A Candid Look at Unread’s First Year
“Paid-up-front business models don’t generate sustainable revenues.”
9 hours ago
Stop adding up the wealth of the poor – Felix Salmon
“The result is that if you take the bottom 30% of the world’s population — the poorest 2 billion people in the world — their total aggregate net worth is not low, it’s not zero, it’s negative. To the tune of roughly half a trillion dollars. My niece, who just got her first 50 cents in pocket money, has more money than the poorest 2 billion people in the world combined.”
2 days ago
Trello, Inc. – Joel on Software
“That architecture is all the stuff I spent ten years ranting on this blog about, but y’all don’t listen, so I’m just going to have to build company after company that runs my own wacky operating system, and eventually you’ll catch on.”
4 days ago
Why Do Americans Stink at Math?
“No wonder parents and some mathematicians denigrate the reforms as ‘fuzzy math.’ In the warped way untrained teachers interpret them, they are fuzzy.”
4 days ago
Let’s fly – Craig Mod
“Remember, you are calm. You are the Dalai Lama. You have been Doing Work for hours while others worried their way through check-in and security. Smile (they’ll see it in your eyes even if your mouth is covered). Always carry two masks for this purpose. To disarm. You are a missionary of the Church of Mask. Confidently spread your microclimate knowledge of personal humidity.”
5 days ago
Killing the Messenger at Mozilla – Tim Chevalier for Model View Culture
“If Mozillans had not expected the rest of the world to accept the same ways to assess merit that they did, perhaps they would have been able to comprehend why Eich as a CEO was incompatible with Mozilla’s mission. If they had not assumed that the rest of the world’s priorities were the same as their own and the world just didn’t know it yet, perhaps criticism of Eich’s record of support for white supremacists and homophobes wouldn’t have come as a surprise.”
5 days ago
Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps
“Over the past years, I’ve been editing two specifications that, when combined, provide this kind of functionality: CSS Multi-column Layout and CSS Figures. I believe they are important to make sure the web remains a compelling environment for content providers. In this article, I will demonstrate how simple it is to write CSS code with these specs.”
5 days ago
My Primary Criticism of Scrum – Mike Cohn
“In today’s version of Scrum, many teams have become overly obsessed with being able to say they finished everything they thought they would. This leads those teams to start with the safe approach. Many teams never try any wild ideas that could lead to truly innovative solutions.

I believe a great deal of this is the result of the move to shorter sprints, with two weeks being the norm these days. Shorter sprints leave less time to recover if a promising but risky initial approach fails to pan out.”
6 days ago
It's Time to Split Up Microsoft
“Read again Ballmer’s statement: ‘Nothing is more important at Microsoft than Windows.’ The problem for Nadella and Microsoft is that ultimately this wasn’t a declaration of strategy; it was a declaration of fact, and facts don’t change by fiat.”
6 days ago
My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers
“A sixth plate of mozzarella sticks is delivered to my table. Everyone sees this terrible thing happening and no one is doing anything to stop it.”
10 days ago
How to tear apart a repository: the Git way
was stumbling through this the other day and now here's a guide
10 days ago
Can a few well chosen words improve inclusivity?
“We wondered whether the language of our job adverts were putting some people off. Research from McKinsey has shown that if job adverts focused on enthusiasm and innovation, instead of aggressiveness and competitiveness, the number of applications from women rose by 40%.”
10 days ago
I killed “At The Movies” – Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
“I never master these skills, because I am the wrong man for the job. When Ebert Presents: At The Movies goes on the air in January of 2011, I am 24, far and away the youngest host in the format’s history. I have improbably beaten out smarter, more qualified candidates (one of whom will win the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism) after several rounds of auditions. I’d like to believe that I’m a strong critic and writer and a capable speaker, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to get ideas into broadcast without coming off as a shill or a dick. Frustrated, I fall back on cliches I’d never use in conversation or writing. Christy Lemire, who has extensive TV experience and a more easygoing writing style, is a natural, and I’m the kid who keeps interrupting her.”
10 days ago
Bélo from Airbnb – Khoi Vinh
“Airbnb is successfully disrupting the tremendous and staid lodging industry, but it’s hard to imagine this particular combination of pomposity and message mismanagement from say Holiday Inn.”
12 days ago
The software career and the Second Design Paradox (2012)
“In the long run, the result of this is that most corporate software is of very low design quality, which aggravates the problem. Left unchecked, it creates an arena where the lack of taste becomes a political *advantage*, because the people who lack taste are better equipped to adapt to the bad architectural decisions the group becomes stuck with.”
12 days ago
How the Other Half Works: an Adventure in the Low Status of Software Engineers
“Second, and related to the first but far more powerful, is that he no longer had to excuse himself for menial projects or periods of low technical activity. As opposed to, ‘I was put on a crappy project’, which projects low status, his story evolved into ‘No one else could do it, so I had to get my hands dirty’, which is a high-status, *managerial* excuse for spending 6 months on an otherwise career-killing project.”
12 days ago
What’s Up With That: Why You Always Seem to Choose the Slowest Line
“So why don’t most places encourage serpentine lines? Here, we’re getting into customer psychology. We human beings like to think that we’re in control of our lives and can beat the system if given the chance. Researchers have noted that some customers balk at serpentine lines, which can stretch much longer than the more traditional approach, preferring their chances of winning the lottery with multiple lines.”
12 days ago
Castling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Before the bishop and queen acquired their current moves in the 16th Century they were weak pieces and the king was relatively safe in the middle of the board. When the bishop and queen got their current moves they became very powerful and the king was no longer safe on its original square, since it can be attacked from a distance and from both sides. Castling was added to allow the king to get to a safer location and to allow rooks to get into the game earlier.”
12 days ago
What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name
“That moment confirmed for me that the patriarchy is still deeply ingrained—in all of us. Surnames are one of the unseen limbs of the old world.”
12 days ago
Marvel's female Thor: could games characters change gender too?
“Meanwhile, Gearbox would spare us all from yet more machismo sub-humour by reinventing its long-running shooter series as Duchess Nukem.”
12 days ago
How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet – Andy Baio
“What’s left appears impossible: four social media accounts with six-month-old predictions, and 100% accuracy.”
12 days ago
Meanwhile, in an alternate universe… – Skud
“I like to think that in another, better, universe, [the Google+ real name rollback] went like this…”
12 days ago
Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell – John Herrman
“If you don't take the existence of a near-monopoly company like Comcast for granted—and why should we?—the situation is as clear as can be: The rep didn't abuse Block, and Block didn't torture the rep. Comcast, the organization, is tormenting them both.”
13 days ago
AM Radio: The Banksy of Second Life
“Players from Poland and Canada and even China started coming up to him, convinced those fields were based on those from their own countrysides. ‘Have you been there?’ they asked him. ‘It looks exactly the same.’ People would see in his Second Life work things that weren't even there: ‘If you actually zoom in on the wheat,’ Berg says now, ‘I drew that with my own hand.’ Consequently, his wheat didn't really wave in the wind — but people swore to him that it did. ‘And I knew something exciting was possible.’”
14 days ago
We're Happy to Report That Webdriver Torso Is Not A Viral Advertisement
“‘We’re never gonna give you uploading that’s slow or loses video quality, and we’re never gonna let you down by playing YouTube in poor video quality. That's why we’re always running tests like Webdriver Torso.’”
14 days ago
What Problems to Solve – Richard Feynman
“I would advise you to take even simpler, or as you say, humbler, problems until you find some you can really solve easily, no matter how trivial. You will get the pleasure of success, and of helping your fellow man, even if it is only to answer a question in the mind of a colleague less able than you. You must not take away from yourself these pleasures because you have some erroneous idea of what is worthwhile.”
14 days ago
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