tailor.js - thumb.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3
s3  imagemagick  graphicsmagic  node.js 
6 days ago
Secure passphrase generator. Replace your passwords with long and easy to remember passphrases.
10 days ago
nodejs-pdf-docs - Node.js Manual & Documentation (.pdf, .mobi, .epub)
node.js  documentation 
10 days ago
When two-factor authentication is not enough | FastMail Weblog
e setting “disable password resets via email” was not on the security settings page of their website. Because of this, we hadn’t discovered and enabled it. They are moving it to the security page.
if an account has 2FA enabled, a red flag will automatically be raised against the request, meaning significant extra investigation will be done.
if an account has 2FA enabled, then an active confirmation will be required from the owner of the account before changing the email address. This means it will be harder to regain access if you lose all your factors, but that’s a good thing! Turning on 2
security  mfa 
14 days ago
Defining Objects with JSON
Explains the connection between JavaScript functions in objects: new Object() == {}. Thanks, JSON.
javascript  oo 
16 days ago
tern_for_vim - Tern plugin for Vim
vim  node.js 
16 days ago
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
An open-source book on JavaScript Design Patterns
javascript  mixin 
17 days ago
A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins | JavaScript, JavaScript...
(Russian, Japanese) In this article I'll explore JavaScript mixins in detail, and introduce a less conventional, but to my mind more natural mixin strategy that I hope you'll find useful. I'll finish up with a profiler matrix summarizing the performance impact of each technique. [A big Thank You to the brilliant @kitcambridge for reviewing and…
javascript  mixin 
17 days ago
The Help Me Help You Dinner
ind an easy to reach restaurant that suits your budget and has a reasonably quiet section. Specify a time and date, rather than trying to sort out other people's schedules. Usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays around 8pm work best.
Step 3 Send
food  community 
17 days ago
Get Comic Neue
Comic Neue fixes the shortcomings of Comic Sans. It's the casual script choice for everyone, including the typographically savvy.
17 days ago
angular-file-upload - An AngularJS directive for file upload using HTML5 with FileAPI polyfill for unsupported browsers
angular.js  upload 
20 days ago
Debugging Asynchronous JavaScript with Chrome DevTools - HTML5 Rocks
Up your JavaScript debugging kung fu with asynchronous call stack traces in the Chrome DevTools.
javascript  node.js 
20 days ago
HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills · Modernizr/Modernizr Wiki
Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.
21 days ago
Multi-Sport Cardio (Black/Red)
Discover the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS watch with built-in heart rate monitor. See your key running, cycling amd swimming information in real-time. Track your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt at a glance.
gps  running  biking 
21 days ago
express-chrome-logger - Debug your express app using the Chrome console.
21 days ago
Address (geography) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gold mine for understanding internal address formats.
22 days ago
Canada Post - Addressing Guidelines
Canadian Addressing Guide - Civic addresses - Post Office Box addresses - Rural Route addresses - General Delivery - Bilingual addresses - Military addresses - USA addresses - International addresses - Symbols and Abbreviations - Postal code - Address Accuracy - Address Validation and Correction - Postal Code Look-Up
22 days ago
The USPS spec for "Delivery Address Line"
They agree the number should always come first
22 days ago
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