Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design » Desk Mates
‘the lamps are a design-led enquiry into what colloquially might be termed the language of “the internet of things”. Can objects convey emotions? Can they offer us a rich means of communication? How would people overcome these limitations through for example improvisation? Which forms and affordances are appropriate? When does an “intelligent” object fit naturally with its typology? When does it become something else?’
23 days ago
Haystack Studios
“WeWork commissioned Haystack Studios to create a large scale mural, covering 3 entry way walls at their Holyoke location downtown Seattle, WA. ”
4 weeks ago
Radiator Blog: For better or worse
“All of us misfits who keep hoping games culture will change and get better -- artists, critics, theorists, weirdos -- we're way too late. It's been like this for a while, and it's probably always going to be like this.”
4 weeks ago
Issue 4: Steak
“Other times, the consequences are more minute. A consequence of most things you do in public, for example, particularly if you’re a public figure, is that you’re seen doing them, and the people who see you form judgments about our character, informed by our collective heuristic experience of human behavior. You’re free to eat your steak however you like, but I’m free to see your choice and understand that it reveals something fundamental about you.”
8 weeks ago
Virtual Office | elevr
“One of the unexpected features of having a virtual space that matches your real space is that when you want to work with a particular object rather than a world, it helps for your virtual surroundings to match your real ones. It eases the transition and disorientation that might distract from the thing you’re actually working on, especially if you expect to be going in and out of the headset frequently to make changes.”
12 weeks ago
The thing that makes user research unique | 90 Percent Of Everything
“User research is unique because it’s about seeking out the bad news. It’s about finding evidence that can flip your position on firmly held beliefs – the wording on that button, the structure of that page, the order of that journey, or even nature of the proposition.”
12 weeks ago
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