Philip Sandifer: Writer: Podcasting about the Hugos
“…it is literally a grown man whining about how he just can't reliably judge a book by its cover anymore.”
11 days ago
10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle
“7) Seattle is closer to Asia than Mexico. If one of the staples of your diet consists of cheap and tasty Mexican food, then you will eventually replace that staple with Pho. The sooner you accept this (and the sooner you stop saying ‘The Mexican food is so much better in California’), the sooner Seattleites will let you know about the good Asian restaurants.”
11 days ago
Paying for type – Tim Brown
“Free fonts cost a fortune, and good type isn’t necessarily expensive.”
11 days ago
And they call it… Puppy Love…
“I know of one case where an agent explicitly refused to represent an author simply because that author wasn’t pimping herself on Twitter. It’s now considered unprofessional to eschew constant tub-thumping. Nobody takes you seriously if you don’t stand out from the crowd— and the only way to do that, apparently, is by doing exactly what everybody else is doing, only louder.”
12 days ago
A Detailed Explanation – Black Gate
“I don’t scorn what Torgersen calls ‘child-like enjoyment’ by any means. But at the end of the day, for good or ill, I’m not a child.”
12 days ago
A Plea to Current and Future Worldcons, re: Announcing the Hugo Nominations | Whatever
“I would lick a wall socket before I released the [nominations] on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter.”
12 days ago
Making Light: The 2015 Hugo finalists
“For complicity with this, the Sad Puppy campaign deserves our comprehensive rejection.”
13 days ago
Wiscon 38 Guest of Honor Speech – N.K. Jemisin
“Like Chip said, this stuff has always been here. It’s just more intense, and more violent, now that the bigots feel threatened. And it is still here. I’ve come to realize just how premature I was in calling for a reconciliation in the SFF genres last year, when I gave my Guest of Honor speech at the 9th Continuum convention in Australia. … Reconciliations are for *after* the violence has ended.”
13 days ago
The Hugo Awards Were Always Political. But Now They're Only Political.
“this slate of nominees has already launched a Twitter firestorm, and lots of people are planning to vote ‘No Award’ in every category except ‘Best Novel.’ It's definitely a weird turn of events that, the year after Kameron Hurley's double win, we see list of nominees that includes someone published by ‘Patriarchy Press.’ And this new slate can only really be understood against the backdrop of ongoing, vicious fights over racism in science fiction…”
13 days ago
Food Babe book and blog claims: Beaver ass, coal tar, and yoga mat in your food.
“In her book and on her blog, Hari plays this game of malicious metonymy again and again, leveraging common motifs of disgust, such as excrement and body parts, all the while deliberately confusing the source and uses of material with the molecules themselves.”
13 days ago
richard duck - don't die
“I think one thing games have to do is acknowledge that we still want fun, but also sometimes need that experience that isn't going to — like we go see sad films knowing they're going to be sad, but we still enjoy them for some reason. So, yes, we need to have those experiences where it's not necessarily — Gone Home. Gone Home wasn't a fun game by any means, but it was like, ‘Oh, that's a cool way to tell a story. Thanks for doing that, guys.’ More indie games are more honest because they have to be. They don't have budgets, they have honesty.”
22 days ago
al lowe - don't die
“That question, man, I think has been just a death knell for the industry because as soon as you start forcing games to have successful comparables, you're guaranteeing that you're not going to ever see anything fresh again.”
22 days ago
anonymous - don't die
“I think we all slightly fear that we’re spending so much time on completely disposable entertainment that future generations will look back on and say, ‘What the fuck was that?’”
22 days ago
The Hiring Post
“The software developer job interview doesn’t work. Companies should stop relying on them. The savviest teams will outcompete their peers by devising alternative hiring schemes.”
27 days ago
“Is the [TermKit] project dead? Why?”
“The main problem was that TermKit was trying to break new ground and address a lot of different problems at the same time.”
shell  terminal  web 
28 days ago
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