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GOG’s Two Cents On Retro Mania, DRM’s Demise | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“There’s a great quote by the CEO of Porsche who says, ‘If we listen to our customers, all of our Porsches will have a little more legroom, a little more head room, a little more trunk room, a little slower acceleration. Essentially, our customers all want BMWs. But they buy Porsche because we give them what they really want. When you ask them, they want something else.’
october 2012 by markx2
Mental Political Parent
It’s very painful when you realise that no matter how well constructed your argument is however rational and informed you are and no matter how loudly you state your case- it doesn’t matter if no-one is listening. Not being heard for all that time has damaged me, there’s barely a day goes by where I don’t feel the pain of being ignored.
august 2012 by markx2

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