This is an amazing list of the cheapest electric car lease offers nationwide, compiled by some EV blog.
cars  ev 
16 days ago
Kirby is a file-based cms | Kirby
Nice looking no-db PHP flat file site CMS
webdev  tools  design  php 
january 2018
iOS Games Worth Playing
Holy shit this is good and I need to work through this list
games  iphone 
august 2017
DJI GEO System - Unlock Areas For Authorized Access
Look up where you want to fly a drone before you go, get access blocks removed
DJI  drone 
july 2017
Stephanie Liu
Sweet use of CSS variables to replicate Slack
slack  css 
june 2017
Simple Icons
svg icons of many popular services
webdesign  svg  icons 
november 2015
Handy for locating glyphs quickly in Zapf
reference  utilities  fonts 
april 2015
Mountain Biking the Plains of Abraham - Limberlost
for the TO DO list (I've only ridden it in Summer)
april 2015
Hipcamp | Discover and Book the Best Camping
Finally, a nicely designed camping reservation site
design  travel  camping 
april 2015
Unicode Text Converter
handy! especially for twitter joking
twitter  util 
march 2015
iWatch, iHub from the Glog
This is the first I've heard of the apple watch being more than a watch and being the key to every other tech they do, and I think it's spot-on. The watch supports Apple Pay without requiring TouchID from day one, so I assume many other applications like that will follow.
tech  apple  watch 
february 2015
Review Monitor | LaunchKit
Cool slack hack to bring App Store reviews to Slack/email
ios  app 
february 2015
Old Timey Oregon Bikes - an album on Flickr
gallery of Oregon Historical Society's photos of bikes
photos  cycling  oregon  history 
december 2014
Unicode Emoticons
this is relevant to my Twitter efforts and my iPhone shortcuts page
art  emoji  emoticons  keyboard 
august 2014
Favicon Generator - Generate favicon pictures and HTML
Super useful, makes icons for everything including Windows 8.1, Apple, and retina icons. Slick!
webdev  webdesign  utilities 
july 2014
Hotel WiFi Speed Test
After spending several days with terrible hotel wifi, this is the best idea and I wish I thought of it myself.
wifi  business  travel 
july 2014
peterabbit456 comments on What would happen if NASA got all the money spent on wars
Depressing. We could have had space elevators leading to space hotels!
space  science!  war  politics 
june 2014
Kinect cables | Connect your Kinect | Xbox One
Still can't believe there isn't an extension cable 8 months after release.
june 2014
Amazon.com : Profile for NLee the Engineer
An engineer blogging through Amazon reviews. Kind of amazing and extensive testing for every review
amazon  reviews  nerd 
june 2014
handy little hack
s3  amazon  music  mp3  streaming 
june 2014
TinyLetter | Can I connect Lead Generation cards to m...
Handy tutorial on making tweets to let people subscribe easily
newsletters  twitter  tools 
may 2014
This... is White Privilege
When I heard the story of the Mitch Hedburg joke on a donut receipt I immediately thought of this combo, of how it describes white privilege kind of perfectly.
donuts  politics  race 
may 2014
Whoa, there's an AirBnB for office space and coworking desks
business  workspaces  coworking 
may 2014
This is my jam
design  cars  ui 
april 2014
Kevin Kelly on Hi
KK travel blogging at Hi
toread  travel 
march 2014
DeLorean Ipsum
Did you hurt your head? Bear with me, Marty, all of your questions will be answered. Roll tape, we'll proceed. Perfect, just perfect. Where does he come from? Can I go now, Mr. Strickland?
movies  github  loremipsum 
march 2014
Why Android Hates You — Acko.net
This gels with my experiences on Android too
android  google  design 
march 2014
Automating Layouts Bring Flipboard’s Magazine Style To Web And Windows | TechCrunch
Insanely detailed explanation on how an algorithm creates beautiful layouts in Flipboard. This breaks my brain a bit to think about.
march 2014
two-factor authentication list
handy list of all two-factor-auth services and how to enable it on each
security  utilities 
march 2014
einstein’s legacy
Video app for automated launch of playlists, can loop, perfect for kiosks and signage
mac  osx  video 
march 2014
Autolaunch Fullscreen VLC Player in OSX « Chris Reilly
Nice little hack to make a mac auto-play video on bootup
osx  mac  video 
march 2014
Abstract paintings by Claire Sherman | Plastolux
I don't know why I love these so much, but they are fantastic
art  painting  landscape 
march 2014
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