Possible Problems of Persona Politeness — Ben Hammersley
“If I ask Alexa what the weather is, and thank her, she ignores my thanks. I feel, insanely but even so, snubbed. Or worse, that I've snubbed her.”
2 days ago
Gamergate, Twitter, Feminism
“However valuable that peek of insight is to me, though, it’s not what stuck in my mind. What really stays with me is what GG is actually doing. The argument itself, the stuttering half-thoughts of a misogynistic luminary, was completely forgettable. … But the noise *around* the argument, the braying mob of hate and rage, was endless and overwhelming.”
4 days ago
Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture
“…then it hit me: Either I had become a completely privileged jerk or my own country was not as amazing as I had once thought it to be. This wasn't an unusually bad offer: It was just American Reality.”
7 days ago
Don Joyce (9 February 1944 – 22 July 2015) :Negativworldwidewebland
“Perhaps a loud, mournful squawk from Don’s ‘Booper’ feedback oscillator would better sum up the feelings of Negativland, his comrades and partners in art for 34 years, who are devastated.”
8 days ago
“…can you explain to me about the wage gap a bit?” – Mike Rugnetta
“This is all to say that when one claims the wage gap disappears when a similar man and a similar woman do the same job… one artificially solves the biggest problem. That similarity is rare, and difficult to achieve.”
21 days ago
“Pretty disappointed with Idea Channel for misrepresenting egalitarianism as a ‘man thing’ that’s somehow inherently anti-feminist” – Mike Rugnetta
“Maybe it’s helpful for me to explain my reasoning? The last thing I want to do is misrepresent the beliefs of calm, cool and collected people who are concerned that there is a significant part of the population not enjoying equal rights. Maybe I was hasty and we can find some middle ground.”
21 days ago
in a wavefront object file (.obj) how am i supposed to render faces with more than 4 vertices in opengl?
“The wikipedia entry on wavefront-obj says faces must be coplanar and convex, but I can't find any such declaration in the original OBJ specification. If the face is coplanar and convex, you can either use GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, or you can use GL_TRIANGLE and manually evaluate the fan yourself.”
24 days ago
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