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Can't deactivate iMessage after...: Apple Support Communities
Last week, my texts were suddenly all broadcasting to every device in my house (two iphones, two ipads). Following the answer advice to deactivate other devices was the way to fix this.
apple  iOS 
february 2012 by mathowie
Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class -
Why Apple doesn't make iPhones in the USA. Kind of depressing really, with 10% unemployment and claims there aren't enough people to do the work here. Why not produce laptops or desktops here if iPhones/iPads need to be sourced in China?
apple  economics  usa 
january 2012 by mathowie
How to upgrade tracks to iTunes Match, fast | Macworld
Handy little way to do what I thought iCloud match would do automatically (but doesn't). Worked on a thousand tracks I had.
music  mp3  apple  itunes  howto 
november 2011 by mathowie
A preview of BankSimple's iPhone app & service
Man I CAN'T WAIT until BankSimple goes live. everything they do looks fantastic
money  finance  apple  iphone 
october 2011 by mathowie

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