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Official Google Blog: Find Creative Commons images with Image Search
My first ever meeting with Nelson Minar and Matt Cutts in spring of 2002 at the Google Campus was about this feature. Took seven years, but totally worth seeing get added to Google.
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july 2009 by mathowie
WolframAlpha Search Plugin | XOXCO Clickables
handy firefox search plugin for the new search engine
search  firefox  utilities 
may 2009 by mathowie
Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media: Google Blog Search Changes
Google Blog Search turned useless last week, indexing any blog with a sidebar link to my site, making it almost impossible to find actual blog mentions anymore
google  blogs  search 
november 2008 by mathowie
Google Blog Search Help
So long Technorati, been nice knowing you...
blogs  search  google 
september 2005 by mathowie
awesome new service that searches all code samples from books on programming languages.
coldfusion  programming  search 
august 2005 by mathowie
A pretty cool visual real-time image search engine with an unfortunate name
search  shockwave  ajax 
march 2005 by mathowie
Eliyon Technologies
Search for your site, employer, or name. I think it's scraping LinkedIn and Google for results. Kind of annoying.
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october 2004 by mathowie

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