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Html5 Tumblr Mobile App Part One - Mobile HTML5 Development
How to build an Android/iOS app using HTML and phonegap tutorial. This is something I've always wanted to build.
iOS  programming  webdev 
march 2012 by mathowie
Hacker Typer
I love this site so much. Act like a "hacker" in a movie by just mashing the keys.
programming  comedy  from delicious
april 2011 by mathowie
Flickr: Photos tagged with processingorg
Making art with math and a computer. I love Processing.
processing  programming  art  flickr 
december 2006 by mathowie
memcached for Win32
whenever I find a coldfusion API for memecached, I'll use this
programming  windows  web 
november 2006 by mathowie
huh, never heard of this before
charity  programming  geek  grassroots  jobs  travel 
august 2006 by mathowie
geoLocator Testbed
huh, someday I might need this.
coldfusion  programming  geo 
august 2006 by mathowie
Extensible document types in Dreamweaver
getting Dreamweaver to recognize and color code files that don't have the obvious extensions (like parsing .html as .php) requires the editing of xml files on your file system (there are no options in the UI for this)
dreamweaver  programming  adobe 
june 2006 by mathowie
openid for vox - Brad Fitzpatrick's blog
vox talks to LJ via OpenID with FOAF as well. Hopefully they'll extend FOAF to other services too
vox  livejournal  programming  socialsoftware 
june 2006 by mathowie - Mark Fletcher's Blog: HP and Sleepycat
Bloglines runs in BerkeleyDB. A million MT users just screamed "switch to MySQL before it crashes, yo!"
bloglines  programming  sql 
october 2005 by mathowie
awesome new service that searches all code samples from books on programming languages.
coldfusion  programming  search 
august 2005 by mathowie
How to block Google Accelerator in CF
Might do this on mefi if I get more bug reports
coldfusion  programming  google 
may 2005 by mathowie
TeraTech ColdCuts
coldfusion tutorials I can never seem to find
coldfusion  programming  tutorials 
february 2005 by mathowie
PHP/SWF Charts
reminder to self: whenever I make a stats app, use this
flash  php  programming  remindertoself 
september 2004 by mathowie

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