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Pandas and Lobsters: Why Google Cannot Build Social Applications... - ...ifindkarma...
Adam's brilliant essay on why Google fails on every social webapp it buys or builds.
google  socialsoftware  from delicious
july 2010 by mathowie
What's Not to Like? — Capn Design
How various services let you "like" something. I still kind of hate the language around it.
socialsoftware  webdesign 
february 2010 by mathowie
Social media before the internet: a case study < Perhapses
Britt's story of Transworld Skateboarding stepping on toes, and joining the staff years later.
skateboarding  pr  socialsoftware 
may 2008 by mathowie
The Laboratorium: Self-Presentation Fiasco at Facebook
This is precisely why I de-activated my facebook account. I wasn't too into it, but I did like controlling what little I put out there on it, but the beacon turned the tables and seemed contrary to how I was using it.
facebook  socialsoftware  communityproblems 
november 2007 by mathowie
GirlHacker's Random Log
Should newspapers use Myspace photos and posts to describe people in articles? How do you fact-check that sort of thing?
socialsoftware  journalism 
august 2006 by mathowie
openid for vox - Brad Fitzpatrick's blog
vox talks to LJ via OpenID with FOAF as well. Hopefully they'll extend FOAF to other services too
vox  livejournal  programming  socialsoftware 
june 2006 by mathowie
John Battelle's Searchblog: News: A9 Debuts "Yellow Pages" - Now *That's* Local
The new A9 yellow pages are very cool. They even let you collaboratively add images of the store fronts to the database. Truly social software.
socialsoftware  mapping  yellowpages 
january 2005 by mathowie
Flickr: Mushrooms
"There's fungi, there's fungus, and now there's mushrooms. Three groups with exactly the same concept and some overlap in the membership."
socialsoftware  flickr  communityproblems 
january 2005 by mathowie
Audioscrobbler: Forums :: I have iPod support working
Pretty cool, the newest Audioscrobbler plugin will sync everything you listened to on your ipod while offline
ipod  itunes  mac  socialsoftware  utilities 
november 2004 by mathowie
[rdfweb-dev] Plink
Whoa, one of the only FOAF apps out there being taken down due to the non opt-in nature of FOAF freaking folks out
foaf  semanticweb  socialsoftware 
october 2004 by mathowie

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