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Facebook Developers | Documentation
Facebook's new API docs. I should do a MeFi app for it.
api  webdev 
june 2007 by mathowie
Badger: Badge Any RSS Feed With Yahoo! Pipes -
Incredibly simple RSS-to-javascript-to-HTML converter.
api  rss  pipes  json  hacks 
march 2007 by mathowie
Your dashboard on
Nice OpenID creator that can interface with any other OpenID app.
yahoo  api  openID 
january 2007 by mathowie
EarthTools: Webservices
Oh man, I should totally do timezones via lat/lon on metafilter.
coding  metafilter  api  geotools 
march 2006 by mathowie
Burning Questions - The Official FeedBurner Weblog: No Feed is an Island: Introducing FeedFlare
This looks useful on the 37signals feed, adding links to people that posted an entry to delicious
feedburner  rss  api 
december 2005 by mathowie
Why Yahoo Acquired
Pete's cool event search for major cities over fuzzy time periods
upcoming  api  events 
october 2005 by mathowie
Jeffrey McManus: Why the Yahoo! Maps API is Better Than Brand X Maps API
I have a feeling the Y! vs. GOOG battles will rival east coast-west coast rap wars someday soon.
maps  mapping  api  yahoo  google 
june 2005 by mathowie

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