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Retrain Those Taste Buds
One of the biggest problems for many people on diets is that the food simply doesn't taste good. It's very hard to stay motivated on your diet when you feel like you're eating cardboard and bad cardboard at that. After years of indulging in your favorite fatty foods, your palate and taste buds have been trained that these tastes are good and non-fat foods are bad. However, you can change this around with a little persistence and it will become a lot easier to start eating healthy. In fact, the vast majority of those who retrain their taste buds find that if they cheat with one of their old favorites, it suddenly tastes pretty awful.

Here's how to get started on the path towards training those taste buds to like good for you food instead of just food that tastes good. You'll need to start small, and take your cues from the foods you already like. There are a few techniques that you can employ to gradually start replacing fatty foods with good foods and still enjoy the process.  As a bonus all of these tips are both low fat AND low carb.

Let's start with the simple stalk of celery. On its own, bleh - it's pretty tasteless. It's real hard to get jazzed about eating yet another stalk of the stuff. Blow the lid off of your taste buds by adding a low fat flavor to them. For example, one great technique is to fill that stalk with some great low-fat salsa. This really packs a punch and you won't even notice the lack of flavor from the celery. You can also add low fat peanut butter, at least in moderation. Soon, your taste buds will begin associating celery with these wonderful flavors and it will be a lot easier to eat it.

Next, let's move onto the grilled chicken breast. Once again, on it's own - yuck. With the right seasoning? Your taste buds will be hollering for more. Try to play around with different spices. They'll add lots of flavor without any calories. For example, you can add a bit of lemon zest to make that chicken stand out, or if you're feeling spicy, try some white pepper or curry powder. That will give that bland meat a real personality and you'll even start craving it if you like it.

Another food that is pretty hard to stomach on its own is lettuce. Not many people enjoy lettuce by itself, which is why we fall into the trap of drenching it with high calorie and high fat dressings. Instead of this, try to experiment with some tasty vinaigrettes. They're very low fat and low calorie and there are so many varieties out there that you can really make humble lettuce taste very good. You can also try some other techniques, like adding a fruit salsa to your lettuce. This gives it a very unique taste that your taste buds will want to try again.

These are just a few suggestions - open up your cabinets and see what you can do!

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