Bad code isn’t Technical Debt, it’s an unhedged Call Option
“Even if it is more expensive to do things cleanly (and I’m not convinced of that beyond a two-week horizon), it’s also less risky.”
21 hours ago
“Grammar time: it’s called ‘contrastive reduplication’…”
“my professor was trying to find an example of reduplication so the next class he came back and said ‘I FOUND REDUPLICATION IN ENGLISH’ and then he said ‘Milk milk’ and everyone was just ‘what?’ and he said ‘you know when you go to a coffee shop and they ask if you want soy milk and you say “no i want milk milk”’ and everyone just had this collective sigh of understanding.”
3 days ago
Who's the Boss? The Elf on the Shelf and the normalization of surveillance
“Broadly speaking, The Elf on the Shelf serves functions that are aligned to the official functions of the panopticon. In doing so, it contributes to the shaping of children as governable subjects.”
3 days ago
A new Slack API: The inevitable rise of the bots
“The RTM API is the same one our clients use to talk to our servers, and because of that, it can give you real time updates on everything that happens in your team. Everything. That doesn’t just include the messages in channels, but also stuff like updates to files, comments, stars, user presence, user profiles, the team itself, and many other things.”
4 days ago
Serial’s big confession – For the Love of Podcast – Lauren Cusick
“And yet, just by getting on the stand and answering questions, an innocent person can start to ‘look guilty’ — because he doesn’t sound the way you expect an innocent person to sound, or didn’t do the things you expect an innocent person to do, and he can’t explain why he doesn’t match up with the image of the innocent defendant you have in your head. Because he can’t persuade you, *even though it’s not his job to persuade you.*”
6 days ago
Hyphen Hate? When Amazon went to war against punctuation.
“However I really would have to question whether their time would be better spent looking at the 10 page automatically generated “books” that are flooding the kindle store to game the Kindle Unlimited algorithms, or the impending tidal wave of Nanowrimo first drafts that are about to hit us, than waging war on a professionally edited novel that had the gall to use hyphens to join words together.”
6 days ago
Homo sapiens declared extinct – Bruce Sterling for Nature
“‘Since I’ve been asked to offer an epitaph,’ the highly distributed poetware continued, ‘I believe that we should rearrange the Great Wall of China to spell out (in Chinese of course, since most of them were always Chinese) — “THEY WERE VERY, VERY CURIOUS, BUT NOT AT ALL FAR-SIGHTED.”’”
7 days ago
Penny Arcade, Geek Culture, and Hegel’s ‘Beautiful Soul’
“The result is a mind that is, in a profound way, empty — empty of engagement with others, of what one gains from engagement with others. It’s like…a beautiful snowflake. Crystalline and pure and inhuman and small. Beautiful, in a way, but utterly impoverished.”
10 days ago
windchime - macwright.org
“windchime is a generative music system that adds another dimension to the act of composing written text, whether it be software or English.”
mac  app  music 
11 days ago
Launcher Followup and Thoughts on the App Store Review System
“After Launcher was rejected and the press picked up on it and started writing articles which painted Apple in a bad light, I was afraid that Apple might be mad at me. But it turns out that was actually the outcome they were looking for all along. They acted swiftly and made me the sacrificial lamb.”
12 days ago
Dan McKinley :: Thoughts on the Technical Track
“Between the founding of the United States and the end of the 19th century, it was considered tacky for presidential candidates to personally campaign for the job. Instead, they staged an elaborate farce in which they reluctantly answered the call of the nation to serve. Trying to intentionally get a promotion into the technical track is pretty much just like this.”
12 days ago
Is This a Sandwich?
“Why is critical thinking experienced as uncomfortable? Why, for example, did the Athenian senate vote to have Socrates LITERALLY KILLED for engaging people in debates like the sandwich debate?”
13 days ago
To the Rest of #GamerGate
“They act as though this has never been done before, as though people had never before gotten together to push for ethical reform, as though there weren’t methods that have worked in the past. They put an excruciating amount of time and effort into convincing us of their legitimacy, when all along we’ve told them what it takes to convince us. Any suggestion that they organize responsibly is met with derision, yet it’s “media bias” that’s left them with an utterly dismal reputation. Not the harassment that continues in their name. Not their participation in campaigns that have no discernible connection with journalistic ethics. Not the pitiable obsession with shadow-armies of radfems and SJWs and cultural Marxist. They spurn any approach that might make them accountable or transparent, but it’s someone else’s fault that they’re regarded with distrust and repugnance.”
13 days ago
Brown M&Ms
“Don’t listen to those people. Learning programming, or any other human endeavor, is all about implementation. You need to run into problems before you can appreciate the solutions we have devised.”
15 days ago
Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps
“This email was accompanied by photos of a small fire and a burst fire hydrant, both of which my writing had caused. Also, the email mentions that a dog was run over by a car in the area, which was apparently also my fault.

It gets worse than simply firing off a few emails. Earlier this year, these Beachwood Canyon residents successfully petitioned the city to close a public trail to the sign to keep tourists at bay, erecting a giant fence and hiring security guards. The trail has been closed since late March. Now no one, even residents, can use one of the most popular trails to access one of the country's largest urban parks, in the middle of our public space-deprived city.”
19 days ago
Alien | Typeset In The Future
“In short: this is a localization disaster. I mean, it would be bad at the best of times – but we’ve just lost our cat to a xenomorph. We’re in no fit state to cope with dodgy French.”
19 days ago
Gamergate in Posterity
“These young men feel like they’re among their cohort, too, but their actions are both material and recorded. They’re not just enabling the status quo with private speech and public silence—their anger and error is being recorded for posterity.”
21 days ago
The strange world of computer-generated novels
“The developer and artist Darius Kazemi started NaNoGenMo last year, when he tweeted out an off-the-cuff idea.”
21 days ago
A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire – Jon Bois
“I bet RadioShack was great once. I can't look through their decades-old catalogs and come away with any other impression. They sold giant walnut-wood speakers I'd kill to have today. They sold computers back when people were trying to understand what they were. When I was a little kid, going to RadioShack was better than going to the toy store. It was the toy store for tall people.

By the time I got tall and worked there, RadioShack had already begun to die, I think. It failed exotically, with great flourishes, on canvases large and small, and in ways previously unimagined, taking pause only to kick around the souls who kept it alive. It doesn't have me to kick around anymore, and soon, it won't have anyone.”
24 days ago
Russ Allbery's Rant
“Do you know what it feels like to know that your news server, despite the
fact that it's some of the best hardware you can get with your available
resources for an application that most people just don't care about, is
running a backlog? That you're dropping incoming articles? That
somewhere, *somewhere* there are things being posted which you are not
receiving? They could be junk, they could be beautiful, well-expressed
pieces of someone's soul, and you DON'T KNOW, you CAN'T KNOW, because
legions of fucking vandals are throwing so much *CRAP* at your news server
that it's running flat out trying to process it and delete it and just
can't go any faster?”
26 days ago
Pamie » Barbie Fucks It Up Again
“IT WILL GO FASTER IF BRIAN AND I HELP, offer the men voices. ‘Step aside, Barbie.’ YOU’VE BROKEN ENOUGH, NOW.”
28 days ago
You’re Eating Too Many Avocados
“But there are signs avocados may be headed for a quinoa moment, when production can’t keep up with demand. When that high-protein South America grain found bourgeois popularity in the early 2000s, demand stretched the farmers who grew the indigenous grain to the point that their own families couldn’t afford to eat quinoa, a staple in their diets for generations. The price was simply too attractive to save the grain for themselves, until the market flooded with cheaper, lower quality quinoa and those farmers were left with big fields and high debts.”
28 days ago
A New Business Model For Slow Fast Slow – Studio Neat
“We are not just app developers, we also sell physical products. Products that are meant to work with the apps in a way that enhances both, as is the case with the Glif and Slow Fast Slow or Frameographer. What if we make apps that are free with ‘ads’, but the ad is simply for our other products? You know, the products that actually make money?”
28 days ago
How Optimizely (Almost) Got Me Fired
“More likely is that your results were false positives in the first place. This usually happens because someone runs a one-tailed test that ends up being overpowered. The testing tool eventually flags the results as passing their minimum significance level. A big green button appears: ‘Ding ding! We have a winner!’ And the marketer turns the test off, never realizing that the promised uplift was a mirage.”
4 weeks ago
John Carmack on Inlined Code
“I know there are some rules of thumb about not making functions larger than a page or two, but I specifically disagree with that now -- if a lot of operations are supposed to happen in a sequential fashion, their code should follow sequentially.”
4 weeks ago
Kara Walker Filmed You in Front of Her Sphinx
“‘People are stupid, but the greater majority are conscientious, if not always respectful.’”
4 weeks ago
Choosing Better Work Over More Tools
“On our best days we remember that our tone, our art, our work resides in us—in our hands, not in our tools.”
4 weeks ago
Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization
“Code being code, if Gandhi went democratic his aggression wouldn't go to -1, it looped back around to the ludicrously high figure of 255, making him as aggressive as a civilization could possibly be.”
4 weeks ago
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