“Creative work has seasons. Part of the work is to know which season it is, and act accordingly.”
24 days ago
“I wanted to see if the big media coverage of Donald Trump's campaign had an influence on how people write commit messages.”
24 days ago
Metafoundry 62: Phased Repatriation
“while Nick's essay demonstrated the enormous amount of rich understanding that he brings to the anthropology side of the metaphor, there is a similar richness on the science side, and what bothers me is that *almost none of it was used.* … For the dedicated, a crash course in protein denaturization:”
24 days ago
Metafoundry 61: Abstracting Electricity
“I started Timothy Morton's Hyperobjects because it seems like a useful concept, but I couldn't tolerate how he seemed much more interested in showcasing scientific vocabulary than in relating his ideas to the actual concepts behind the words.”
24 days ago
Icons – Situated Systems
“The materiality of objects means that learning about fabrication cannot be done in the abstract—the only way to learn to make objects is to make objects.”
24 days ago
Alert (TA16–192A)
“Pokemon Go (Niantic, The Pokemon Company) contains a live exploit of critical vulnerabilities in the baseline human brain architecture.”
24 days ago
The Final Days of Trump’s Unprecedented Campaign
“As is typical with most campaigns, Manafort wanted the Trump team to perform opposition research on its own candidate, so that the team would know what to be worried about and how to prepare for it. Manafort had known Trump since the ’80s and had heard rumors about his behavior with women, according to a source. He wanted to know what was out there. But Trump… declined. The only information the campaign had to go on was the research the RNC had done into all of the candidates’ public statements.”
4 weeks ago
Slack and the office chat: Several people are typing. Who’s working?
“Even the bosses at Slack make sure Slack doesn’t get their workers off track. For a while at Slack HQ, whenever a Slack thread inevitably digressed from its stated professional topic, a picture of a mild-mannered baby raccoon would be posted in the thread to remind chatters that they’re ‘having a conversation that’s best had in another channel.’ But now, the company has set up a bot with a raccoon avatar that can be anonymously summoned whenever employees digress.”
5 weeks ago
Manifesto by George Saunders
“Last Thursday, my organization, People Reluctant To Kill for an Abstraction, orchestrated an overwhelming show of force around the globe.”
9 weeks ago
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