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This is a gorgeous use of 4sq data
maps  art 
june 2013 by mathowie
Strava Multiple Ride Mapping Tool | Strava Tools
Nice little hack to show your history of rides on a big map. If you use Strava, this is amazing for end-of-year memories
strava  mapping  maps  data 
january 2013 by mathowie
Below the Boat - Welcome
amazing, gorgeous works of art
art  mapping  maps 
january 2013 by mathowie
metamv3.jpg (658×571)
I just found this several-year-old image I think was a response to the XKCD maps of the internet drawings
metafilter  maps  filetype:jpg  media:image 
december 2009 by mathowie
Zillow Releases Neighborhood Boundaries
Holy cow. I've done some geo stuff and it's almost impossible to find neighborhood descriptions like this. Great to hear it's free.
mapping  maps  geodata 
january 2008 by mathowie
Best of Los Angeles - Food
I love jonson's map not only for the recommended restaurants but for the offshore Kraken
maps  googlemaps  losangeles 
april 2007 by mathowie
Tunitas Creek loop
Lots of great rides mapped on this shop site, here's one I should do someday.
cycling  maps  norcal 
november 2006 by mathowie
Free the Maps
I always hated the idea of paying for USGS maps that were already paid for with taxes.
maps  publicdomain  usgs 
august 2006 by mathowie
Jeffrey McManus: Why the Yahoo! Maps API is Better Than Brand X Maps API
I have a feeling the Y! vs. GOOG battles will rival east coast-west coast rap wars someday soon.
maps  mapping  api  yahoo  google 
june 2005 by mathowie
feedmap .net (BETA) : Where Blogs Meet Maps
Interesting. Like a graphical version of geourl.
gis  mapping  maps  blogs 
june 2005 by mathowie
Google Maps - Gerlach,NV 89412
whoa, burning man camp setup on google satellite maps
google  mapping  maps  satellite 
april 2005 by mathowie
Google Maps - Truckee,CA
A boat skimming along the surface of Lake Tahoe -- Google's satellite maps are nuts
google  mapping  maps  privacy  satellite 
april 2005 by mathowie

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