When used properly – Allen Pike
“Shoppers looking for a gift are so turned off by AeroPress’ package that there is a market for aftermarket gift boxes.”
7 hours ago
Moving Swiftly – Allen Pike
“With that positive reinforcement, I and many others keep filing silly error Radars. The error messages keep getting better, and my affection for Swift grows.”
7 hours ago
The Great Evasion – Josh Marshall
“We as a society have made our decision. Monthly high profile gun massacres are the price we are willing to pay for increasingly unregulated access to guns by virtually everyone - with minor impediments for felons and people who have been adjudicated as mentally ill. If you step back from what I grant is the sincerity of many who advocate this non-naming, the whole thing is really just clearly a joke as a way to somehow take action about the growing scourge of mass gun violence.”
10 hours ago
“This is such a perfect analogy for the state in which the majority – and I do mean the overwhelming majority – of Americans find themselves today that I can hardly believe I was lucky enough to stumble across it. The great masses of Americans cling so desperately to their own imagined versions of things like freedom of religion and right to bear arms because those are the only freedoms they can claim without deceiving themselves to have. If those are taken away they would be forced to recognize how truly un-free in any useful sense they are.”
4 days ago
The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites – The New York Times
“We estimated that on an average American cell data plan, each megabyte downloaded over a cell network costs about a penny. Visiting the home page of Boston.com every day for a month would cost the equivalent of about $9.50 in data usage just for the ads.”
5 days ago
TextMate Tip: Where Am I?
⌃⌘R (File → Reveal in Project) or ⌘-click the document proxy icon in the title bar
18 days ago
Parley – Frank Lantz
“I don’t want to ignore narrative… Its importance is established beyond question in my mind. I want to figure out if, and how, to think about the non-narrative aspects on their own, because, like it or not, they exist on their own, or almost on their own, in a lot of games. I think it’s hard to make the case that League of Legends or Counter-Strike are important works of culture, capable of producing complex meaning and beauty, worthy of intellectual scrutiny and discussion not just because of their representational qualities but in some ways despite them, but that’s the case I am trying to make.”
19 days ago
The infinite-pixel screen – Butterick’s Practical Typography
“Re­call that our screen is con­structed by di­vid­ing the pix­els in half an in­fi­nite num­ber of times. We can now see that the word ‘in­fi­nite’ in that sen­tence refers to a *countably* in­fi­nite num­ber of pixel di­vi­sions. Why? Be­cause we can cre­ate a bijection be­tween the pos­i­tive in­te­gers and the pixel divisions.”
20 days ago
Effluents influence affluence: The economics of a web-based book, year two – Butterick’s Practical Typography
“As an au­thor, part of me would like to opt out of the web that the Red­dits and Cre­ative Bloqs and Twit­ters are pro­mot­ing. But in the long term, it’s un­nec­es­sary. Be­cause by fail­ing to in­vest in any­thing of en­dur­ing value, they’ve al­ready con­signed them­selves to a per­ma­nent state of root­less­ness.”
20 days ago
A Thrive/Survive Theory Of The Political Spectrum | Slate Star Codex
“I should also mention what would no doubt be the main pastime of the people of this latter world: signaling. When people are no longer constrained by reality, they spend most of their energy in signaling games. This is why rich people build ever-bigger yachts and fret over the parties they throw and who got invited where. It’s why heirs and heiresses so often become patrons of the art, or donors to major charities. Once you’ve got enough money, the next thing you need is status, and signaling is the way to get it.”
4 weeks ago
Games After Gamergate – Tadhg Kelly
“I struggled with those feelings. It made writing about game design feel robotic and lacking in soul. It made game criticism seem a waste of time. It made mentoring feel like lying. If you know that students will basically end up as hit mob fodder, you don’t really want to do lead them down that path. It made making games the act of a mad person.”
5 weeks ago
Data, Technologies and Security - Part 1
“A total close to 1,175 Terabytes (or 1.1 Petabytes) of data was found exposed online. We got to this number by looking merely at 4 different technologies.”
6 weeks ago
Microsoft Money crashes during import of account transactions or when changing a payee of a downloaded transaction - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
“Jeff corrected me. ‘If this was something I used to do before coffee, that probably meant I was up all night. Persistence >= talent.’”
6 weeks ago
Debugging Behind the Iron Curtain
“Not only were the cattle shipments highly contaminated with radiation, the levels were high enough to randomly flip bits in the memory of the SM-1800, which was located in a building close to the railroad tracks.”
6 weeks ago
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