introduction to algotrading
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text manipulation with unix standard tools
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8 days ago
Anthony Deden | Grant Williams | Real Vision™ - YouTube
I found that fascinating. He was articulating all the reasons why I can't bring myself to start investing.
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11 days ago
Homemade Peanut Butter - Cheeseslave
I’ve made my own homemade peanut butter before too. I’ve been avoiding peanuts lately since they are hard to digest in pbutter form (even organic) and they are not Primal.

I soaked my raw blanched jumbo peanuts for 12 hours, boiled them until soft, roasted them until crispy and then threw them into the food processor with some coconut cream concentrate and blended them until they were a spreadable consistency. It was so incredibly delicious, I think my mom and I ate half the jar in like a week and then tried to savor the rest and it lasted longer.
16 days ago
Noob Investor Asks Noob Questions for the 10,000th time - Early Retirement Extreme Forums (est. 2010)
Last but not least, here’s the “elevator pitch” I give to all “new” investors that are desperate enough to ask my advice ( :) ).

Don’t overthink every single move.
If you follow these 3 rules you will do much better than 99% of the people around you:

1- save a lot (minimum 25%). People usually balk at this but I would assume everybody does that already here.
To invest you need money, so you need to keep yourself from spending all you earn.

2- invest in a diversified manner, avoiding colossal mistakes. Do world index funds, tilt a bit for value, pick some stocks, whatever. Just focus on avoiding big mistakes (ie going all in with that shiny IPO, buying triple leveraged ETNs, buying funds with 3% fees).

3- never sell what you buy. This will both spare you from selling at the wrong time, and oblige you to think long term when you buy.
You will occasionally break this rule as you will do with all three, but perfection is for the gods and for the boring.
I have pressed “sell” maybe 15 times since 2005
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17 days ago
The Retire Early Home Page.
vaimustav lehekylg, ca 1995 vist alustatud
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21 days ago
remote ssh shell
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5 weeks ago
Base + 46 : openbsd
väga minimaalne setup "desktopina"
5 weeks ago
kuidas paigaldada netbsd kobo e-lugerisse.
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5 weeks ago
A digital typewriter based on a Raspberry Pi and an E-Ink screen. The code/build instructions are available on GitHub. 2600 words from the creator describing the build, along with photographs and opportunities to contribute. : raspberry_pi
I did a similar thing with a Nook Simple Touch, a generic Switch stand and a 2.4ghz keyboard. It was very satisfying to complete and use, but I never had any use for it. If I can find pictures I can post them if anyone cares...

Edit: https://i.imgur.com/ZoZFAgi.jpg no one cared but I still edited with a link /r/madlad
6 weeks ago
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