The Wolf
“Two times now, I’ve attempted to reverse engineer Wolves and then hold up the results to other engineers. ‘See? Here is a well-defined non-manager very technical track.’ Both attempts have mostly failed. The reason was the same both times: the influence earned by the Wolf can never ever be granted by a manager.”
3 days ago
Nation-K against Swatch Time – West Space Journal
“But I’m most excited about that first moment—the ‘conceptual nation’. Wow! As a first step, a group of ‘very wired’ children from around the world met for a week with Negroponte and a panel of other adults to discuss the nation—its voice, flag and currency and the decentralised system of politics it would require. I’m too young to know—was Nation.1 a technophilic and badly-maintained version of the Model U.N.??? Or was it an evasive premonition of the technological colonisation of time and state that continues today???”
4 days ago
/\ndy: How to Avoid Agility
“Ask yourself what you’ve adapted lately. Have you changed the code all around because of some insight from real world use? Great! Have you changed your process because of an insight from a retrospective? Have you changed your team? Your tools? Anything else? At all?

Are you actually adapting? Or just complacently doing TDD, Pairing, stand-up meetings, et al?”
4 days ago
Avoiding the Infinite Abyss
“You need a minimum of three alternatives to make a real choice, but you don’t want too many more than that. In the Jam study above, consumers clammed up with 24 choices; that many choices is simply overwhelming. So for estimating, try to constrain yourself to something like 3 or 4 choices…”
4 days ago
Why Johnny Can’t Be Agile
“Take a look at Wikipedia’s list of common cognitive biases for starters. This dauntingly long list begins to describe the many ways that we humans aren’t as logical or reliable as you might think. While you might encounter many of these in your daily life or work, a few stand out as significant barriers to agile adoption.”
4 days ago
Are You Just LARPing Your Job?
“Slack is where people make jokes and register their presence; it is where stories and editing and administrating are discussed as much for self-justification as for the completion of actual goals. Working in an active Slack (or Campfire for that matter!) is a productivity nightmare, especially if you don’t hate your coworkers. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either rationalizing or delusional.”
19 days ago
The Messy Story Behind A Game Clone
“The long and short of it: the world of mobile gaming is a total mess.”
22 days ago
Why you don’t want an online mode in TowerFall – Bennett Foddy
“These are all wonderful games… but the reason they are good is that they are designed from the ground up with netplay in mind. As a game designer, if you want players to be able to dodge an arrow at the last second, or to stomp their enemies on the head like they do in TowerFall, you’re designing a game that won’t play well even over a LAN, much less over the messy, noisy collection of networks that make up the internet.”
26 days ago
RUBY-WAN KENOOBIE: Houston, We Have A Problem.
“I’m now at the point where ‘diversity in tech’ has become synonymous with white women. And I’m here to raise the red flag.”
4 weeks ago
Philip Sandifer: Writer: Podcasting about the Hugos
“…it is literally a grown man whining about how he just can't reliably judge a book by its cover anymore.”
6 weeks ago
10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle
“7) Seattle is closer to Asia than Mexico. If one of the staples of your diet consists of cheap and tasty Mexican food, then you will eventually replace that staple with Pho. The sooner you accept this (and the sooner you stop saying ‘The Mexican food is so much better in California’), the sooner Seattleites will let you know about the good Asian restaurants.”
6 weeks ago
Paying for type – Tim Brown
“Free fonts cost a fortune, and good type isn’t necessarily expensive.”
6 weeks ago
And they call it… Puppy Love…
“I know of one case where an agent explicitly refused to represent an author simply because that author wasn’t pimping herself on Twitter. It’s now considered unprofessional to eschew constant tub-thumping. Nobody takes you seriously if you don’t stand out from the crowd— and the only way to do that, apparently, is by doing exactly what everybody else is doing, only louder.”
6 weeks ago
A Detailed Explanation – Black Gate
“I don’t scorn what Torgersen calls ‘child-like enjoyment’ by any means. But at the end of the day, for good or ill, I’m not a child.”
6 weeks ago
A Plea to Current and Future Worldcons, re: Announcing the Hugo Nominations | Whatever
“I would lick a wall socket before I released the [nominations] on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter.”
6 weeks ago
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