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Flickr: Small Dog Electronics' photos tagged with fake
Jeez, the Chinese iPod knock-offs are starting to look pretty convincing, though the box is laughably bad.
ipod  apple  counterfeit 
january 2007 by mathowie
RSS: Google Video - Video Search [techtalks]
Awesome, here's the secret feed for that search
googlevideo  google  ipod  rss 
november 2006 by mathowie
techtalks - Google Video
I wish this page had a feed associated with it. I have to keep reminding myself to check out new videos here once a month or so
googlevideo  google  ipod 
november 2006 by mathowie
instructables : Shuffle Headphones
For my helmet mount shuffle project
cycling  ipod  mp3  diy 
october 2006 by mathowie
iGoatse iPod Case - Gizmodo
The greatest iPod case ever made. EVER.
ipod  goatse 
march 2006 by mathowie
Ning | iPod-a-Day Giveaway
Jorn Barger won an iPod from Ning!
blogs  bloggers  ipod  ning 
march 2006 by mathowie
Metroblogging Orange County: Ticketed for wearing earphones on a bus
The law is only for people driving a vehicle, not sitting in one. A cop should know this.
theOC  headphones  ipod  wtf 
march 2006 by mathowie
iPod Video Cambio Case | Uncrate
This looks fantastic and I'd seriously consider it despite the price (if I had a new video ipod)
ipod  wishlist 
january 2006 by mathowie
Playlist: Take Control of Your iPod: Running Presentations, Page 1
how to run powerpoint/keynote slides with a color ipod, just in case.
ipod  powerpoint  presentation 
december 2005 by mathowie
Wiretracks(tm) - iCove
in-wall iPod mounts. Could look pretty sweet near a stereo setup
diy  hometheater  ipod 
september 2005 by mathowie
iTunes per iPod
Sure P2P use is high, but I ripped a ton of CDs that I owned to MP3 when I first got an iPod to fill it up. I suspect many people did the same.
ipod  music  law  p2p 
june 2005 by mathowie
Making the iPod's shuffle function work better [Maximum Aardvark]
This is fucking brilliant. I keep a "music added in last 30 days" list, but throwing in 3-5 star songs I haven't heard in a few days is brilliant.
ipod  shuffle  apple  smartplaylists  ipodhacks 
april 2005 by mathowie
Apple - iPod - Download - Thank You
Apple's iPod updater page is broken, here's the final windows download page you would get if it worked.
ipod  windows  apple 
march 2005 by mathowie
Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting: PodShanking
I'm very happy to see this hack released
ipod  mp3  music  sharing 
march 2005 by mathowie
Is your iPod spying on you?
The USA Today wrote a terrible misleading column, which Pete dismantles here.
engadget  usatoday  ipod  mp3  fud 
march 2005 by mathowie
BlueTrip: Griffin Technology
whoa, bluetooth audio out from an ipod to any device up to 30 feet away. And you keep the iPod as the controller while it plays.
apple  ipod  bluetooth 
january 2005 by mathowie
iPod shuffle
George Hotelling showed this URL this morning, and we both thought it was a hoax
ipod  apple  macworld 
january 2005 by mathowie
Daring Fireball: The Rumor Game
I've got to say he's right about false rumors and how rumor sites don't promote but just capitalize on news. I didn't like the ipod mini unti l held one in my hand (You can't really tell how small they are until you hold one)
apple  rumorsontheinternets  ipod 
january 2005 by mathowie
Audioscrobbler: Forums :: I have iPod support working
Pretty cool, the newest Audioscrobbler plugin will sync everything you listened to on your ipod while offline
ipod  itunes  mac  socialsoftware  utilities 
november 2004 by mathowie

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