Florida Man is back with heavy metal and an American Flag to face Hurricane Florence
Lane Pittman, who has built a brand off doing dumb shit like walk into dangerous hurricanes instead of seeking shelter, drove to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to fight Hurricane Florence.
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9 weeks ago
What To Do When Running Is Hard And It Sucks | Lifehacker Australia
Start Anyway
Real talk: If you stay home, you’ll regret it. Even the crappiest run feels great at the very end, when you take that final step and crack open that bottle of ice water, and for the rest of the day you’re like I //did that//, whether “that” was an epic 30km or a jog around the block on your lunch break.
Your lungs and muscles get the benefits of exercise whether you enjoy it in the moment or not. Think of kilometres as money in the bank. Make today’s deposit.
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10 weeks ago
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