6, 75: The “quad spike” wave
“Japan has a fancy geostationary weather satellite, Himawari-8, producing true-color photos✼ of the western Pacific and eastern Asia every ten minutes. It came online in summer, and since then I’ve been making little animations to show things like the Indonesian fires, contrails, and the whole Earth. I mentioned them in this newsletter, and to friends I remarked that most people didn’t seem to think they were as cool as I did, but I was happy to keep tinkering.”
2 days ago
Gboard – Daring Fireball
“…it looks like Gboard is actually private. …not only are you not required to sign into a Google account to use it — there is no way to sign in to a Google account even if you wanted to.”
John_Gruber  2016  keyboards  iOS  Google  privacy  via:Preoccupations 
8 days ago
my tmux setup – ProcrastinHacking
“One last thing to fix is the handling of ssh agent forwarding. What can happen (a common issue also with screen) is that SSH_AUTH_SOCK gets defined during the first connection and then (once such connection is closed) becomes ‘stale’ in all subsequent connections.”
20 days ago
Nintendo's Genre Innovation Strategy: Thoughts on the Revolution's new controller
“Nintendo needs to control their hardware platform in order to force innovation to occur in the control mechanisms. Other console manufacturers who rely on the hardcore audiences and standardized genres don’t see this need. They would happily standardize the console platform and make it into a commodity. Microsoft has historically made major comments about having one universal development platform.”
24 days ago
About Ruby's self
“However, `self` inside the block will be changed when the block is called from instance_eval or class_eval. Ruby will set `self` to be the value of the receiver object.”
5 weeks ago
No Bullshit Estimation Cards
“What research repeatedly shows is that the most reliable productivity metric is simply counting completed work items. In the long run any approach that takes into account weight or size of work items doesn't produce any better results. Why bother then?”
8 weeks ago
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