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Flip Flop Fly Ball - The Sinistral Baseball League
Pretty incredible fictitious left-handed baseball league.
design  comedy  sports 
september 2013 by mathowie
Olympic Victory Bouquets at GirlHacker's Random Log
Pretty cool background on the designers of the olympic bouquets
sports  flowers  design 
august 2012 by mathowie
The Inner Ring: Champagne Celebrations
Champagne on the podium sprayed everywhere isn't that old of a tradition as I thought
sports  history  from delicious
november 2010 by mathowie
» Behind the Dig Cover
How Jared Souney shot the most insane BMX cover photo of all time
photography  bmx  sports 
april 2010 by mathowie
Essay: “No Women” Was No Barrier - Lens Blog -
Great story of the first woman photographer at a University of Michigan football game.
gender  photography  sports 
may 2009 by mathowie
I almost forgot about DFL until today.
olympics  comedy  sports 
august 2008 by mathowie
eXtreme Sports Physics: Freestyle Motocross Backflip Limit
two amazing things here: one, a physicist figures out the maximum backflips a motorcycle can do using math, and two, that there exists a blog about extreme sports physics in the first place.
sports  math 
march 2008 by mathowie
Flickr: The Pre-1990 Sports Card Portraiture Pool
So great and features the incredible Don Mossi card (second row, far right)
baseball  ephemera  flickr  sports  comedy 
february 2008 by mathowie Liberate the blazer
Reebok pays the NFL $250 million to keep coaches in those dumb track suits. The 49ers coach just wants to wear a suit and is only allowed to do it twice a year
football  sports  wtf 
june 2007 by mathowie
How do pilots time a flyover? | Ask MetaFilter
Plane flyovers during sporting events happen because every last detail is scripted down to the second.
sports  tv 
february 2007 by mathowie
Oregon tow-in Surf Contest at Nelscott
This Friday's big wave surf contest starts near Lincoln City, Oregon
surfing  sports 
december 2006 by mathowie
The Nutty Buddy
sports  nutsack  wearacup  comedy  videos 
october 2006 by mathowie
Rose City Rollers
all-girl roller derby in Portland
pdx  portland  sports  rollerderby 
november 2005 by mathowie
SAND MASTER PARK "The Worlds First Sandboard Park!"
I should check this out next time I'm near the southern oregon coast
to_visit  sandboarding  dunes  beach  sports 
july 2005 by mathowie

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