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Green Honey
Language represents our view of the world, and knowing its limits helps us understand how our perception works.

I used the data from Wikipedia’s “Color” entry for different languages. My assumption was:

"Different languages have different ways to describe color.”
design  language  visualization 
december 2014 by markx2
The blog posts will have no titles. The photos will be random. No text either. Just great photos. (BTW, this is going to be your favorite blog)
photography  design 
february 2014 by markx2
The Ultimate UX Design of: the Credit Card Payment Form
The Peak Point of eCommerce and SaaS – the Credit Card Payment Form. If you’re selling something online, you know it’s not the easiest thing to do.
february 2014 by markx2
Harry White Design
You're one in a million by Harry White. A popular litho print for framing or hanging as a poster. A panel containing a million dots, one of which is yellow. Learn to feel what a million and a millionth are like. A limited edition of 6,700, which makes as many dots as people on the planet
design  million 
january 2014 by markx2

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