“Drag contents of the zip files to the fjords folder of your SHARECART directory. All SCMOS Applications run on a 32x45 character display supporting Code Page 437. The display uses the 16 colors from the SHARECART1000 palette.”
54 minutes ago
Artemis « Software « Dmitriy Morozov
“Artemis is a lightweight distributed issue tracking extension for Mercurial.”
3 hours ago
Alex Payne — Mob Rule
“We are meant to believe that an insidious group of others has coordinated an enduring campaign of terror on a wholesome status quo. In reality, what’s transpiring is quintessentially democratic: public discourse leading to voluntary action, all without violence or the suppression of rights.”
14 hours ago
GitHub: sexism, bullying, harassment, and a curiously clean sweep.
“‘They hired an outside firm to do an investigation,’ observed Horvath at 24:47 of the podcast, ‘but…I haven’t gotten a phone call, so…I don’t know how exactly thorough that is.’”
2 days ago
Review: “Heaven Is For Real” Is Filmgoing Hell | Twitch
“A perplexing fear of fantasy and the fantastic runs deep in this alarmingly strong segment of the faithful, so much so that every story told MUST bear that reassuring qualifier that it is, in fact, true.”
2 days ago
Boys = Commerical | Score | Sound Design | Remix
“We've created an exclusive set of 62 custom handmade ring and alert tones for your iPhone, iPad, Android, or whatever you carry in your pocket. Enjoy!”
4 days ago
The Setup: Clay Shirky
“I'm in the business of weak signal detection, so at the end of every year, I junk a lot of perfectly good habits in favor of awkward new ones.”
7 days ago
Should You Tweet? - The Awl
“Minor successes are repeated back to you until you feel you are safe, and it may be suggested to you that you are on a roll. This will be sustained until you forget that there's no way to cash out your chips, that every follower and favorite and retweet is in fact not a victory but an accumulated liability. Users that choose not to gamble will be expected to produce non-gaming revenue.”
8 days ago
It’s Adventure Time
“Cartoons achieve that almost sort of by accident all the time, because you cannot show everything: And every moment that you’re seeing something—like, the sight of a room with a cartoon character standing in it, it’s a drawing, and nothing else but that exists; but the point of a cartoon is to imply that there is this whole world that these characters exist in…. In order to enjoy it, you have to believe that that drawing’s real. But in order to believe that, you have to enter a sublime artwork, because you’re convincing yourself that this place exists, and it doesn’t, and everything you’re seeing is a little nod to the fact that there’s a bigger world that just isn’t there. And when we’re making it we have to believe that, too.”
8 days ago
The Speculum of the Other Brogrammer
“All of this is to say that the creation of the mythical brogrammer has had very real consequences.”
9 days ago
Everyday Usability in Japan (Part 3) – Design Made in Japan
“A big part of this includes the built landscape, and today I wanted to look at Tokyo’s ever-changing skyline which has been the result of natural disasters, war, and cultural beliefs.”
11 days ago
Heartbleed Update - The Akamai Blog
“Our custom memory allocator protected against nearly every circumstance by which Heartbleed could have leaked SSL keys.”
12 days ago
Luftrausers review: vintage bomber
“I just wish Vlambeer was more clear about the minutiae that drives the game's single arena. Example: I avoided battleships generally, since they take an inordinate amount of time to kill and I didn't want to run down my combo meter or, you know, die. But blimps won't appear until you kill two battleships, and further progress is locked behind killing a blimp.

I only found this out talking to a coworker who was also playing the game. I have no idea how he figured it out.”
14 days ago
Pono: only a man pays for music quality that he can’t hear
“if there's one thing certain groups… love above all other things, it's a specification on a list.”
16 days ago
The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions – Brenden Mulligan
“really thinking about when the user would naturally need access to different parts of their phone, and making sure they expect to be asked, has made a drastic improvement to the success of these system dialogs.”
17 days ago
end the age of gotham-everywhere (tecznotes)
“this current situation is an object lesson in the perils of half-assing legal relationships.”
17 days ago
Cars are just so 2004. Get with the times
“More simply, though, people are burning less fuel because they are spending less time on the road. While the total number of vehicles and the total mileage traveled in the country have begun to increase slightly again, the population is growing, and the averages per person are declining.”
21 days ago
How to complain to a developer
“What surprises me, though, is when an unsatisfied gamer takes their argument the route of ‘do this, otherwise I want a refund’ or ‘I won’t buy this game.’ Those people are literally saying ‘please treat me like a number.’ They are expressing the assumption that a studio would always treat people in the worst possible way unless there’s the threat of monetary or reputational damage. Essentially, making that statement is saying ‘you shouldn’t listen to me because I have a thought, just listen to me because of my money or the way I can impact your ratings or your reputation.’”
21 days ago
Max Temkin on faceboculus
“We were speculating wildly about the ways that the Rift would allow us to explore new worlds, understand body dysmorphia, and have computer sex. We hoped that Oculus could show us what was next for an art form that we love. And they did, and it sucked: Oculus will be a hobby project owned by an advertising company.”
22 days ago
A warning about contracts from the sidelines of the most expensive gamejam in history
“While the developers had been approached by friends and good people to participate in the jam, that chain of people had been completely circumvented by the legal team sending the damning contract. The contents of the contract and the restrictive terms were a surprise to pretty much anybody along the chain of command that the participants could reach.

Something was terribly wrong.”
22 days ago
How The Most Expensive Game Jam In History Crashed And Burned In A Single Day
“And everyone ‘got it.’ It was a reality-kinda-sorta-thing. … But no one, not a single person there, expected Matti to push the stuff so unnaturally, barring any drink that wasn’t water or Dew from being consumed while the cameras were rolling. Even the development manna that is coffee was barred from set, and if anyone wanted some, they had to leave their workstations and get it over by where I was sitting – an unlit chunk of Rodeo-side work space normally occupied by someone named Brad. Then came the demands.

Davey was forced to take off his nail polish because he couldn’t hold the can with it on. Zoe had to take off the buttons she usually wears on her jacket, but shouted down a PA who tried to make her cover her tattoos. The Arcane Kids were screamed at for not holding bottles right, while the entire group was lectured on how to properly smile like you’re enjoying the product – a product that everyone was enjoying less and less. The slow train wreck of faces flipping into scowls marked only the beginning of what would soon turn into an utter shitshow.”
23 days ago
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