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Brave Frontier Trailer
Venture forth into Grand Gaia, the world of the gods, and unleash your summoner powers to save it from corruption and darkness.
brave  gaia  android  gumi  burst  game  braveburst  fantasy  frontier  story  batte  magic  gumiasia  bravefrontier  asia  weapons  iOS  characters  rpg  mobile  from delicious
october 2013
Don Ville Shoes
oh man, someday, hand made perfectly fitting shoes made by hand in LA, last a lifetime.
shoes  shopping  wishlist  from delicious
september 2011
SEO for Non-dicks - Matt Legend Gemmell
Great set of obvious tips for setting up your site without abusing the web and search engines with nonsense.
html  webdev  from delicious
september 2011
Cultural Faux Pas: What are some cultural faux pas in New York? - Quora
Covers everything I've ever said that immediately had a NYer tell me I was doing/saying something wrong.
travel  nyc  tips  from delicious
september 2011
Don Norman: Google doesn’t get people, it sells them — Tech News and Analysis
I've never heard it put so succinctly: Google's core problem might be their aspergers-like to how they treat users.
google  community  from delicious
september 2011
Special Projects | Square Inch Design Blog
Nice childhood favorites getting the minimalist movie poster treatment.
design  books  posters  from delicious
july 2011
inrng : criterium season
I'd heard about post-Tour races where riders get huge appearance fees, but I had no idea it was as staged as pro wrestling. Odd.
cycling  from delicious
july 2011
HOW TO: Share an HFS+ drive on Boxee Box - boxee :: forums
Unless you follow these instructions perfectly, external USB mac drives don't work on a Boxee box.
boxee  osx  from delicious
july 2011
Calm Down App
Dear Internet: download and use this. <br />
Signed, <br />
Every community moderator ever.
mac  osx  from delicious
july 2011
05 | July | 2011 | Eating Bees
One moderators pledge to make gamer communities more inclusive.
gaming  community  from delicious
july 2011
Webvisions 2011 - Douglas Rushkoff: Program or be Programmed | WebVisions on blip.tv
Rushkoff's talk was the highlight of Webvisions and could only be described as Clay Shirky-esque.
webvisions  video  keynote  from delicious
june 2011
Stainless steel plates for your iPhone and other devices. — Luxe Plates
Holy shit these look nice. I just designed a custom iPhone 4 plate with the MetaFilter logo on it!
design  iphone  from delicious
june 2011
I DRAW CARS Sketchbook & Reference Guide by Matt Marrocco & Adam Hubers — Kickstarter
When I was younger, my dream was to attend the Art Center in Pasadena to learn automotive design after high school. This reminds me of my sketching from yesteryear
design  cars  from delicious
june 2011
Media Queries
New to me site demonstrating sites responsive to window size.
html5  webdesign  webdev  from delicious
may 2011
Boxee Blog » Boxee Box Grows Into a Size 1.1
New Boxee is here! My Boxee box feels very 1.0, really looking forward to this revamp.
boxee  hometheater  from delicious
may 2011
Oh man, I'm so getting one of these someday.
iphone  security  home  from delicious
may 2011
Shine | app.itize.us
I never thought I'd want another iOS weather app but this one is pretty great.
iphone  weather  from delicious
may 2011
galaxy tab 10.1 google i o | eBay
Google I/O Galaxy tabs for sale (for about a grand)
google  ebay  from delicious
may 2011
Go the Fuck to Sleep
Hilarious and we've all been there at the end of a long day.
comedy  books  kids  parenting  filetype:pdf  media:document  from delicious
may 2011
Hacker Typer
I love this site so much. Act like a "hacker" in a movie by just mashing the keys.
programming  comedy  from delicious
april 2011
Can I eat this? April 2011 «
Nice round-up of all the "Can I eat this?" questions on Ask MetaFilter.
askmefi  bestofaskmefi  from delicious
april 2011
Great simple idea for showing off prototypes.
webdev  from delicious
april 2011
Cool Tools: Dero Track Rack
Something I might need someday, with cheaper options in the comments...
cycling  garage  home  from delicious
april 2011
Megnut – Juice is junk food
Preach on, sister! Juice really is junk food.
food  kids  from delicious
april 2011
Megnut – Juice is junk food
Preach on, sister! Juice really is junk food.
food  kids  from delicious
april 2011
Coalesse | Live/Work | Power Pod
Holy crap, that is a gorgeous solution to desktop power strips. I want half a dozen of these.
design  electronics  from delicious
april 2011
Singular Software - DualEyes
For the someday pile: software to sync camera and off-camera audio with video clips
video  audio  documentary  from delicious
april 2011
Bibulo.us - We plead the 21st.: How to become a better drinker (guest post from Lance Arthur)
Super useful guide to finding a bar and bartender to help you figure out what kinds of cocktails and sipping alcohols you'll like (useful for tea totalers like me)
drinking  tips  awesome  from delicious
march 2011
Papa Sangre
Holy shit, an audio-only iPhone game.
audio  iphone  games  from delicious
march 2011
Patio11 says hello ladies - Spontaneous Evolution
Ask yourself why most companies don't market software to female customers? (ignoring a giant market)
business  marketing  software  women  from delicious
march 2011
Calculate Quantity of a Right Triangle - WebMath
Yes, I had to actually use trigonometry to solve a problem today, and I always forget where the online solvers are.
math  reference  science!  from delicious
march 2011
xBlog: The original visual thinking weblog » Draw that tune!
Whiteboarding popular songs. This should be a thing people do.
music  art  clever  from delicious
march 2011
Salad Onions - Eleven very short stories about SXSW
Possibly the best and most witty post about this year's SXSW
sxsw  comedy  from delicious
march 2011
The Cat Whisperer | Atom.com
Martin Starr is a crazy cat hoarder in this goofy video (strong language)
comedy  video  nsfw  from delicious
march 2011
Sidestep | Chetan Surpur
Killer app for proxying your traffic on public wireless. Takes all the pain out of setting up ssh proxies, super duper simple.
security  osx  from delicious
march 2011
Don’t Touch The Screen — A podcast for webnerds with kids!
Me on episode two of a new nerd parent podcast (I ramble quite a bit, sorry).
podcasts  parenting  from delicious
march 2011
David Ardia: Why news orgs can police comments and not get sued » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism
Good comeback for the old "oh you delete stuff therefore you actually are responsible for every comment left by every person on your site" legal threat
law  community  journalism  CDA  safehaven  from delicious
march 2011
The Very Rich Indie Writer – Novelr - Making People Read
The totally awesome story of how releasing books on a kindle can get you a better deal than any traditional publisher can.
ebooks  kindle  amazon  publishing  from delicious
march 2011
Journal of Universal Rejection
I love the archives of past journal issues.
research  comedy  from delicious
february 2011
Interesting excuse to both go to Disneyland and dress up. Maybe next year.
fashion  disneyland  from delicious
february 2011
Synchronized BMX? - Pinkbike.com
The video is pretty awesome but the Hall & Oates takes it to the next level
bmx  awesome  from delicious
february 2011
YouTube - We Dare - Have a spicy evening !
This HAS to be an early April Fools joke. There can't actually be a game this stupid that someone actually programmed.
wtf  from delicious
february 2011
SPOT Connect
Huh, there is basically no cell phone coverage anywhere I ride a MTB in Oregon, this might come in handy for a satellite-to-cellphone bridge.
gps  mobile  from delicious
february 2011
Well, Actually - Miguel de Icaza
Why starting a sentence in a conversation with "Well actually..." makes you an asshole
psychology  geeks  comedy  from delicious
february 2011
The Tragedy of Nepal 2011 | Andrew Hyde
Holy crap, a depressing tale from a visit to Nepal.
travel  culture  tourism  from delicious
february 2011
My Father, the Fish Monster | Grit & Glimmer
Nice story of working the salmon line at the docks, with her dad as manager. Reminds me of the summer I spent delivering newspapers at 2am 7 days a week before college.
stories  from delicious
february 2011
Nice! Creative Commons is now curating a list of CC-approved projects on Kickstarter.
creativecommons  kickstarter  from delicious
february 2011
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