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Flickr: Chimay Bleue's Photostream
Darren Bradley does some amazing architecture photography
photography  modernhomes  architecture  flickr 
february 2014 by mathowie
Behind The Scenes Of A Lifestyle Shoot |
You know all those holiday party photos you see in lifestyle magazines? Here's how many people and how much work goes into just photographing them.
photography  magazines 
november 2013 by mathowie
Rapha | 2013 Women’s Prestige | Jason Perry Photography
Nice set of pics from the recent Rapha 125mi womens ride around San Francisco
cycling  photography 
april 2013 by mathowie
Cabin Porn
This is my new favorite thing. God damn these are beautiful.
modernhomes  architecture  photography 
december 2011 by mathowie
Mila's Daydreams
"This is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it." So awesome.
photography  parenting  from delicious
july 2010 by mathowie
» Behind the Dig Cover
How Jared Souney shot the most insane BMX cover photo of all time
photography  bmx  sports 
april 2010 by mathowie
Persona - a set on Flickr
The ultimate "what's in your bag?" series
photography  flickr 
april 2010 by mathowie
Looking Into the Past - a gallery on Flickr
I need to dig up some old shots and go back to the locations someday
photography  flickr  awesome 
january 2010 by mathowie - Home
Awesome prints and mounts and framing here
august 2009 by mathowie
killing chickens. « sometimes a great notion
Can a gory photo of animals becoming food also be glorious looking? Somehow this photo series hits that.
food  photography  gore 
august 2009 by mathowie
Essay: “No Women” Was No Barrier - Lens Blog -
Great story of the first woman photographer at a University of Michigan football game.
gender  photography  sports 
may 2009 by mathowie
Flickr, Getty and the greater good (Phil Gyford’s website)
Smart thoughts from Phil on how Getty, Flickr, and CC should work together
flickr  photography  creativecommons 
january 2009 by mathowie
Antarctic Fox - Introduction
Kevin Fox's trip to Antarctica. I love the Big Picture style photos and captions. In just a few months that's already become a design convention.
awesome  photography  travel 
january 2009 by mathowie
Vincent Laforet’s Blog
Jeez. In highly capable hands, the new Canon 5D takes some incredible video. I'm sold on it.
photography  canon  wishlist 
september 2008 by mathowie
holy shit these are some awesome fucking shots. Big Picture-style shots of the local cross scene
cyclocross  cycling  photography  photos 
september 2008 by mathowie
designboom weblog, design related news, reviews and previews
Oh man, if ever I need a visual reason to not buy more toys for my daughter, this is it
art  photography  kids  color  design 
march 2008 by mathowie
A Photo Editor - Advice From A Photographer
Awesome advice on how to be a pro photographer (by being a good assistant first)
photography  howto  advice 
november 2007 by mathowie
Pillar on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This mockingly sums up the 10% of everything I hate about flickr. I still love the other 90% of flickr though.
flickr  comedy  nerds  photography 
october 2007 by mathowie
Slow Sync Flash
How to do Merlin's Patented RockStarFlash (in the comments, people explain how to do it with a digital rebel)
photography  howto  tips 
may 2007 by mathowie
my favorite food photographer drops some KNOWLEDGE on how he gets those great shots
photography  tips  food 
december 2006 by mathowie
Flickr: The Pisa pushers Pool
photos of people pushing in the air, from other angles. Meta-funny.
photography  flickr  italy 
october 2006 by mathowie
Strobist: How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio
I spent two days trying to shoot a photo of a gadget once. This is so much cleaner and easier.
photography  hacks  howto 
july 2006 by mathowie
Welcome to - Mail order lens rental
wow, nifty idea for photographers. Try out a new lens for a week.
photography  bymail  rental  lens 
april 2006 by mathowie
This is the best looking food blog I've ever seen
food  blogs  design  css  photography 
march 2006 by mathowie
Furdlog » Cert Denied: National Geographic Mag’s CD-ROMs
This sounds like good news to me -- new compliations don't necessarily constitute new works worthy of extra pay to freelancers
photography  law  nationalgeographic 
december 2005 by mathowie
bighappyfunhouse • found photos. free pie. • tragedy
best found photo ever. I would love to hear the backstory on this one.
foundphotos  photography  comedy 
december 2005 by mathowie
Digital Black and White
how to shoot b&w with a digital camera
photography  tutorial 
august 2005 by mathowie
Aisle of Averages - a photoset on Flickr
Awesome and simple: long exposures of supermarket aisles.
photos  marketing  photography  art 
july 2005 by mathowie
locations in Toronto :: seems Artless
Nice Google maps API hack. I wonder if I could get a map of all my geotagged flickr images like this.
googlemaps  mapping  photography 
june 2005 by mathowie
Furdlog » Creepy Story for Digital Photographers
If your photos look professional, Wal-mart and K-mart won't develop for fear of offending copyright of pro photographers. Crazy.
photography  copyright  walmart  wtf 
june 2005 by mathowie
Slot Canyons of the American Southwest - Paria River and its tributaries
Seven years ago I hiked this canyon system -- best backpack trip of my life.
hiking  outdoors  backpacking  canyons  photography 
may 2005 by mathowie
Photos, Blogging And Fair Use
Interesting article at PDN about blogs, photographers, and thumbnails. We need to solve the hosting/bandwidth problem as well
photography  blogs  law 
february 2005 by mathowie - Beheading the Messenger...
"I'm getting kicked out of the SFSU freshmen dorms for documenting underage alcohol abuse and criminal activities that have taken place over the past semester." - student photojournalist at SFSU (I looked and looked, but can't find the offending images th
photography  photojournalism  ethics  college 
january 2005 by mathowie
Unguarded Moments: Photographs of President Reagan
Amazing shots. Also, worth noting the obvious contrasts with that president and the current one.
photography  president  reagan 
november 2004 by mathowie
Clampdown on Photographer's Rights in New York City
"Put the tripod away, tourists can’t use tripods, only professionals can use tripods and you have to have a permit."
dumblaws  photoblogs  photography  thisisbroken 
october 2004 by mathowie tim gasperak, photographer and designer
Jesus jumped up Christ, Tim's photos are great. Makes me feel like a pathetic hack
gorgeous  photoblogs  photography 
august 2004 by mathowie

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