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A new tool for publishing web sites - Megnut
This is the best post ever. Meg says so much in six words.
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may 2010 by mathowie
Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Import and Export
huh, wonder if the import format will read other blogging apps
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june 2008 by mathowie
Pure awesome on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This is the coolest thing ever. Jason Shellen leaves Google after several years and the kids welcome him home with this.
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july 2007 by mathowie | A Slice of the Blogosphere
Even though the sample size is small, I bet this is close to the general blogging audience -- Blogger is way bigger than you think, but it's still the only tool easy enough for beginners
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july 2006 by mathowie
Blogger Help : About Blogger for Word
Holy cow, this is something we talked about building back when the blogger api was brand new. I believe Anil wrote a working prototype in spring of 2001. Hopefully journalists and serious writers take it up for blogging.
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august 2005 by mathowie
Blogger Buzz: You're In A Desert Walking...
blogspot is no longer hurting america! woot!
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april 2005 by mathowie
Google Search: BlogDateHeaderDate
found while searching for custom tag settings -- this is 100 people that published their unparsed template accidentally.
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february 2005 by mathowie
Feature from PC Magazine: People of the Year
Awesome! Evan Williams, Meg Hourihan, Paul Bausch, and the Trotts
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december 2004 by mathowie
Flutterby! : Party!
SF olde skool blogger gathering
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july 2004 by mathowie

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