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Can a Recipe Be Stolen?
I've always heard recipes weren't protected, though this story seems to imply otherwise
recipes  cooking  copyright  iplaw 
january 2006 by mathowie
Wired News
Hey, it's my old pal Kragen on the steps of the supreme court!
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march 2005 by mathowie
IP Funny -- Intellectual Property Humor
Great roundup of hilarious patent application illustrations
iplaw  patents  trademarks  blogs 
march 2005 by mathowie
Restoring The Balance reBlog
George's reblog of a dozen copyright blogs
copyright  iplaw  blogs 
january 2005 by mathowie
The Trademark Blog
The trademark blog considers bloglines commercial reuse of his RSS feed. Seems like a stretch.
creativecommons  rss  iplaw 
january 2005 by mathowie

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