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Holy shit Jamba Juice sucks for copying the mnftiu comic strip style whole hog.
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july 2009 by mathowie
APOKALIPS - Prove You're Human
Quite possibly the best comic ever about captchas
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july 2009 by mathowie
elephantitis of the mind: honestly, who could be expected to make the right decision
I always reference this comic as the most truthful comic ever produced. I need this bookmark so I can find it again.
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june 2009 by mathowie
PHD Comics: Tales from the Road - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Great comic panel about cancer (that is a sentence I never thought I'd write).
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april 2009 by mathowie
Flickr: Photos tagged with comiccon
Hours of fun on this tag this week. Hours, literally.
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july 2006 by mathowie
The Strippy Tickle
Awesome. I could see an entire site dedicated to Cathy singing NWA lyrics.
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june 2006 by mathowie these birds are hipper than you
the archives are great -- my new favorite web comic
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september 2005 by mathowie
Valmiki's Ramayana
The story of hindu, in comic book form
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december 2004 by mathowie In the Shadow of No Towers
crap, spiegelman's latest sounds like a turd
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september 2004 by mathowie

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