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two-factor authentication list
handy list of all two-factor-auth services and how to enable it on each
security  utilities 
march 2014 by mathowie
Oh man, I'm so getting one of these someday.
iphone  security  home  from delicious
may 2011 by mathowie
Sidestep | Chetan Surpur
Killer app for proxying your traffic on public wireless. Takes all the pain out of setting up ssh proxies, super duper simple.
security  osx  from delicious
march 2011 by mathowie
Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices
Handy list to refer to when hardware dies and resets itself, or you're on the road and want to try getting online
wifi  wireless  security 
august 2008 by mathowie
more against openID (tecznotes)
I pretty much have OpenID working for MetaFilter, but I fear a rogue server setup by someone meant to send out fake credentials could really disrupt a community and many supporting sites
openid  cracks  security 
march 2007 by mathowie
Netcraft: PHP Blogging Apps Vulnerable to XML-RPC Exploits
According to the wordpress boards, the release of WP fixes this hole
php  security  wordpress  exploits 
july 2005 by mathowie
Security hole in Gmail
Shit, this isn't good. I got a gmail password request email last night I didn't ask for.
gmail  google  security  via-dangerousmeta 
october 2004 by mathowie

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