The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment – Valerie Aurora's blog
“Then we realized what the connection was: all of these behaviors are the actions of someone who feels entitled to other people’s property – regardless of whether it’s someone else’s ideas, work, money, or body.”
2 days ago
See Seattle for yourself with your own 'urban diary' — but watch out for these traps - The Evergrey
“The point isn’t how you choose to observe your city, Charles says, but that you go through the exercise of observing it for yourself.”
4 days ago
Review: Cards Against Humanity | Shut Up & Sit Down
‘There’s a word for this, and that word is “enabling.”’
4 days ago
How To Read 100 Books A Year – The Mission – Medium
‘Here’s why: Most of the books you read are not planned in advance. You don’t sit down in January and say: “The first week of June I’ll read this book.”

You finish a book, look you at your inventory, and decide what to read next. Don’t overthink which book you should read next—you’ll end up reading reviews for hours, which is a waste of time.’
4 days ago
A Time-Travel Story
“In one world, `choose false true` returns `false` and in the other `true`. However, the split worlds share the same heap. A mutation in one world is hence visible in all the others.”
12 days ago
Cassandra Plays the Stock Market | Quiet Babylon
“Reading about the trials of the planning group you get the feeling that the history of scenario planning at Shell is a history of a group of smart weirdos trying to work out how best to get anyone to listen to them.”
17 days ago
Amazon S3 Introduces New Usability Enhancements
“Amazon S3 now supports read-after-write consistency for new objects added to Amazon S3 in US Standard region. Prior to this announcement, all regions except US Standard supported read-after-write consistency for new objects uploaded to Amazon S3. With this enhancement, Amazon S3 now supports read-after-write consistency in all regions for new objects added to Amazon S3. Read-after-write consistency allows you to retrieve objects immediately after creation in Amazon S3.”
17 days ago
Horizon Air is canceling hundreds of flights because of the "pilot shortage." It's airlines' fault.
“There’s a phrase people in companies use when colleagues complain of a challenging situation. ‘You’re a businessperson. Figure it out.’ Managers and leaders get paid to figure out how to solve the problems they face. Coping with a shortage of skilled workers by shuttering a portion of your operations doesn’t seem like much of a solution.”
18 days ago
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