GNOME/Keyring - ArchWiki
As of March 20, 2016, GNOME Keyring does not handle ECDSA[1] and Ed25519[2] keys. You can turn to other SSH agents if you need support for those.
18 days ago
The Hedonic Treadmill – If Only Happiness Were As Easy As Marriage, a Big House, and Kids
"The problem is when we let our endless pursuit of growth overwhelm and block our pursuit of happiness."
5 weeks ago
Server-free Express.js
Excellent post of how to run Express-style apps on AWS Lambda.
aws  lambda  express 
6 weeks ago
Benefits Running Barefoot Offset - Less Energy Efficiency than Shoes
"The conclusions from the study was that runners wearing minimal shoes are significantly more efficient than those wearing traditional running shoes, regardless of strike type, though the differences are quite small. These differences occurred after controlling for stride frequency and shoe mass.

The likely reason for these differences is that more elastic energy is stored and released in the lower part of the body and legs when running in minimal shoes, compared with standard shoes.

The overall conclusion is that the most energy efficient running occurs when wearing minimal shoes, rather than traditional shoes or barefoot."
6 weeks ago
Why Basecamp CEO Jason Fried Believes 40 Hours is Plenty — HR is Dead
One of the biggest challenges with unlimited vacation time is that people become apprehensive to take any time off. That's exactly what happened at Basecamp before they switched over to the stipend model.

"We used to have an unlimited vacation policy, and found that that’s actually a bad idea because there’s not really an expectation of what that means. People inherently have this conflict with, 'Well, is it too much, or not enough?' 

"It’s just better to be clear with people, so we revised that since. We give everyone three weeks off a year, so basic vacation plus holidays—whatever their national holidays are because some people live in different countries.

"We had a lot more success with people taking vacations once we actually specified the exact vacation time, versus the unlimited thing. I think the unlimited thing is a good idea, in concept, but it’s so hard to deliver on, and for people to use that, so it’s just better to be clear."
business  productivity  happiness 
7 weeks ago
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