An awful week to care about video games
“One side has folded its arms, slumped its shoulders while pouting like an obstinate child that has learned they are getting a little brother or sister but wants to remain the singular focus of his parents' affection. The other side has opened its arms, unable to contain its love and compassion, because they understand they are no longer alone.”
4 days ago
1994’s The Stand does not stand the test of time
“But more disappointing—more devastating than all the braying and bombast and the lack of nuance—is how poorly The Stand captures the notion that a battle between good and evil is fought on the backs of workaday civilians.”
5 days ago
We found a better home: How our new homepage outperformed the old, 2 to 1
“This time, I started with a question I should have been focusing on all along: ‘What would be the best first time experience?’ The answer: it depends. It depends whether they have a dog.”
12 days ago
Rules For Games: Do & Don’t #8
“DO consider the possibility of happy things. It’s an odd realisation, that gaming so obsessively focuses either on attempting to recover from negativity or ambivalence. Someone’s kidnapped, needs to be avenged, trapped, pursued, dying… How about a game about someone whose day is going really well, and is about to get a whole lot better? Does no one have a positive tale to tell, an optimistic adventure to share? Where’s my game about everything going really flipping well?”
12 days ago
-… ..- .-. .-. .. – — .— ..- … – .. -.-. . | Burrito Justice
“Another way of looking at it — the people of San Francisco were so isolated they actually got excited about talking to people IN SAN JOSE. I mean, that’s pretty isolated.”
17 days ago
I couldn’t stand millennials until I realized I was one
“I had the luxury of time but the rest of my fellow millennials aren’t so lucky.”
19 days ago
Help, my algorithm is a racist
author doesn't seem to actually say what they did?
21 days ago
Pikmin/Windows Executable – The Cutting Room Floor
“When you run the program, you get two windows: a main game window, just like what you'd see on an emulator, and a control window with a log, titled ‘OpenGL / Dolphin System’.”
22 days ago
Things Changed Forever (with tweets) · tehawesome · Storify
“Normally when I deal with toughmen I just use my wit and sarcasm to get me out of the situation but that always had the luxury of distance. The crowd stopped and is watching us as he got genitals-touchingly close and asked me what I was going to do about him being a Power-Man.”
22 days ago
The Mid-Career Crisis of the Perl Programmer – chromatic
“This, I think, is one reason why so many small consultancies are consultancies and never manage to turn their brilliant ideas into shipping products because it's too lucrative to chase consulting dollars and too difficult to invest in products which may not pay off.”
25 days ago
“nip2 aims to be about halfway between Excel and Photoshop. You don't directly edit images — instead, like a spreadsheet, you build relationships between objects.”
image  tool 
25 days ago
Legal Advice – Tim Bray
“are you among the (large num­ber of) peo­ple (for ex­am­ple, In­sta­gram) who [offer a web service] via ‘http:’ in­stead of ‘https:’? Here’s some ad­vice.”
27 days ago
How did the first world war actually end? – Paul Mason
“The termination of war by working-class action fits uneasily at a deeper level: for most of history the existence of a workforce with its own consciousness and organisations is an afterthought, or an anomaly. I’ve tried this quiz question again and again on highly-educated people and, even once they know the answer, there are looks of ‘does not compute’.”
27 days ago
App Disillusionment – Lukas Mathis
“If design is how it works, then rules that restrict what you can do with a device are part of its design.”
28 days ago
‘The Little Red Schoolbook’ – Jenny Diski
“It’s almost as much fun now as it was then to rediscover how scared such people were of releasing information to the young. They were running around squealing about no end of terrors from The Little Red Schoolbook… to those who were trying to alter teaching to take account of the pupils’ lives and needs, rather than the needs of capitalism for a workforce none too well educated.”
28 days ago
Home of the Whopper – Thomas Frank
“I was in Durham on August 29 to observe something unusual in this particular industry: a strike. What made it especially unusual is that it was happening in North Carolina, which is both hostile to unions and — as the birthplace of Hardee’s, Bojangles’, and Krispy Kreme — a kind of fast-food Athens.”
28 days ago
The Reassuring Appeal of “Weird Al” Yankovic – Sasha Frere-Jones
“You’re probably not going to do this publicly if you’re over the age of ten, but then no song will sell this many copies in one week to pre-teens alone. There are many people listening to Weird Al on headphones at work, which makes sense, because Yankovic is never disrespectful of the music; what he’s sending up is the idea that he would ever be cool enough to live in the world the music came from.”
28 days ago
The Black Seas of Copyright
“Howard Phillips Lovecraft became a major figure in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres when pulp fiction magazines published his stories in the 1920s and 1930s. Since his death in 1937, confusion continually surrounded the ownership of his fictional works. This paper analyzes two prominent hypotheses concerning these copyrights.”
4 weeks ago
Wax and Wane: The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl's Comeback
“In Gotta Groove’s listening room, 33-year-old Tim Thornton drops the needle in several spots on a record to check for inconsistencies, then visually inspects for off-center labels, chipped edges, and color impurities, which is particularly challenging on the current batch of white vinyl he’s working on. Thornton repeats this process every 20 minutes for one pressing. 

‘We do a disproportionate amount of weird, ambient, sparse music, which has a worse track record for scratches because it doesn’t hide them,’ Thornton explains. ‘If there’s a scratch in the middle of a heavy metal record, the only way you’d know it’s there is to analyze the waveform and find it, but if it’s a guy field recording crickets, you’ll hear it immediately. We’ve got a reputation for doing that thing well, so while we get more business, the records are harder to do.’”
4 weeks ago
Powerful and Coldhearted
“…we contend that when people experience power, their brains fundamentally change how sensitive they are to the actions of others.”
4 weeks ago
On David Frum, The New York Times, and the Non-Faked ‘Fake’ Gaza Photos – James Fallows
“For all their blind spots and flaws, reporters on the scene are trying to *see*, so they can *tell*, and the photographic and video reporters take greater risks than all the rest, since they must be closer to the action. For people on the other side of the world to casually assert that they're just making things up—this could and would drive them crazy. I'm sure that fakery has occurred. But the claim that it has is as serious as they come in journalism.”
4 weeks ago
There is no CMS – Matt Boggie and Alexis Lloyd at SRCCON 2014
“…why do we need CMS tools? Why can't we enable people to use the best tools available for each task and allow those tools to collaborate or communicate through a very minimal piece of tool or centralization?”
4 weeks ago
Response to Bustle's 31 Questions About Kim Kardashian Hollywood
“I am very sorry to call out the person who wrote this, she’s just trying to swim for shore in a content tsunami that rages terribly all around her. But her questions suited my purposes quite well, AND, having worked in video games for a number of years, I know a little bit about how these projects work. I feel completely qualified to answer these questions.”
4 weeks ago
The Last Stand for the Middle Class Is Taking Place in a Parking Lot in Massachusetts
“…the emerging cynics fail to recognize how deeply personal this whole ordeal is to those involved —employees and patrons alike. They're not morons. Every one of them seems to understand that if Arthur S. unloads the supermarket to private equity, Market Basket as they know it will cease to exist.”
4 weeks ago
Ethical Culture Fit
“It frustrates me that the folks saying things like what Pontin said refuse to own up to what the vague language of ‘political donations’ actually refers to here: violence.”
4 weeks ago
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