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Adaptive content in Drupal, what we can learn from technical writers
Video of topic presentation from Sept 2013

Mobile is shaking the foundations of the publishing industry. There are just too many screen sizes to deal with manually, and content reuse is becoming more and more mainstream. So far 2 key trends have been gaining momentum for mobile publishing: responsive design and adaptive content. In this presentation, you'll learn about both techniques and how they complement each other. I'll then demonstrate how to build a multi-platform content strategy with these techniques using existing free open source modules in Drupal.

Technical writers have spent the last 100 years or so figuring out ways to improve the way they write and manage product documentation. Along the way they've developed a series of methodologies that make it possible to reuse documentation across publications and to save money on translation costs.

Mobile is making content reuse a mainstream concern. Learn how we can use adaptive content and methodologies from the technical communications world to raise to the occasion.
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Building Usable Conversations: Conversational Content Strategy
In conversational interfaces, working with content forces us to take a step back and consider from a high-level perspective how our content should be written, structured, and managed. Fortunately, as we'll see throughout this column, those who are working with structured content in content management systems are already at an advantage. Moreover, these prescriptions primarily relate to informational rather than transactional conversations. Nonetheless, all of the lessons here can apply to anyone interested in working with conversational content.
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