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Here you will find more than 7000 lute pieces in French tablature in the following formats: fronimo (ft3), from Francesco Tribioli, midi, and PDF (which you can read using Acrobat Reader). (Why the different formats?). I apologize to those who prefer other formats, such as Spanish or Italian, but I believe French is the most widely used format, though it is easy to change to another format -- even German tab (not that anyone would really want to do this…)! These pieces are mostly for renaissance lute, but quite a few are for baroque lute and archlute, and a very few for theorbo, cittern, bandora, guitar etc. Other pieces include songs and continuo pieces, listed by composer. Under Lute ensemble in the list of composers, you will find pieces for two or more lutes.
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Tablature in PDF and PostScript
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Works in Tablature for Lute in Transitional Tunings Obras em Tablatura para Alaúde em Afinações Alternativas Basel, Öffentliche Bibliothek der Universität CH-Bu Ms. F.IX.53, MS, ca....
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alvaro henrique | Download links – Facsimiles (1/7)
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Works in Tablature for Lute, Theorbo or Vihuela in Renaissance Tuning Facsímiles de Obras em Tablatura para Alaúde, Teorba ou Vihuela em Afinação Renascentista. Aix-en-Provence,...
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Tablatures pour le luth baroque
Tablatures and scores for baroque lute
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Sources of Tabulatures online
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ECOLM - An Electronic Corpus of Lute Music
ECOLM - An Electronic Corpus of Lute Music

ECOLM is an ambitious research project conceived by Tim Crawford and funded between 1999 and 2006 by the U.K. Arts and Humanities Research Council.
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Matthäus Waissel – Wikipedia
Matthäus Waissel
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Matthäus Waissel (* um 1540 in Bartenstein; † 1602 möglicherweise in Königsberg; auch: Matthaeus Waisselius) war ein deutscher lutherischer Theologe, Lautenist, Herausgeber von Musiksammlungen und Schriftsteller.
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TaBazar Homepage
Rund um die Gitarre - Notation | Partituren | Theorie | Herkunft
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Viele Tabulaturen für Laute; Renaissance, Barock, Dowland, Johnson, Robinson, Visee, Attaignant usw.
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