This is a great piece! – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
‘Fortunately, there’s a nice way out of this. Even though almost no language has a way to talk about “this person who is neither male nor female,” every language does have a way to talk about “that person on the other side of the room whose gender I can’t see clearly.” And this is something you can use in UI design.’
10 days ago
Guerrillas In The Mist | Review 31
“An alternative title for Pete Wolfendale’s Object-Oriented Philosophy: The Noumenon’s New Clothes might have been A Defence of Philosophy; for what Wolfendale has written, in the form of a polemic against the ‘Object-Oriented Philosophy’ of Graham Harman, is a repudiation that unfolds into a systematic explication of Wolfendale’s own philosophical commitments. It is ultimately a defence of philosophical seriousness, of a particular way of holding such commitments and consenting to be bound by them.”
9 weeks ago
Don't Get Distracted
“I’m going to tell you about how I took a job building software to kill people.

But don’t get distracted by that; I didn’t know at the time.”
9 weeks ago
“And We’ll Never Be Lonely Any More!” | Current Affairs
“one reason I write is out of an attempt to send, as best I can, the message from the creatures outside. _It may not be all right, but you’ll never walk alone._ It needs to be transmitted over and over through space, in case anybody out there needs to hear it.”
10 weeks ago
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