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Review Monitor | LaunchKit
Cool slack hack to bring App Store reviews to Slack/email
ios  app 
february 2015 by mathowie
Brave Frontier Trailer
Venture forth into Grand Gaia, the world of the gods, and unleash your summoner powers to save it from corruption and darkness.
brave  gaia  android  gumi  burst  game  braveburst  fantasy  frontier  story  batte  magic  gumiasia  bravefrontier  asia  weapons  iOS  characters  rpg  mobile  from delicious
october 2013 by mathowie
Laker compendium – Designing digital publications in HTML5
Interesting iPad/iPhone app framework for magazines, done in HTML
html5  ios  framework 
july 2013 by mathowie
Html5 Tumblr Mobile App Part One - Mobile HTML5 Development
How to build an Android/iOS app using HTML and phonegap tutorial. This is something I've always wanted to build.
iOS  programming  webdev 
march 2012 by mathowie
Can't deactivate iMessage after...: Apple Support Communities
Last week, my texts were suddenly all broadcasting to every device in my house (two iphones, two ipads). Following the answer advice to deactivate other devices was the way to fix this.
apple  iOS 
february 2012 by mathowie

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