The Website Obesity Crisis
“I want to share with you my simple two-step secret to improving the performance of any website.

1. Make sure that the most important elements of the page download and render first.
2. Stop there.”
5 weeks ago
The 10 Best Articles Wikipedia Deleted This Week | MetaFilter
“We find a relic in the desert, made from advanced materials but seemingly anicent, it says, in painstaking mathematical code THERE IS NO HONOR HERE. WE CONSIDERED OURSELVES A POWERFUL CULTURE. THE OBJECT INSIDE WILL DESTORY. ITS EFFECTS ARE ON THE MIND. DO NOT REVIVE MAGIC MANSION.”
6 weeks ago
Burying Rdio, the Music App for Annoying Men - The Awl
“Whether or not it’s reflective of the service’s larger demographics, Rdio’s biggest fans tend to be loud men on Twitter. The only people I ever see defend Rdio are the kinds of men who love graphic-designer-turned-downtempo-artist Tycho, who lament the decline of Apple design since Steve Jobs died, and who brag about using Slack for fun. (Again, me.)”
6 weeks ago
Holacracy | Mike Pepi «DIS Magazine
“For Robertson, employee behavior can be reformatted by the inherent intelligence of evolution. Humans, it would seem, are fundamentally secondary, either improving evolution’s pathways or getting in its way. But what is all this optimization for, exactly, if the humans who participate in it are somehow subsumed as mere sensors in its optimization algorithm? Once again, Holacracy is silent on the endgame of such a beautiful machine, because the true value that is derived from the Holacratic organization still filters back into types of currency that are anything but distributed or nonhierarchical in nature, whether they are equity, dividends, or any of the world-historical spoils now generated by information capitalism.”
10 weeks ago
Patronizing Passwords
“As a user, I have the right to weigh my own pros and cons. Should I pick a stronger password that’s harder to remember, even if it means I’ll become dependent on password tools such as 1Password or LastPass? Should I turn on two-factor authentication, even though I’ll always need my phone handy?

Contrary to the way many of these services treat me, I’m actually not a child, and I resent these inconveniences being forced upon me. This is what we call bad user experience.”
10 weeks ago
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