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Citi Bike Is My New iPhone
Nice review of NYC bikeshare from a former non bike rider who now finds it cheap, reliable, and fast transportation
cycling  NYC 
july 2013 by mathowie
Cultural Faux Pas: What are some cultural faux pas in New York? - Quora
Covers everything I've ever said that immediately had a NYer tell me I was doing/saying something wrong.
travel  nyc  tips  from delicious
september 2011 by mathowie
In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test | A Hamburger Today
"Hey Ask Metafilter, my friend bought an In'n'Out burger last night at 6pm and flew to NYC. Can I still eat it today?"
Food  Nyc  from twitter_favs
may 2011 by mathowie
BHRA: Atlantic Avenue Tunnel
Got to check this out today. Really amazing place and story. Totally take a tour if you can.
history  nyc  subway  tours  brooklyn 
may 2009 by mathowie
No Impact Man: An open letter to NY State Senator Jeff Klein, who yesterday called me a f---ing assh-le after nearly hitting me with his Mercedes
short version: A cyclist is almost hit by a car so he taps on the dude's car, dude gets angry and turns out to be a NY senator.
cycling  nyc 
september 2008 by mathowie
Perilla Restaurant, New York
Harold's (winner from season 1's Top Chef) new restaurant
food  nyc  to_eat 
june 2007 by mathowie
FRN » Blog Archive » Darius McCollum Arrested Again
fascinating story of an obsessed train fan (with aspergers, which explains a lot)
trains  nyc 
november 2006 by mathowie
Computer Car Inc.
According to daddytypes, this is a NYC car service with car seats for kids
nyc  travel  baby 
february 2006 by mathowie
Ji Lee
My favorite from the Bubble Project (throwing thousands of blank speech bubbles on NYC posters)
comedy  nyc  art 
january 2006 by mathowie The Gates
Sam finds one positive aspect of The Gates I haven't seen mentioned: meeting folks and enjoying central park in a whole new light
thegates  nyc  blogs 
february 2005 by mathowie
v-2 Organisation | news | Coming soon, to a Central Park near you
I've been considering a weekend trip to NYC to see the gates in Feb ever since I saw christo and jeanne-claude talk about the project
art  christo  nyc 
december 2004 by mathowie

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