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Hotel WiFi Speed Test
After spending several days with terrible hotel wifi, this is the best idea and I wish I thought of it myself.
wifi  business  travel 
july 2014 by mathowie
Whoa, there's an AirBnB for office space and coworking desks
business  workspaces  coworking 
may 2014 by mathowie
Formspring - A Postmortem | Cap Watkins
Huh, I hadn't heard formspring was shutting down.
business  startups 
march 2013 by mathowie
Our Incredible Journey
I imagine this is what Jason Scott's nightmares look like.
business  webapps 
march 2013 by mathowie
Our Incredible Journey (Phil Gyford’s website)
A lot of thorny issues to think about here with regards to pretty much every small scale service online
startups  webapps  business 
february 2013 by mathowie
Maceji's talk from PDA12 on Pinboard
"The combination of low startup costs and investor aversion means there are all kinds of
opportunities lying around for a developer to run a profitable small business, provided he
or she remembers to charge money."
business  webdev  awesome 
february 2012 by mathowie
How Valve experiments with the economics of video games - GeekWire
fascinating take on the economics of not just games but purchasing services in general
gaming  economics  business 
october 2011 by mathowie
Patio11 says hello ladies - Spontaneous Evolution
Ask yourself why most companies don't market software to female customers? (ignoring a giant market)
business  marketing  software  women  from delicious
march 2011 by mathowie
Evan Williams | evhead: Ten Rules for Web Startups
Great simple list of awesome goals for any web company to follow, still as relevant in 2011 as it was in 2005 when Ev wrote it.
business  startups  from delicious
january 2011 by mathowie
Owner of Multi-Million Dollar Company Hands Over Business to Employees - ABC News
Bobs Red Mill: Never sell to bigger companies, ensure the future by giving the company away to employees. Super awesome, all around.
oregon  business 
february 2010 by mathowie
Ignorance Is Strength « random($foo)
It wasn't about global warming, it was about economic competitiveness and the grand old party of economics apparently doesn't care
politics  business  economics 
january 2009 by mathowie
Contemplating the Consumerist sale and the adpocalypse
Good discussion of our pessimistic future, but I have to say the major counterpoint to all this is that online advertising is the most measurable way to spend ad dollars. You can't measure ROI on TV, radio, or magazine ads as well as you can with online clicks
business  advertising 
january 2009 by mathowie
Where was my bike made? -
Awesome behind-the-scenes look at how asian bike manufacturing has taken over the cycling world
cycling  business 
march 2008 by mathowie
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium
This is exactly what musician friends told me -- get 5,000 fans to buy $20 worth of crap off you each year, and you're sitting pretty.
money  business  publishing 
march 2008 by mathowie
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium
Absolutely brilliant. Print this out and tape it to your office wall. Kevin Kelly lays out the economics of the web, and the future of commerce. When everything is free and abundant, how do you create a business?
internet  business  economics  community 
february 2008 by mathowie
James Fallows (November 27, 2007) - "The" way vs "a" way (Japan v China dept)
Brilliant and funny without reinforcing too many stereotypes. China rules.
business  culture  asia 
december 2007 by mathowie
How Digg could have avoided a community revolt at Demand Satisfaction!
Absolutely brilliant advice on how to approach difficult decisions as a community moderator
community  business  digg 
may 2007 by mathowie
Poynter Online - Forums
Romenesko on how to save newspapers, the industry that is a corpse.
journalism  newspapers  business  rottingcorpse 
october 2006 by mathowie
Reuters: Book sales get a lift from Google scan plan
Sales backs up what everyone suspected: scanning books and making them searchable makes them easier to buy, increasing sales significantly.
copyfight  amazon  google  business  motherfuckingduh 
october 2006 by mathowie
We Blog Chapter 8: Using Blogs in Business
I thought we'd lost this, but the archive has it. Meg's great chapter on business blogging, written in early 2002 and still ahead of its time in many regards.
business  blogs  books  businessblogs 
may 2005 by mathowie
Eliyon Technologies
Search for your site, employer, or name. I think it's scraping LinkedIn and Google for results. Kind of annoying.
business  dotbomb  search 
october 2004 by mathowie

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