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Interior Department official resigns - Los Angeles Times
An Interior Department official who was recently rebuked for altering scientific conclusions to reduce protections for endangered species and providing internal documents to lobbyists resigned Monday, officials said.
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may 2007 by mathowie Michael J Fox and Iraq
Spot-on analysis of why people say ridiculous things for political gain
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october 2006 by mathowie
Mule Design Feed Store | Colbert Has Stones
Everyone knows reality has a liberal bent. Wear this with pride.
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may 2006 by mathowie
Weekly Review (
"A poll found that President Bush's job approval rating among African Americans was 2 percent, plus or minus 3.4 percentage points."
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october 2005 by mathowie | Worth remembering
Secret memos always seem to reveal what you thought to be true, but they would never admit
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may 2005 by mathowie
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Today, Some Lists.
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january 2005 by mathowie
US gives up search for Iraq WMD
It's funny, when CBS fucked one story up, they fired four people and a newsman stepped down after decades at his post, but George W Bush can't recall ever making a single mistake in his presidency. Interesting.
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january 2005 by mathowie
BushBlackOut - 24 Hours Of Silent Protest
I dunno how big this will be on the web, but interesting someone is trying it
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january 2005 by mathowie a fascist to visit the whitehouse
Guy wants to ban any/all books/plays with gays in them, gets a call from Bush. Un-fucking-believable
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december 2004 by mathowie
The Laboratorium: Worse Than Ashcroft
James is a law student and knows about these things
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november 2004 by mathowie
Election 2004 Results
We're not an Us vs. Them nation, but a 50-50% Us and Them nation. We're more alike than we are different.
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november 2004 by mathowie
Bulge Images from the Three Debates
I still think it's a bulletproof vest and don't fault him for wearing one, but they should come out and admit it's *something* and not a bad tailor
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november 2004 by mathowie
Electoral Vote map, normalized by actual population and EVs
President Kerry, President Kerry, President Kerry, President Kerry. Just getting used to saying that.
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november 2004 by mathowie
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004
If you're having trouble hitting's main site, use this mirror which doesn't seem to be busy
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november 2004 by mathowie
Errol Morris: Election '04
I never watched the republican switch ads until today. Holy cow.
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november 2004 by mathowie
Bush team talks tough about finding weapons (quicktime mov)
this clip from Uncovered is pretty incredible, and something I hadn't seen before
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october 2004 by mathowie
Lie Girls... call 212-875-7000
phone sex parody of the Bush admin, probably the funniest political thing I've seen online
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october 2004 by mathowie
Republican Switchers
this blog is on fire with a ton of great resources for mainstream republicans and centrists in general still undecided
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october 2004 by mathowie
John Eisenhower: Why I will vote for John Kerry for President
Eisenhower's lifetime republican son is voting for Kerry
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october 2004 by mathowie
Gay time with Cheney book
someone should scan Lynne Cheney's hot out of print book and put it online
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october 2004 by mathowie
Need Sum Wood?
Bush sells wood on the internets and doesn't know it
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october 2004 by mathowie
Debate Spotter: word frequency tool
Cameron wrote a great little app I didn't notice before. I wonder if it was hard work to build?
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october 2004 by mathowie
Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates
here's a newsflash: the debates are a complete and total sham
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september 2004 by mathowie

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