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Transfer one to thousands of your Photos & Videos across Social Web services in just a few clicks with!
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may 2012 by marek-saji
davatron5000/FitVids.js - GitHub
A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.
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january 2012 by marek-saji
Use your account to watch your favorite clips.  youtube  music  videos  clips  musicvideos 
november 2010 by marek-saji
Star Wars Uncut
Hello! You and 472 other people have the chance to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope. Below is the entire movie split up into 15 second clips. Click on one of the scenes to claim it, film it, and upload it. You can have up to three scenes! When we're all done, we'll stitch it all together and watch the magic happen.
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april 2010 by marek-saji - Upload, Enhance, Share
video sharing site, with nice flash player allowing to comment on specific moments (times) of the videos
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september 2007 by marek-saji

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