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How are people extradited in the US - extradition | Ask MetaFilter
Amazing (horrible) story of what being extradited in the US is like
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march 2012 by mathowie
Submission on - Public Discussion Paper - Connecting with Confidence (November 2011)
MetaFilter is used in a case study for the Australian gov't, examining how discourse can be civil online.
metafilter  australia 
december 2011 by mathowie
Silenced Protest | MetaFilter
Amazing story of the differences between US Military prisons and regular prisons.
metafilter  bestofmefi  prison  from delicious
december 2010 by mathowie
"I Want This Goddamn Thing Repaired!" | MetaFilter
One of the best Hunter S. Thompson stories I've heard
metafilter  gonzo 
february 2010 by mathowie
metamv3.jpg (658×571)
I just found this several-year-old image I think was a response to the XKCD maps of the internet drawings
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december 2009 by mathowie
Tracking Down An Address In 1939 Vienna | Ask MetaFilter
I always forget to record this highlight of perhaps the best Ask MetaFilter experience to date.
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december 2009 by mathowie
GoDaddy renewed for one year “as a courtesy” |
MetaFilter members got through to GoDaddy and they decided to renew his domain while he is (unfairly) imprisoned in Iran.
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november 2009 by mathowie
WiiFit vs. WiiFat | MetaFilter
Good review of the Wii Fit's harsher elements.
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may 2008 by mathowie
Metafilter comments vs. Youtube comments
latest commnets from mefi vs. latest from Youtube. Hilarity ensues
metafilter  youtube  community 
march 2008 by mathowie
Recent Twitters by MeFites | MetaFilter
I keep forgetting to read this everyday: it's a filtered view of all twitter posts by mefi members.
metafilter  twitter 
october 2007 by mathowie
What Is This Creepy Site Advertising? | Ask MetaFilter
mefi users unravel some sort of online game involving a TV show
metafilter  askmefi  arg  tv  detectivery 
october 2006 by mathowie
Mathowie's Community Blog | MeFi Music
A 22 minute Arlo Guthrie parody with plenty of MetaFilter in-jokes. A tour de force.
music  mp3  metafilter 
september 2006 by mathowie
MetaFilter is seven! | MetaFilter
Seven years is a long damn time to run a community.
metafilter  bloggingmilestone 
july 2006 by mathowie
MeFi Music | Community Weblog
I brought this site back from the dead today, featuring songs in the key of AWESOME
metafilter  music  mp3  playlists  podcasts 
june 2006 by mathowie
EarthTools: Webservices
Oh man, I should totally do timezones via lat/lon on metafilter.
coding  metafilter  api  geotools 
march 2006 by mathowie
graph (PNG Image, 379x216 pixels)
According to Alexa, MetaFilter just surpassed That's right, a community weblog has more traffic and draw than the entire online presence of the largest newspaper in Oregon.
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february 2006 by mathowie
Archimedes Death Ray: Idea Feasibility Testing. | MetaFilter
Adam Savage talking about the Archimedes Death Ray show that debuted on Wednesday night, back when they were working on the episode
mythbusters  metafilter  science 
january 2006 by mathowie
Everything from Art to everydayobjects
tags as art - the top 150 tags on MetaFilter, sorted by popularity
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january 2005 by mathowie

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