwars  lego  clerks 
july 2005 by mathowie

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