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Flickr: Chimay Bleue's Photostream
Darren Bradley does some amazing architecture photography
photography  modernhomes  architecture  flickr 
february 2014 by mathowie
Cabin Porn
This is my new favorite thing. God damn these are beautiful.
modernhomes  architecture  photography 
december 2011 by mathowie
Scott | Edwards Architecture
My favorite Portland modern architecture firm finally gets a blog. Someday they'll be designing my dream home.
architecture  blogs  portland 
december 2009 by mathowie
Flickr: "parking"
Nice to see today's PARKing shots already up on flickr
PARKing  urbandesign  architecture 
september 2008 by mathowie
wis tavern building, frank and lisa mauceri at materialicious
Incredibly beautiful and LEED gold on top of it (which is quite a feat). I'd kill for a place like that someday.
architecture  modernhomes  green 
november 2007 by mathowie
Telstar Logistics: America's Most Perfect Ticky-Tacky Suburb
Daly City's neighborhoods were the inspiration for "Little Boxes".
architecture  history  bayarea 
april 2007 by mathowie
The Monoliths: Adaptive Path's Interior Design
if I ever have a space large enough for a monolith, I'll use some like these instead of normal whiteboards on a wall
architecture  furniture  design 
january 2007 by mathowie
Treehugger: Katrina Cottages Available at Lowe's
Nice little traditional prefab design. Probably makes a great small vacation house.
prefab  architecture 
september 2006 by mathowie The Apple Store That Wasn't
The story of the dead apple store project for NW Portland's 23rd St.
apple  architecture  pdx 
july 2006 by mathowie
Treehugger: "The Big Dig" Gets Recycled
Wow, awesome looking place featuring recycled material.
modernhomes  architecture  green 
june 2006 by mathowie
one of the nicest prefabs I've seen
architecture  modernhomes  prefab 
june 2006 by mathowie
Johnston MarkLee - Projects - Sale House
Nice looking modern home mixed with older places in Venice, CA
modernhomes  architecture  design 
june 2005 by mathowie
Tour of the Breeze House
assembled in Palo Alto a few weekends ago, should appear in an upcoming issue of Sunset
prefab  architecture  modernhomes  design 
june 2005 by mathowie
Picking Designer Homes Off the Rack | Business & Economics | Deutsche Welle |
World Famous designers are doing pre-fab plans. That italian one with the pool looks incredible.
modernhomes  ecofriendly  prefab  architecture 
april 2005 by mathowie
6040 House by Northern Steel International and LamiDesign
It's boxy, but you can't beat a 3,000 sq ft home for less than $200k.
architecture  modernhomes  prefab 
april 2005 by mathowie
MoCo Loco: Flatpak House
I'm falling for the flatpak, even though the final building looks like a 1970s SoCal elementary school
architecture  modernhomes  prefab 
april 2005 by mathowie
LiveModern - Catch the Breezehouse at Sunset
This looks even better than the Glidehouse. Can't wait to see images of the real thing.
architecture  modernhomes  prefab 
march 2005 by mathowie
Land Living: Modern Lifestyle Design
yeeeow. This is the kind of house I want in Portland.
architecture  modernhomes  pdx 
march 2005 by mathowie
Now House
cool project, impressive sounding house, but the site looks like a ripoff
architecture  modernhomes  sustainabledesign 
january 2005 by mathowie
Modern Birdhouses
Oh man, those case study birdhouses look terrific
architecture  birdhouse  design 
december 2004 by mathowie
Some assembly required: Customized at the factory, designer modular homes snap together on-site
Woot! The Glide House in the Oregonian. I really want to build a pre-fab modern house in the next couple years.
architecture  modern  wishlist 
november 2004 by mathowie
Hewn and Hammered
wow, a blog just about mission and craftsman style design
architecture  blogs  furniture 
november 2004 by mathowie
My favorite magazine just became my favorite show. 30 minutes of weekly modern architecture porn.
architecture  dwell  modern 
october 2004 by mathowie

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