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peterabbit456 comments on What would happen if NASA got all the money spent on wars
Depressing. We could have had space elevators leading to space hotels!
space  science!  war  politics 
june 2014 by mathowie
This... is White Privilege
When I heard the story of the Mitch Hedburg joke on a donut receipt I immediately thought of this combo, of how it describes white privilege kind of perfectly.
donuts  politics  race 
may 2014 by mathowie
W. enters my wife's schoolboard race - Campaign Finance -
Ugh, the private education industry is attacking every local election they can.
education  politics 
october 2011 by mathowie
ClubOrlov: America—The Grim Truth
I have to admit there's a lot to agree with in this essay, especially after hearing from friends that moved abroad (with their now ample vacation time, quick access to free healthcare, general lack of worry about things, etc). 
economics  politics  life  from delicious
december 2010 by mathowie
A nice antidote to all the tea party talk online.
money  finance  politics  blogs  comedy  from delicious
november 2010 by mathowie
Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered « OOO
If you ever wondered why most stories on Digg skew right/libertarian, here's why: concerted efforts to push those stories and push down progressive ones.
digg  community  communityproblems  politics  from delicious
august 2010 by mathowie
Stop The Music! Artists Demand GOPers Quit Playing Their Hits | TPMDC
Every republican song permission issue over the last 30 years.
copyright  politics  music 
june 2010 by mathowie
Classical Geek Theatre: Regarding The Jonas Brothers
The most important post you'll ever read about the Jonas Brothers. So freaking good.
wtf  music  politics 
may 2009 by mathowie
Notional Slurry » Hey, I checked our records. You didn’t say you wanted a revolution after all. Sorry!
Awesome story of geeks and old school local business people colliding. I have to say my interactions with local businesspeople is much like the ones described here.
politics  local  culture 
march 2009 by mathowie
An unvaccinated child has died from a preventable disease | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
I know a possible autism link is risky (but so far murky to unproven at best), but there are consequences to not getting standard vaccines for your kids.
politics  kids  policy 
january 2009 by mathowie
Ignorance Is Strength « random($foo)
It wasn't about global warming, it was about economic competitiveness and the grand old party of economics apparently doesn't care
politics  business  economics 
january 2009 by mathowie
Op-Ed Contributors - The End of the Financial World as We Know It -
simple comprehensive write-up of how we got into the current financial crisis
toread  finance  politics 
january 2009 by mathowie
Op-Ed Columnist - Time to Reboot America -
I don't always agree with Friedman, but this time, he's spot-on.
politics  technology 
december 2008 by mathowie Politics Done Right: An Interview with John Ziegler on the Zogby "Push Poll"
Hilarious interview with a right wing crank. I wonder if this guy would agree most Bush 2004 voters thought Saddam was behind 9/11.
wtf  politics 
november 2008 by mathowie
Behind the Candidates: Meet the people behind John McCain and Barack Obama
Pretty cool site that showed me McCain's team has a lot of lobbyists on his side
politics  election 
november 2008 by mathowie
McCain Criticized for Slur / He says he'll keep using term for ex-captors in Vietnam
Yeah, it's 8 years old, but jesus, it's still crazy he said this to reporters and defended it.
politics  mccain  wtf 
october 2008 by mathowie
Yes We Carve | Change Your Pumpkin, Change Your World
I'd do this if I wasn't sure my idiot neighbors would kick it in.
politics  halloween  obama 
october 2008 by mathowie
ESPN - Cindy McCain takes the wheel in her own race
Cindy McCain owns a hopped-up Nissan 240sx and is into drifting?! Did I just wake up in bizarro world?
politics  wtf  cars 
september 2008 by mathowie » Blog Archive » Editorial: U.S. automakers get their bailout
US Automakers demand to get their dying business revived even when we don't need it revived, but they get the money anyway. Lame, and total rejection of market forces at work, eh?
cars  politics  economics 
september 2008 by mathowie
Obama and McCain Tax Proposals -
This is a brilliant break-down of how McCain will give huge tax breaks to people with too many houses to count.
politics  data 
august 2008 by mathowie
Comments on 10034 | MetaFilter
Eerie: Some people on MeFi dug up a comment from Sept 11, 2001 in which Rebecca Blood correctly predicts the next 7 years of the Bush administration
mefi  9/11  politics 
august 2008 by mathowie
emptyage : Full Disclosure: This is Spam
Fake testimonials, from a former California governor candidate
ethics  politics  green  solar 
july 2008 by mathowie
Brand New: Optima Won't be Running for President
Eurostile?! EUROstile?! That sounds like something FRENCH and SOCIALIST!!1!!! GOOGLE RON PAUL!!1!!one!
politics  fonts  design 
june 2008 by mathowie
Fight the Smears | Fight the Smears Home
Nice, it's like Obama's own personal for republican swiftboat attacks.
politics  obama 
june 2008 by mathowie
Is Barack Obama Muslim?
We still have many more months of this to endure (via chrisglass).
obama  politics 
june 2008 by mathowie
Obama Rally in Oregon
Holy shit, 5% of registered voters show up to a single rally for Obama
obama  politics  oregon 
may 2008 by mathowie
Robert Reich's Blog: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Listen to Economists
HRC, doing the anti-intellectual pandering that Karl Rove pioneered.
clinton  politics 
may 2008 by mathowie
The Billboard Liberation Front » Blog Archive » The BLF Strike!
Nice billboard edit from the good old folks at the BLF. I wish they were nationwide, so everyone could see these
february 2008 by mathowie
Senator Clinton's "Million Little Pieces" moment. - Here Comes Everybody
Clay Shirky on Hillary Clinton's crazy attempt to subvert the will of the people
politics  wtf 
february 2008 by mathowie
Lessig '08 - Change Congress.
I gave to the campaign, I hope he really goes for it
lessig  freeculture  creativecommons  politics 
february 2008 by mathowie
I made this page to replace my site with on Tuesday. Feel free to copy it and do the same.
vote  election  politics 
february 2008 by mathowie My Political Forecast
SBJ is right on the money (and Obama just won Iowa!). I've been telling people about president Obama for the last couple months and this is precisely why.
politics  election 
january 2008 by mathowie
Anthropological evidence, or fairness if you prefer -
Rafe, being the touchy feely liberal that alienated half the country. And he eats babies too!
politics  debate  culture 
november 2007 by mathowie
Ron Paul's Record in Congress
Ron Paul sure has a history of proposing batshit insane bills to congress
politics  ronpaul  batshitinsane 
november 2007 by mathowie
Streetsblog » Secretary Peters Says Bikes “Are Not Transportation”
translation: the US Secretary of Transportation is a fucking idiot.
cycling  politics  wtf 
august 2007 by mathowie
Interior Department official resigns - Los Angeles Times
An Interior Department official who was recently rebuked for altering scientific conclusions to reduce protections for endangered species and providing internal documents to lobbyists resigned Monday, officials said.
bush  politics  wtf  batshitinsane  dukesofhazzard 
may 2007 by mathowie
This is my representative. I've actually met this guy before. Kooky.
startrek  politics  comedy 
january 2007 by mathowie
SSRN-Virtual Power Politics by James Grimmelmann
Every decision made by the designers of a virtual world game is a political decision. Every debate over the rules and every change to the software is political. When players talk about the rules, they are practicing politics. Once you know to look for vir
grimmelmann  gaming  politics  culture 
november 2006 by mathowie | Home
american gulag bracelets are an interesting new product. Sorta like those cancer wristbands but edgier.
politics  shopping  design 
november 2006 by mathowie Michael J Fox and Iraq
Spot-on analysis of why people say ridiculous things for political gain
politics  bush  iraq 
october 2006 by mathowie
Mule Design Feed Store | Colbert Has Stones
Everyone knows reality has a liberal bent. Wear this with pride.
bush  colbert  politics  tshirt 
may 2006 by mathowie Third anniversary of the Iraq invasion
Rafe reflects on iraq, three years later. Ouch.
iraq  politics  blogs 
march 2006 by mathowie
"The Final Word Is Hooray!"
"Our military machine will crush Iraq in a matter of days and there's no question that it will."
iraq  war  media  politics 
march 2006 by mathowie
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