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iWatch, iHub from the Glog
This is the first I've heard of the apple watch being more than a watch and being the key to every other tech they do, and I think it's spot-on. The watch supports Apple Pay without requiring TouchID from day one, so I assume many other applications like that will follow.
tech  apple  watch 
february 2015 by mathowie
Can't deactivate iMessage after...: Apple Support Communities
Last week, my texts were suddenly all broadcasting to every device in my house (two iphones, two ipads). Following the answer advice to deactivate other devices was the way to fix this.
apple  iOS 
february 2012 by mathowie
Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class -
Why Apple doesn't make iPhones in the USA. Kind of depressing really, with 10% unemployment and claims there aren't enough people to do the work here. Why not produce laptops or desktops here if iPhones/iPads need to be sourced in China?
apple  economics  usa 
january 2012 by mathowie
How to upgrade tracks to iTunes Match, fast | Macworld
Handy little way to do what I thought iCloud match would do automatically (but doesn't). Worked on a thousand tracks I had.
music  mp3  apple  itunes  howto 
november 2011 by mathowie
A preview of BankSimple's iPhone app & service
Man I CAN'T WAIT until BankSimple goes live. everything they do looks fantastic
money  finance  apple  iphone 
october 2011 by mathowie
Maniacal Rage: Reading post
Even as an end user only, the App store reviews remind me of YouTube comments. Super snarky, obnoxious, everything is either 1 star worst ever or 5 star best ever with little intelligent comments in between. It's odd for an apple product to be designed in a way that encourages that kind of behavior
apple  iphone  softwaredev 
april 2009 by mathowie
How to charge your iPhone 3G in the car
Super helpful post about how to charge (and run audio through) a new 3G iPhone in your car. My old trusty belkin charger/audio thing no longer works with the new usb-only iPhone power.
iphone  apple  tips 
august 2008 by mathowie
Traveling California
Sippey's test blog for today's keynote
typepad  apple 
june 2008 by mathowie
Mac Mini Media Centre / journal / hicksdesign
Awesome guide to rigging up a mac mini to your TV instead of an AppleTV
apple  howto 
april 2008 by mathowie
Coda Confidential
Cabel tells the story of how Panic was born and grew, and how they developed Coda. As with all things Cabel, both super informative and super entertaining.
apple  panic  webdev 
march 2008 by mathowie
Amazon to buy Audible for $300 million | Reuters
Holy crap, if Amazon gets Audible, no more audiobooks on the iTunes store. Apple might counter-offer. The war over audiobooks!
apple  amazon  auidobooks 
january 2008 by mathowie
The Complete Guide to iPhone Car Integration | iLounge
Great guide to getting your iPhone talking to your stereo and doing in-car calls hands-free. Wish I could buy that bluetooth visor speaker (doesn't seem to be on sale yet)
iphone  apple  cars  audio 
january 2008 by mathowie
Will time machine work with dedicated internal HDDs? - AppleInsider
Leopard's TimeMachine will in fact work on an internal drive in a Mac Pro. All the apple marketing says you need an external FW or USB drive.
apple  leopard  sysadmin 
october 2007 by mathowie
international roaming -- yikes!!
Using a iPhone in London is still going to be expensive, even with AT&T's international plan.
wtf  apple  iphone  london 
september 2007 by mathowie
belkin iphone headphone adapter
I thought this was a photo from The Onion but it turns out to actually be a simple headphone adapter from Belkin. Ugliest product ever.
iphone  apple  wtf  design  comedy  filetype:jpg  media:image 
august 2007 by mathowie
globalnavbg.png (PNG Image, 982x152 pixels)'s new nav with multiple states exists in a single image, using CSS. Very nice.
css  hacks  apple  webdev  filetype:png  media:image 
june 2007 by mathowie
Apple's Garage
After seeing the HP garage in Palo Alto, I might as well check this one out someday
apple  history  stevejobs 
may 2007 by mathowie
Apple TV: iTunes Store Movie Quality vs DVD, HD, Cable
I thought apple moved to 720p video at the iTunes store but apparently not yet.
apple  itunes  video 
march 2007 by mathowie
Flickr: Small Dog Electronics' photos tagged with fake
Jeez, the Chinese iPod knock-offs are starting to look pretty convincing, though the box is laughably bad.
ipod  apple  counterfeit 
january 2007 by mathowie
My basement Mac collection - a photoset on Flickr
Good god, what an amazing/crazy mac collection (and display).
apple  home  design 
january 2007 by mathowie
iTunes Collapse: ORLY? - mac [dot] honan [dot] net
As I read engadget's tabloid-style post, I couldn't wait for someone to tear it apart bit by bit. It's all BS and Mat shows how.
apple  itunes  music  mp3 
december 2006 by mathowie
Infinite Loop: Apple to "upgrade" retail outlets
The average Apple Store, with its 6,000 square feet of space, generates two-thirds of the revenue of a Best Buy, which averages 38,000 square feet.
apple  retail  economics 
september 2006 by mathowie
Macbook Random Shutdown
This never happened until today. Today it happened like 20 times.
apple  macbook  sucks 
september 2006 by mathowie
pssst! this turns your copy of iTunes into Napster. Ixnay on the ellingTay of the IAARay.
apple  music  itunes  podcasting 
august 2006 by mathowie The Apple Store That Wasn't
The story of the dead apple store project for NW Portland's 23rd St.
apple  architecture  pdx 
july 2006 by mathowie
Letter to Apple Support (
Kottke gets Jobsed just a week after the return policy deadline.
kottke  jobsed  apple 
january 2006 by mathowie
Apple Store - Help - Post-Purchase
If you bought an old apple product in the last 14 days, you can return it for a new updated one.
apple  jobsed 
january 2006 by mathowie
Printing from a Windows XP PC to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme Base Station or Airport Express
Most docs I found say you could only share airport express printers with a mac -- this how-to worked great with my winxp PC and airport express
apple  utilities  pc  printing 
november 2005 by mathowie
Extended Desktop
the new imac g5 defaults to mirroring on additional monitors, this lets you have an extended desktop
apple  hacks  utilities  imac 
november 2005 by mathowie
My First iVideo: The Down and Dirty - Lifehacker
This was my experience as well on my mac when trying to play Lost
apple  itunes  lostindeed 
october 2005 by mathowie
Rogue Amoeba - Airfoil for Mac OS X
Handy app for hearing NPR/BBC realaudio streams through an Airport Express
apple  applications  audio  itunes  mac 
october 2005 by mathowie
automated way to pull your photos off flickr -- lets you use flickr as an offsite hard drive for photos
apple  flickr  java  photos 
september 2005 by mathowie
Infinite Loop: It's official, Apple is planning a video store
Can't wait to see how this works. Will the airport express get s-video out?
movies  apple  itunes 
september 2005 by mathowie
Apple - QuickTime - WWDC 2005
streaming video from the keynote is up -- did apple stop doing these live because their servers crashed and made them look bad?
apple  stevejobs  mac  video 
june 2005 by mathowie
Dating an Apple Developer
Don't fret -- dating a windows developer is worse: you end up with lots of viruses. *rimshot*
apple  mac  relationships 
june 2005 by mathowie
Making the iPod's shuffle function work better [Maximum Aardvark]
This is fucking brilliant. I keep a "music added in last 30 days" list, but throwing in 3-5 star songs I haven't heard in a few days is brilliant.
ipod  shuffle  apple  smartplaylists  ipodhacks 
april 2005 by mathowie
Apple - Mac OS X - Bonjour
Sacre Bleu! Apple renamed Rendezvous to Bonjour... because the mac wasn't french and elitist enough?
marketing  apple  networking  ugh 
april 2005 by mathowie
Apple - iPod - Download - Thank You
Apple's iPod updater page is broken, here's the final windows download page you would get if it worked.
ipod  windows  apple 
march 2005 by mathowie
Michael Buffington "Apple is Pure Evil or Totally Rad or Both"
Awesome idea for getting free advertising: game the system with a dumb lawsuit you don't intend on following through with, just for the headlines
apple  stevejobs  evilgenius 
january 2005 by mathowie
Yahoo! Maps - Woz Way, San Jose, CA 95110
San Jose named a street after Steve Wozniack, cofounder of Apple.
apple  woz  siliconvalley 
january 2005 by mathowie
Apple's Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses
The king of infographics works his magic to sum up Apple's new plays for the middle of the bell curve
apple  macmini  infographics 
january 2005 by mathowie
BlueTrip: Griffin Technology
whoa, bluetooth audio out from an ipod to any device up to 30 feet away. And you keep the iPod as the controller while it plays.
apple  ipod  bluetooth 
january 2005 by mathowie
Om Malik on Broadband ‽ The true Nick dePlume has been unmasked?
The guy behind Think Secret might be a college freshman. That would be hilarious.
apple  lawsuits  rumorsontheinternets 
january 2005 by mathowie
oqo: home
The long rumored, never released semi-portable computer OQO reminds me of what the Mac mini could be: a transportable brick you take from home to the office instead of a laptop
apple  macmini  oqo 
january 2005 by mathowie
Other World Computing- MWSF2004 WebCam
all the boredom of wandering a booth at macworld, from the comfort of your home.
streamingvideo  macworld  apple 
january 2005 by mathowie
iPod shuffle
George Hotelling showed this URL this morning, and we both thought it was a hoax
ipod  apple  macworld 
january 2005 by mathowie
Mac Rumors: No MacWorld SF Keynote Broadcast?
WTF?! This is my annual ritual: watching grainy, pixellated video and listening to Jobs announce stuff in between buffering errors. It just won't be the same if it's not real-time.
macworld  apple  stevejobs 
january 2005 by mathowie
Daring Fireball: The Rumor Game
I've got to say he's right about false rumors and how rumor sites don't promote but just capitalize on news. I didn't like the ipod mini unti l held one in my hand (You can't really tell how small they are until you hold one)
apple  rumorsontheinternets  ipod 
january 2005 by mathowie
90% Crud: I got 101 problems but Apple ain't one
George looks back at WIRED's famous '101 ways to save apple' story, seven years later
apple  retro  wired 
november 2004 by mathowie
101 ways to save Apple
An oldie but a goodie. I wonder what the ratio of good ideas to bad is, all these years later, with hindsight.
apple  netclassic  wired 
november 2004 by mathowie
Apple - Cinema Displays
A 20" or two would be nice on my office desk
apple  monitor  wishlist 
august 2004 by mathowie

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