MongoDB 3.2: Now Powered by PostgreSQL | John De Goes | LinkedIn
if you're in the market for a NoSQL database, you need legacy BI connectivity, and you're also considering PostgreSQL, you should probably just pick PostgreSQL.
postgresql  mongodb 
19 days ago
Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy
In the article: Wal-Mart earns $236,804 per employee per year.
5 weeks ago
An Alternative to Regular Expressions: apg-exp
I wonder if this is vulnerable to DoS attacks like some Regular Expressions are.
node.js  regex 
5 weeks ago
Running Node.js on Linux with systemd - via @codeship | via @codeship
"Linux init systems such as systemd are the ultimate process monitor, and systemd in particular is so much more than that. It can do all that PM2 and similar tools can do, and then some. The tooling is far superior, it’s more mature, and it has a much larger userbase of seasoned sysadmins."
systemd  node.js 
7 weeks ago
Password Manager alternative.
8 weeks ago
How IP Routing Works | Think Like A Computer
Test pings and traceroutes from both directions!
9 weeks ago
Senior Engineers Reduce Risk — Medium
"A senior engineer understands these risks, and mitigates them where possible."
software  programming 
9 weeks ago
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