What the textbooks don't tell you about psychology's most famous case study
“Of the 21 [textbooks] that cover [Phineas] Gage, only 4 mention the years he worked in Chile. Only three detail his mental recovery. Fourteen of the books tell you about the first research that attempted to identify the extent of his brain injuries, but just four of the books give you the results from the most technically advanced effort, published in 2004, that first suggested his brain damage was limited to the left frontal lobe (watch video). Only 9 of the books feature either of the two photos to have emerged of Gage in recent times.”
2 days ago
The Lemon Market of Programming Language Adoption | Outspeaking
“Choosing a programming language is like buying a used car because you can't have complete information about how the language will meet your needs until it's either helped your project succeed or held back the project with failure.”
4 days ago
Agile Long Term Planning (with your backlog) | Outspeaking
“If you have your stakeholder's attention, you can have a regular conversation to figure out what's likely, unlikely, and probably a wishlist idea. This works best at a high-level conversation about business values. Where's the business headed? What deals are in the works? What's changed since last time you had this conversation?”
4 days ago
Why Do Government IT and Software Projects Fail? | Outspeaking
“Writing software is just like a bridge, except you don't have to excavate millions of tons of dirt or pour millions of tons of concrete and you're not crossing hundreds of feet of rapidly flowing water and working around billions of dollars of shipping traffic. Also you're not blocking one lane of a busy freeway for several hours every day for several weeks while you pour pavement and concrete and stripe and restripe lanes. Other than that—other than the fact that software is ephemeral and not a physical object—writing software is exactly like a construction project.”
5 days ago
Obergefell v. Hodges: the database engineering perspective @ Things Of Interest
“And in case it isn't obvious: all of this generalises massively. All of us who create and maintain computer systems are simultaneously creating implicit and explicit restrictions on how those systems are used, and what kind of data they can store, and what users can do with them. Careless design can make the lives of users difficult or even nightmarish, in ways which are genuinely important.”
8 days ago
The Homepage Exception · An A List Apart Article
“After having this conversation about 242 times, I’ve realized that the homepage is almost always a giant exception to the rest of the ordered system *for a reason*. It’s the most human page on the site, where the potential helpfulness of computer robots collides with the messy reality of humans.”
10 days ago
codename: Fussyspider. | Egypt Urnash
“So I’ve been playing with designs for my own [todo app]… Last night, I sat down with my sketchbook and started doodling various characters of mine, with an eye to casting them as the face of this to-do app. And when I settled on a simpler one, it really started to take shape…”
12 days ago
Second childhood?
“What follows is a list of some of the webcomics I've been reading this year and which I commend for your attention.”
12 days ago
Let's Talk about Tale of Tales' Sunset and Public Funding for Games - Giant Bomb
“‘Previously we had to submit our grant proposals to a film commission. Which was a bit weird but at least they judge our proposals on artistic merit. And they have rejected a few as well. The new Game fund consists of game industry professionals. Let’s just say that it’s easier to explain games to art people that to explain art to games people.’”
12 days ago
Uber gutted Carnegie Mellon’s top robotics lab to build self-driving cars
“All told, Uber snatched up about 50 people from Carnegie Mellon, including many from its highest ranks. That's an unusually high number of people to leave at once, and accounted for about a third of the staff NREC had at the end of last year.”
18 days ago
Why Mathematicians Are Hoarding This Special Type of Japanese Chalk
“…there’s no way to tell when a marker is running low, which is logistically, he explained, even more annoying than you think. ‘Because you can never tell when any of these markers are running out, people use them at random, and they all start running out at the same time during a talk. It’s a real nuisance,’ he said. ‘I just find the logistics of carrying around a couple pieces of chalk easier than dealing with markers.’”
19 days ago
Re: Dot files
“Here is the real story behind .DS_Store and other ._ files.”
21 days ago
The Setup / Nathalie Lawhead
“Eventually people started calling what I do games. I absolutely hated the label. Not so much because of ‘snobby artist syndrome’ but because I saw how people got confused. Often I would hear them complaining that ‘this game doesn't make sense’, ‘what am I supposed to do?’. ‘Game’ meant that there was a goal, mission, or clear agenda. This is really the opposite of art. Where you are required to sit down and form your own conclusions about it. To me, art is about a conversation between the observer and art. It speaks to you, which requires a lot of contemplation.”
24 days ago
Fresh Ink – Steve Lubitz
“I’d be concerned if Nintendo was trying to court that type of player, and skewed Splatoon toward those types of preferences. There’s a reason that Activision doesn’t port Call Of Duty games over to the Wii U anymore; that’s not the type of game that sells on the Wii U, and it would be a mistake for Nintendo to try to make something for that audience that frankly isn’t really there. It’s actually reassuring that Nintendo is willing to throw out some of the mainstay features of online shooters if they don’t serve the game they’re trying to make.”
29 days ago
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