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handy little hack
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june 2014 by mathowie
How to upgrade tracks to iTunes Match, fast | Macworld
Handy little way to do what I thought iCloud match would do automatically (but doesn't). Worked on a thousand tracks I had.
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november 2011 by mathowie
dig.ccmixter “You already have permission…”
Cool new music discovery site for the Creative Commons Mixter remix community.
music  mp3  remix  copyright  creativecommons 
march 2010 by mathowie
You Ain't No Picasso
There are a lot of great covers here. Makes me want to see the Decemberists live again.
music  covers  mp3 
february 2010 by mathowie
Out of It » Brad Sucks
sweet, new stuff from Brad Sucks
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july 2008 by mathowie
This guy is my new favorite shiny thing. Awesome voice, songs remind you of anything from Nick Drake to the Grateful Dead to Elliot Smith. Great stuff.
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april 2008 by mathowie
This is a great idea -- doing a community around free audio found online
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april 2007 by mathowie
CorrectMe-001-2.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
The SFGate starts podcasting their angry phonecalls for humorous effect. Of course, you can only do this a few times before people start calling just to get on the podcast by acting crazy.
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january 2007 by mathowie
iTunes Collapse: ORLY? - mac [dot] honan [dot] net
As I read engadget's tabloid-style post, I couldn't wait for someone to tear it apart bit by bit. It's all BS and Mat shows how.
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december 2006 by mathowie
Jonathan Coulton » Code Monkey
greatest song ever: "Code Monkey think maybe manager want to write god damned login page himself"
mp3  music  geek  webdev 
december 2006 by mathowie
instructables : Shuffle Headphones
For my helmet mount shuffle project
cycling  ipod  mp3  diy 
october 2006 by mathowie
Splice - Meet. Mix. Mashup.
Creative Commons mashup community. Nice.
music  mashup  mp3  creativecommons 
october 2006 by mathowie
Mathowie's Community Blog | MeFi Music
A 22 minute Arlo Guthrie parody with plenty of MetaFilter in-jokes. A tour de force.
music  mp3  metafilter 
september 2006 by mathowie
test your hearing with mp3 samples
I'm 33 now and can barely hear the 14kHz sound: too many rock shows and loud speakers in my life apparently.
audio  mp3  hearing 
august 2006 by mathowie
XSPF Flash MP3 Player per FMP3 ( Podcast )
the open source xspf flash player, now 15% web 2.0-er
flash  mp3  audio 
august 2006 by mathowie
MeFi Music | Community Weblog
I brought this site back from the dead today, featuring songs in the key of AWESOME
metafilter  music  mp3  playlists  podcasts 
june 2006 by mathowie
Recent Tracks - CC Hits
digg-like interface for CC licensed music
creativecommons  music  mp3 
june 2006 by mathowie
sheeba store
Innovative online musician lets fans optionally pay for free music
music  mp3 
november 2005 by mathowie
The German Car Blog: VW: Get connected!
Awesome, simple way to transport tunes: a USB key
audio  car  mp3  vw 
september 2005 by mathowie
Who Owns Culture?
video and audio of the jeff tweedy/larry lessig lecture
mp3  video  creativecommons  lessig  wilco 
june 2005 by mathowie
Scott Andrew's auto-podcast feed from
A preview of what it looks like over on Bloglines. is getting cool again.
music  podcasting  mp3 
may 2005 by mathowie
magnatune blog: Magnatune/Lisa DeBenedictis Remix Contest
The non-evil record company and CC join forces for a remix contest
music  mp3  remix  contest 
may 2005 by mathowie
Blogpad: Improvements wishlist for Magnatune
Good list of ideas on how to improve Magnatune, love to see some of these in action.
magnatune  music  mp3  usability 
april 2005 by mathowie
Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting: PodShanking
I'm very happy to see this hack released
ipod  mp3  music  sharing 
march 2005 by mathowie
Is your iPod spying on you?
The USA Today wrote a terrible misleading column, which Pete dismantles here.
engadget  usatoday  ipod  mp3  fud 
march 2005 by mathowie
Bains Software: accessTunes
listening to iTunes shares remotely
mp3  itunes  utilities 
march 2005 by mathowie
Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting: Digisette
brilliant! a flash-storage based personal player that also works in decks
clever  mp3  music  personaldevices 
october 2004 by mathowie

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