Typing Practice for Programmers | typing.io
Typing.io is a typing tutor for programmers. Practice typing the hard-to-reach symbols in code.
keyboard  ergodox  typing  coding  programming 
4 days ago
Atreus Keyboard Kit
A "joined" split-ortho keyboard design, close to 40%
keyboard  hardware  mechanical  40  shopping 
5 days ago
Siegester Programming 0.0.2 layout for Ergodox
Novel in that it puts both numbers and common programming symbols in the base layer, with no modifiers required. There appears be an omission of {}. Maybe they are accessed with "Shift" plus square brackets?
ergodox  layout 
6 days ago
Zorin OS - Your Computer. Better.
A powerful operating system designed to make your computer faster, more secure and easier to use.
linux  ubuntu  alternative 
6 days ago
Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months - BBC News
There's a growing consensus that the next year-and-a-half are key in the battle against rising temperatures.
11 days ago
Great idea: Pedestrian shed and the 5-minute walk | CNU
Pedestrian sheds are a foundational idea of designing cohesive communities, but the challenge is the gap between what planners know and developers are building.
14 days ago
913601 - Ctrl_L-Ctrl_R-T (and a few similar shortcuts) aren't passed through correctly - chromium - Monorail
Proposes using sommelier for keyboard remapping in Crostini, but no details or timeline are fleshed out here.
crostini  keyboard  linux  bug 
15 days ago
ctrlshiftba: Orge Ergo
Trying to build an ortho / ergo kit with optional split design for < $100.
ortholinear  keyboard  shopping 
15 days ago
jethrokuan/fzf: Ef-🐟-ient fish keybindings for fzf
Ef-🐟-ient fish keybindings for fzf. Contribute to jethrokuan/fzf development by creating an account on GitHub.
fzf  fish 
20 days ago
Hasu's HHKB keymap
Includes a number of function layers.
hhkb  keyboard  qmk 
21 days ago
qutebrowser/qutebrowser: A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.
Interesting, but doesn't currently suppor extensions, so I think it's a no-go for me.
vim  chromium 
21 days ago
jarun/Buku: Browser-independent bookmark manager
:bookmark: Browser-independent bookmark manager. Contribute to jarun/Buku development by creating an account on GitHub.
21 days ago
phillipberndt/pqiv: Powerful image viewer with minimal UI
Powerful image viewer with minimal UI. Contribute to phillipberndt/pqiv development by creating an account on GitHub.
console  vim 
21 days ago
Adds features and bug fixes. by JMagers · Pull Request #32 · seanyeh/vibreoffice
Vi Mode for LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Contribute to seanyeh/vibreoffice development by creating an account on GitHub.
vim  libreoffice 
21 days ago
chrome.input.ime - Google Chrome
It's not clear if these would work within Crostini.
chromeos  keyboard 
21 days ago
Remapping the keyboard in a Chrome OS extension • dgopstein
You can do more advanced keyboard remapping in Chrome OS if you write your own extension.
chromeos  keyboard 
21 days ago
shela's HHKB QMK kemaps
Includes a "Space Fn" layer and media key support.
hhkb  qmk 
21 days ago
How to Adapt Change Management to an Agile Approach | HRPS Blog
Agile methods and principles are enjoying increasingly widespread adoption in today’s business environment. In contrast, most change management techniques were developed from approaches that are linear rather than Agile, such as waterfall development or project management. This begs the question: do traditional processes and approaches to change management work in an Agile
agile  change 
21 days ago
[TMK] Keyboard Protocol Converter
Allows you to turn any keyboard into a programmable keyboard through a tiny "USB-to-USB" converter.

The device is programmed perhaps exactly like QMK. It uses the TMK fork, but QMK may work.

Using this would allow me to program my HHKB Lite 2!
shopping  keyboard  usb  qmk  hhkb 
22 days ago
Extend Extra Extreme! - User contributions - Colemak forum
One person's "extend" layer. It's not implemented in QMK, but it could be.
colemak  keyboard  qmk 
22 days ago
Why you should be using F/Ctrl dual function: `CTL_T(KC_F)` - : olkb
r/olkb: A support forum and news outlet for OLKB products and QMK Firmware! Please post pics and code, otherwise it's difficult to help! If you need …
22 days ago
The Planck Keyboard | Noah Frederick
The Planck is a 40% computer keyboard with an ortholinear layout (the keys are arranged in columns rather than being staggered as on a traditional typewriter keyboard). The keys are laid out in a 4 × 12 grid with a 2-unit-wide spacebar on the bottom row, for a total of 47 keys. Here's how I set mine up for programming on Unix-like systems.
planck  keyboard 
22 days ago
msiu's xd75 keymap
Uses the full keyboard, but retains compatibility with Planck layers.
xd75  planck  keyboard 
22 days ago
fabian's QMK XD75 layout
This is a "split planck" layout, with the extra keys left un-used. Includes a Colemak layer and a number of dual-use keys to make the Planck-like layout work.
qmk  xd75  layout  planck  colemak 
22 days ago
Efficient Layout for Numbers
If you want to type faster, move your numbers around.
22 days ago
DSA Sublimated Keysets - Pimpmykeyboard.com
These keycaps are printed weekly, so inventory is not a problem. Wide variety of colors including dark gray. There are separate sites for the main set and modifiers.
ortholinear  keycaps  shopping 
24 days ago
OhKeycaps – Oh, Keycaps!
Sells sculpted split 3d ortho keyboards
keyboard  ortholinear  shopping 
25 days ago
DSA "Beyond" - Ortholinear Keyset - Pimpmykeyboard.com
It's only a 60 key set, while XD75 has 75 keys. Doesn't include Shifted symbols on keys.
keyboard  ortholinear 
25 days ago
cbbrowne keymap for xd75
Nothing highly noteworthy here.
keyboard  qmk  ortholinear  75 
25 days ago
Idobo 75 Key Ortho Hotswap DIY Kit | MechBoardsUK
A somewhat split design by putting a 3u number pad between the hands.
keyboard  ortholinear  qmk 
26 days ago
Infinity 60% Keyboard Kit - Input Club
Could be considered a "Happy Hacker 3" design.

Open Source. DIY design/build is possible.

Possibly a good choice if the goal is to replicate the HHKB as a programmable keyboard.

Not currently for sale.
keyboard  hhkb  alternative  opensource 
26 days ago
Keystone — The Future of Mechanical Keyboards by Input Club — Kickstarter
Uses hall sensors to detect the force of each keypress allowing for new input ideas like "half-press = lowercase, full press = upper case".

Mechanical keyboards can do similar things with "tap and hold". and "duration of hold".
26 days ago
ErgoDox EZ Code Friendly Qwerty Layout
A coder-friendly keymap for the ErgoDox EZ.

The layouts could be adapted to the Planck.
qmk  ergodox  planck 
26 days ago
nikersify/jay: 😎 Supercharged JavaScript REPL
😎 Supercharged JavaScript REPL. Contribute to nikersify/jay development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  nodejs  debugging 
26 days ago
qmk_firmware/keymap.c at master · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
Idea for a tmux layer. Shortcuts for pane switching and Ctrl-A ctrl-A
QMK  tmux 
27 days ago
How do you use your thumbs? : olkb
Suggestions for using thumbs for modifiers instead of pinkies.
keyboard  qmk  preonic 
27 days ago
Chording QWERTY with QMK Combos | Floor and Varnish
Write-up of experiments of setting up steno chording as QMK "combo" key presses.
qmk  steno 
28 days ago
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