Max T. – Perpetuum Cafe – 200 Church St, TriBeCa – Yelp
“According to the tract in question, they had achieved unprecedented success with the less savory works of Blaise de Vigenère, and managed to bind Barachiel himself, the archangel who presides over the domain of lightning. He was being held hostage from the host of heaven at an undisclosed location in New York City, confined and controlled for his absolute authority over all things electric.”
6 days ago
Academic urban legends - Ole Bjørn Rekdal, 2014
“Bender and Hamblin have not just provided us with examples of how even top-level academics can sometimes be careless in their attitude to references and documentation. These publications between 1972 and 1982 have also given us an excellent opportunity to study the birth of an academic urban legend and to explore the micro dynamics behind the often dramatic outcomes of the whisper game.”
6 days ago
Is the keyboard faster than the mouse?
“When I look at various tasks myself, the results are mixed, and they’re mixed in the way that most programmers I polled predicted. This result is so boring that it would barely be worth mentioning if not for the large groups of people who believe that either the keyboard is always faster than the mouse or vice versa.”
10 days ago
Options vs. cash
“how come startups can’t or won’t take on more investment and pay their employees in cash? Let’s start by looking at some cynical reasons, followed by some less cynical reasons.”

“I’ve heard from multiple founders that joining as an early employee is an incredibly bad deal when you compare early-employee equity and workload vs. founder equity and workload.”
10 days ago
Why Don't Conservatives Take Climate Change Seriously? A Theory
“Where conservatives fuck it up is in not understanding exactly how rich liberals are failing. As is often the case, they see only individuals making personal choices and not the collective action problem. The individual consumer choices of rich Americans will make little difference to the large problem of halting emissions in time to mitigate the worst-case climate scenarios.”
20 days ago
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