Games After Gamergate – Tadhg Kelly
“I struggled with those feelings. It made writing about game design feel robotic and lacking in soul. It made game criticism seem a waste of time. It made mentoring feel like lying. If you know that students will basically end up as hit mob fodder, you don’t really want to do lead them down that path. It made making games the act of a mad person.”
5 days ago
Data, Technologies and Security - Part 1
“A total close to 1,175 Terabytes (or 1.1 Petabytes) of data was found exposed online. We got to this number by looking merely at 4 different technologies.”
7 days ago
Microsoft Money crashes during import of account transactions or when changing a payee of a downloaded transaction - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
“Jeff corrected me. ‘If this was something I used to do before coffee, that probably meant I was up all night. Persistence >= talent.’”
8 days ago
Debugging Behind the Iron Curtain
“Not only were the cattle shipments highly contaminated with radiation, the levels were high enough to randomly flip bits in the memory of the SM-1800, which was located in a building close to the railroad tracks.”
8 days ago
The rectangle behind you: Build two awesome slides
“I often approach my slide decks with two objectives:
• put a crazy amount of effort into making one awesome slide or feature that will be noticed
• put a crazy amount of effort into making one awesome slide or feature that no one will ever know about, but me.”
13 days ago
Jam Preserves
“First and foremost, it feels like we’ve explored This Is My Jam’s original mission best we could. We’re ready to free up our evenings and weekends for new ideas and projects, while hopefully doing good by the thing that made Jam great: the 200,000 of you who shared more than two million hand-picked songs over the last four years, week after week. Whew. It’s been a serious privilege discovering music with you all.”
22 days ago
The NRKbeta doctrine
“The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it.”
24 days ago
Cultivating a Code Review Culture: Interview with Derek Prior
“But then when [Microsoft Research] looked at actual data collected in their code review tools, and talked to people after they did code reviews, what they actually found was that people got way more benefit, way more cultural benefits, out of sharing knowledge with each other, or keeping up with what everybody’s doing, and knowing what’s going on in that other part of the code base. Finding a really interesting alternative solution to a problem that they hadn’t thought of, just by getting somebody else’s viewpoint.”
24 days ago
Possible Problems of Persona Politeness — Ben Hammersley
“If I ask Alexa what the weather is, and thank her, she ignores my thanks. I feel, insanely but even so, snubbed. Or worse, that I've snubbed her.”
4 weeks ago
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