How Paper Magazine’s web engineers scaled Kim Kardashian’s back-end (SFW)
“And that’s how a web page is made and sent to a user—somewhere in complexity between making a baby and creating a new government.”
3 days ago
Geometric Algebra
“For the last few years, I have been digging into and learning a new and fascinating field of mathematics.”
8 days ago
Real World Swift
“Swift was a nice and welcome step forward for us since we were used to programming in Objective-C. If your native language is Haskell (or similar), you might feel like there's still room for improvement. We're excited to see what improvements upcoming versions of the language will bring.”
8 days ago
Overcast’s 2014 sales numbers
“Overall, I’m very satisfied with Overcast’s finances so far. It’s not setting the world on fire, but it’s making good money. For most people, the App Store won’t be a lottery windfall, but making a decent living is within reach for many.”
8 days ago
“‘Everything on the internet is public! Don’t share something if you don’t expect it to get seen!’ But that is a reductive stance that doesn’t map to what’s really going on. What does it mean to be ‘public,’ anyway? Is something either public or private—on or off—or is there a vast space between those two extremes?”
8 days ago
But Where Do People Work in This Office?
“I could go on and on and on. The pattern keeps repeating. With everything we know about open plan offices, why are these mega-rich companies knocking themselves out to hire the very best and brightest minds from the world’s best universities, paying them huge salaries, tapping world-class architects to design artisanal office spaces in the most expensive place in the country, and then cramming desks together in noisy bullpens?”
9 days ago
Browsing in privacy mode? Super Cookies can track you anyway
“For any one site, HSTS can be used to hold only a single binary value—either on or off. To work around this limitation, Greenhalgh strings together 32 sites, adds all of the ons and offs, and stores them as a binary number.”
9 days ago
Brooklyn Beta vs. Afro-Futurism
“In my mind, a large part of the white-hipster concept of ‘authenticity’ feels like a polite way of being reactionary and exclusionary.”
9 days ago
Facebook Year in Review: My tragic year was the wrong fodder for Facebook's latest app
“I know, of course, that this is not a deliberate assault. This inadvertent algorithmic cruelty is the result of code that works in the overwhelming majority of cases, reminding people of the awesomeness of their years, showing them a selfie at a party or whale spouts from sailing boats or the marina outside their vacation house.

But for those of us who lived through the death of loved ones, or spent extended time in the hospital, or were hit by divorce or foreclosure or job loss or any one of a hundred possible crises, we might not want another look at this past year.”
10 days ago
The beginning isn’t easy, and a lot of places don’t even try
“There are plenty of people who would be *just as smart as you* and would know what you know if only they had the same lucky breaks as you. And if you don't actively reach down and help them up those first three rungs, no matter how nice you really are, you are acting like a jerk.”
11 days ago
Your Best Work
“I have a variety of issues regarding the open office trend. Let’s start with the fact that the folks often making the space decision are managers who already don’t spend much time at their desk because they are, by necessity, in meetings all day.”
11 days ago
The Utopian UI Architect
“So what would ‘post-paper’ thoughts look like? [Bret] Victor admits he has no idea. He just has a conviction about the medium that will enable them.”
11 days ago
The rise of the hashgag
“I hate the Minions. I hate them violently, passionately, personally. Their rise to prominence makes sense — their humor is very basic, slipping-on-a-banana-peel nonsense, and it translates well to both young children and people in other countries — but it is tremendously regressive filmmaking, on the order of ‘Steamboat Willie.’”
12 days ago
“Tumblr converges on a historically correct characterization of Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
“So it’s not actually a song about rape - in fact it’s a song about a woman finding a way to exercise sexual agency in a patriarchal society designed to stop her from doing so. But it’s also, at the same time, one of the best illustrations of rape culture that pop culture has ever produced. It’s a song about a society where women aren’t allowed to say yes…which happens to mean it’s also a society where women don’t have a clear and unambiguous way to say no.”
12 days ago
HTTP/2.0: The IETF is Phoning It In – Poul-Henning Kamp
“Some will expect a major update to the world's most popular protocol to be a technical masterpiece and textbook example for future students of protocol design. Some will expect that a protocol designed during the Snowden revelations will improve their privacy. Others will more cynically suspect the opposite. There may be a general assumption of ‘faster.’ Many will probably also assume it is ‘greener.’ And some of us are jaded enough to see the ‘2.0’ and mutter ‘Uh-oh, Second Systems Syndrome.’

The cheat sheet answers are: no, no, probably not, maybe, no and yes.”
12 days ago
Some Thoughts on Mountain – David OReilly
“I’m not really given to any kind of announcements, I’ve become fairly quiet over the last couple of years, but I had some thoughts relating to Mountain which I feel wouldn’t be harmful to share.”
12 days ago
Mario Kart 8 and the Centipede’s Dilemma
“The next day, we did some private drifting lessons so that she could take the turns in stride. And that’s when I felt like a centipede trying to think about how she walks. As my friend interrogated me about drifting, I realized how much of my Mario Kart knowledge lived in my skin. What seemed completely arcane to my friend was a simple reflex for me.”
12 days ago
Kentucky Route Zero's Musical Centerpiece and the Power of Choice
“It is here that the magical realist adventure finally lays bare the opaque heart filled with vague, amorphous intentions, giving the clearest hints of how its internal machinations work.”
12 days ago
Hey Video Game Developers, We're Not Idiots – Cara Ellison
“So I began to commandeer time from the horror narrative to become AMANDA RIPLEY: GRAFFITI ART CRITIC.”
12 days ago
Mobile Game Piracy Isn’t All Bad, Says Monument Valley Producer (Q&A)
“When I say we’re not complaining about that ratio, that kind of ratio [9.5:1 installs to purchases on Android] was expected before we made the game and it’s not that surprising now that we’ve released the game. You just roll with the punches.”
12 days ago
Mark Williams Company COHERENT: 1994 recollections from Dennis Ritchie
“An anecdote: sometime fairly early after the Mark Williams company started offering their Coherent system (a Unix clone), some AT&T legal people asked me to visit Mark Williams for purposes of determining whether what they were offering was a rip-off (i.e. essentially a copy) of the currently licensed Unix done by us.”
12 days ago
Is your job bullshit? David Graeber explains the London tube slogans
”Last week, London residents made their way into the tube for their Monday morning commute after the holiday vacation where they were confronted with tube advertisements designed by Strike! Magazine. The simple black and yellow ads featured slogans by David Graeber from his 2013 essay ‘On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs.’”
12 days ago
Death by a thousand cuts
“Unfortunately, software development is still a craft: one that takes time and effort to achieve the fit and finish your customers expect. Apple would never ship a device that was missing a few screws. But that’s exactly what’s happening right now with your software products.”
17 days ago
GamerGate Gets One Right
“Yep. This is totally true. You, in fact, cannot be a feminist unless you hold to a specific list of political positions. That doesn’t mean that all feminists agree about everything. But there are certain principles that are core to what feminism is, and if you don’t feel invested in those principles, you are not a feminist. And in fact the reluctance to acknowledge this is, I think, something of a crisis facing feminism itself right now.”
17 days ago
The NYPD's 'Work Stoppage' Is Surreal
“Your average summons for a QOL offense costs more than an ordinary working person makes in a day driving a bus, waiting tables, or sweeping floors. So every time you nail somebody, you're literally ruining their whole day.

If I were a police officer, I'd hate to be taking money from people all day long, too. Christ, that's worse than being a dentist. So under normal circumstances, this slowdown wouldn't just make sense, it would be heroic.

Unfortunately, this protest is not about police refusing to shake people down for money on principle.”
19 days ago
An email I sent about the Chinese Room in 2003
“I have 420,000 messages in my mail archive (many of those are from mailing lists, though) and I made them searchable. I keep finding crazy things. I enjoyed finding this.”
19 days ago
The Obama Recovery – Paul Krugman
“And what this bounce tells you is that the alleged faults of Obamanomics had nothing to do with the pain we were feeling. We weren’t hurting because we were sick; we were hurting because we kept hitting ourselves with that baseball bat, and we’re feeling a lot better now that we’ve stopped.”
19 days ago
Malign Velocities
“Capitalism is lately cast as that Lovecraftian force that some people should not look directly at for fear of going completely mad and being banged up in the Arkham Sanitarium. Maybe meditating upon it as some Dark God From Beyond Space that is crushing the world into new shapes just leads some people to rub their mouths on it and plead for it to go faster. And never stop.”
19 days ago
Quinn’s 12 Tips for Beating Christmas Blues
“Whether it’s Grandma carving the turkey, or Daddy paddling your ass, the rules for safely navigating intimate special occasions work the same. They’re about honesty, communication, and caring for your self and intimate partners.”
19 days ago
Ongoing MacKeeper fraud – The Safe Mac
“The bottom line is that MacKeeper should not be used. The company behind it has shown a long history of unethical behavior, and the software isn’t worthwhile. If you have it installed, you should remove it immediately.”
19 days ago
Full Disclosure: Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability
“Step 2: After brewing is complete, attacker removes the genuine K-Cup from the Keurig and uses a knife or scissors to carefully remove the full foil lid from the K-Cup, ensuring to keep the full edges intact. Attacker keeps this for use in the attack.”
19 days ago
Interface Builder Again
“A few good things, taken together, tipped me over, and these days I use Interface Builder a ton.”
19 days ago
Radical Computer Science — )
“There are no bad questions, only toxic people.”
19 days ago
Why Python is Slow: Looking Under the Hood
“Above I've talked about some of the internal structures that make Python tick, but I don't want to stop there. As I was putting together the above summary, I started hacking around on the internals of the Python language, and found that the process itself is pretty enlightening.”
19 days ago
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